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Bruce Wilkinson, CSP Louisiana
Photo of Bruce Wilkinson

Bruce Wilkinson, CSP is a leadership/communication specialist, professional keynote speaker, workplace trainer and author who reinforces personalized messages with humor, passion, enthusiasm and authenticity.

His mission is to help organizations translate their culture into a workplace climate that inspires excellence and accountability. Bruce has degrees in both Safety Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health. He was a two-term elected member of the Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association and is one of fewer than 800 people worldwide to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.

He recently retired after twenty-two years of service as a post certified reserve police officer with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (New Orleans), where he worked in patrol, emergency rescue and as a member on the police academy staff. Besides his personalized keynotes, he has developed and presented programs on effective leadership, teams, communication, branding, workplace culture/climate, change, work/life balance, managing and motivating employee behavior, humor at work, customer service, sales motivation, safety leadership and personal responsibility.

As President and Chief Leadership Officer of Workplace Consultants, Inc. and Wilkinson Seminars and Presentations, he has presented in all 50 states, delivering enthusiastic keynotes and training programs for over twenty- five years to clients such as Office Depot, Burger King, KFC, Xerox, Frito-Lay, various contractors and hospitals, Kellogg's, T.G.I. Friday's, the Department of Defense, NASA, Louisiana State University, Miller Brewing, Anheuser-Busch and Jack Daniel's.

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  • One Voice Leadership: The Key to Personal and Organizational Success™ - The workplace of today is more diverse and multi-generational than ever before. Additionally, where a person is born, who raised them, who didn't raise them, as well as what they had or didn't have can make a difference in an adult employee's thinking and thought processes. This reality can make it difficult to motivate everyone to meet the challenges of today's corporate, government and educational institution's mission, vision and core values in order to reach their optimum outcomes? The key to meet this challenge is to create both a culture and matching employee climate that inspires a philosophy of One Voice Leadership so that everyone is educated, motivated and inspired to lead each other in achieving both personal and organizational success.

  • Implementing an In-House Brand: The Key to Long-Term Organizational Sales, Service and Business Success - Image is the result of combining both your Brand and Identity. You then Market your organization's Image and Sell the Service that you promised. Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes an organization's perceived image, doesn't always translate into the matching attitudes, behaviors and day to day performance, from all of the personnel that directly effects what customers and clients think about their brand. This will be highly engaging and content-driven presentation that will address how to create and implement the type of In-House Brand and Image that retains and attracts both customers and employees alike.

  • Developing a Culture of Leadership, Communication, Pride, Trust, Teamwork and Personal Responsibility™ - The workplace is constantly changing and many organizations are rethinking the way they manage, motivate and lead their employees. Additionally, today's leaders are faced with increased challenges to create a workplace environment that is more cooperative, friendly, ethical and team oriented. In this informative and fun-filled program, our presenter will demonstrate some unique ways to create a more enjoyable workplace by managing and/or leading by example, through trust, ethics, recognition, integrity, respect, communication, teamwork, employee dignity, empowerment and having a sense of humor.

  • Building a Better Business: It's the Peoplework - Not the Paperwork! - Economic downturns, customer expectations, employment issues, technology challenges, expanding regulatory compliance and multi-generation employee communication concerns can take their toll on a sometimes overworked workforce and especially managers and team leaders. As a result, many organizations have decided to implement a positive and consistent workplace culture through their mission, vision, values, goals and strategic objectives. Unfortunately, the reality is that organizational culture doesn't always translate into a matching employee climate at the first-line supervisor and employee level. This highly engaging, informative and content-driven presentation will demonstrate how to Build a Better Business by implementing an inspired first line leadership and value-based employee accountability culture and climate of trust, respect, integrity, teamwork, communication, inclusiveness, leadership, service, change and personal responsibility. Remember, it's the Peoplework - Not The Paperwork!

  • Something for Nothing: Dealing With the Entitlement Mentality - Changing economic times have caused many organizations to rethink the way they manage, motivate, lead, inspire and hold people accountable for performance at work. But some employees, particularly those with tenure, develop a sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve what they get and more, because it's owed to them. Entitled employees do not feel obligated to perform to their maximum potential, are more difficult to work with, frequently resist change and are less likely to respect their leaders. They may also cause considerable problems for those employees who are doing their jobs effectively each day without complaining.

    This high-level, energetic and content-driven session will address how attitudes positively and negatively affect team performance, morale, customer/client service, quality of work, personal accountability and leadership's ability to get things done.

  • Going for the Gold in People, Service, Quality and Performance™ - There is a Nike commercial that goes like this: "True competitors know that they do not win the SILVER - they lose the GOLD!" It's true! I'll bet you have never seen a cheerleader at a sporting event put two fingers in the air and yell "We're number two! We're number two!" It never happens. This will be an enthusiastic, informative and fun-filled program that will demonstrate some unique and effective ways to motivate both designated leaders and other employees to constantly "Go For The Gold" so that both internal (the workplace) and external customers receive the type of service, quality and performance that they so rightly deserve.

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