Getting Your Customers and Employees to Whistle in the Dark – Chip Bell

Customers and employees today are sometimes scared to tell us what they think. Ask a customer, “How was your meal?” and you are more likely to get “fine,” than the whole truth. Ask employees for their best ideas, and you might get safe answers if you get answers at all. But there is a tool for changing all of that

Monday Motivation | Switching Seats – John O’Leary

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of negativity and believe there have never been days as challenging as these. That’s why it is more important than ever to remember the way you get meaning in your life: Devote yourself to loving others, to your community around you and to striving to make a difference.

How to Lead Your Team Through and Beyond a Crisis – Mary Kelly

Even the most resilient leaders and capable team members are under more than the usual amount of stress right now. Every crisis comes with its own set of challenges and changes. What can we as leaders do to help our teams get through the current and future crises?