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Thomas Winninger, CPAE Minnesota
Photo of Thom Winninger

Thomas J. Winninger is the founder of WINNINGER Resource Companies, Inc. a Minneapolis based group that provides products, services and technologies that drive market leadership based on differentiation.

Thom believes that the only true differentiator is smart thinking.

As a successful businessman who speaks, Thom has applied his strategies to his own companies as well as others to capture and sustain market leadership in challenging economies.

He companies include IntroSpect Research, TeamTrac, Visionscope and Winninger Works Productions. He also sits on the board of number of profit and nonprofit organizations.

He and his company have received many awards and commendations - Including The Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Nominee for America's Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

His market strategies have been featured on CNBC, First Business, Boardroom Reports, Venture and Success Magazine and he is published in over 300 other trade journals, publications and newspapers. He is frequently referred to as America's Leading Market Strategist and the man who is reinventing the way companies differentiate themselves.

He is author of the best selling books Bullseye!, Price Wars, Full Price and Sell Easy. In his latest book , Get Out of the Boat: Discover the Meaning of Your Life, Thom masterfully blends the elements of spirituality, optimism, prayer, planning and self-discovery to create a road map to the true purpose of our lives. Thom is one of the most in-demand business speakers in the North America today.

Thom personally has received the Cavett Award, the highest award given by the members of the National Speakers Association to only one person each year who gives back to the industry of his time, talent and gifts. In 1987 he was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

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  • Gearing Up For Growth - Growth is not something that happens to you it is something that happens as a result of you! The key goal of most organizations is "growth." While most companies carefully design their strategy for achieving growth, few will figure out how to deliver it, or are even up to the task. Winninger believes that doing more often gets you less, and that clarity is the key in making smart decisions. Thom has spent 20 years helping organizations identify and capture growth opportunities. He has helped companies sell everything from chocolate to computers, bicycles to dental supplies, package meals to amusement rides and education to home entertainment. He has been published in more than 200 trade journals on how to Gear Up for Growth by reinventing the way you do business.

  • BULLSEYE! How Market Leaders Consistently Hit the Mark - Just hitting the target is not good enough for companies in these economic times; you have to hit the BULLSEYE. False starts, misguided actions or incorrect assumptions can be enough to destroy an opportunity, alienate a client or miss an entire market. Thomas Winninger demonstrates how Market Leaders incorporate Bullseye Focus to Think Smart, Create Priceable Value and Build Cultures of Difference. His significant, high-energy presentations are overflowing with real business examples and strategies that will have your people saying, "Ah Ha! The BULLSEYE!"

  • Marketquake 2020: Capturing the 10 Trend Forces that Threaten Your Future - Tomorrow will bring more change, faster change and more volatile change than ever believed possible. You are either managing the past or managing the future. There is no in-between! In this seminar, Thomas Winninger will show your audience how to Target Trends, Become More Innovative, Implement Trending Strategies and Get Closer to Shifting Markets.

  • Creating Distinctive Value: Building Your Business from the Outside In - The business you're in is not determined by you, but rather by the need or want that is satisfied when the customer buys your product or service. To be effective at marketing, you must see yourself from the customer's point of view. In this seminar, Thomas Winninger shows you the importance of value-added effect and how you can develop a market-oriented environment that brings you closer to your consumer.

  • Price Wars: Secrets to Beating the Price Wars Without Destroying Profits - Those who fail spend more time listening to their competitors than they do listening to the needs, wants and desires of their customers. It's not what you sell or how you sell, but rather, what the customers buy and how they buy it that is important! In this seminar, Thomas Winninger will show you how to Quit Competing and Start Winning!

  • Living Your Brand: Universal Principles to Turning Your Brand into Market Dominance - Today brand is everything. It is your organizational culture, it is your market position, it is your price support - it is your voice to your customer! In this seminar, Thomas Winninger shows you how to create brand loyalty and how to stand out in the new customer universe.

Get Out of the Boat Bullseye! Full Price Sell Easy Price Wars
Get Out of the Boat: Discover the Meaning of Your Life Bullseye! When Hitting the Target Just Isn't Enough Full Price: Competing on Value in the New Economy Sell Easy: What to Do and Say to Get More Yes Price Wars: How to Win the Battle for Your Customer

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