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Sherry Waldrip Washington
Sherry Waldrip

Having celebrated her 25th year of being cancer free, Sherry Waldrip has chosen this time in her life to take to the platform "full speed ahead!" to carry forth her message of humor, hugs and hope.

Sherry has been an inspirational speaker since 1986. Her early training and experience came through Stonecroft's international organization Christian Women's Club.

After her experience with cancer, Sherry gave birth to her third child...her award winning book I Don't Remember Signing up for Cancer! (WinePress). She then graduated from Florence Littauer's CLASSpeakers, Inc. and has also been a member of Toastmaster's International. Her speaking has taken her throughout the United States as well as Canada. In 2014 Sherry released her second book, Nana Needs a Rutabaga, a children's book that tells the story of two boys who try to save the day.

Whether Sherry's speaking for a cancer event such as Race For Women or a Pink Ribbon Banquet, a fundraiser, a businesswomen's conference or luncheon; whether she's speaking to doctor's wives, legislators or children, her heartwarming encouragement, humor and candor are well received. Her audiences have stated that they've found themselves laughing in the most unexpected places.

Sherry speaks with a warmth and empathy that touches and encourages the hearts of her audience. Her presentations bring both laughter and tears; and those who attend leave reassured that faith, family, friends and frivolity can revitalize a heart broken by cancer.

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  • Friendship, Humor and Hope or I Don't Remember Signing Up for Cancer - As a speaker and author of the award winning book, I Don't Remember Signing Up For Cancer!, Sherry inspires an understanding that when cancer steals the song in your heart, friendship and laughter can sing it back. In her "intimate girlfriend-to-girlfriend fashion" she shares how her friends did that for her and incorporates fun, imaginative ideas she's heard while traveling and speaking. Sherry motivates her audience to take an active role in their own health care and to encourage those they love to do the same. Her audience leaves re-assured that faith, family, friends and frivolity can revitalize a heart broken by cancer.

  • Life... A Community Event - Who was that masked man? We weren't meant to be Lone Ranger citizens and who wants to be! Community is as diverse as people and comes in many shapes and sizes. It looks like family, church or synagogue, workplace, neighborhood and much more. We need community to help us learn, laugh and live life. This presentation has been popular as a humorous keynote for community luncheons, fundraisers and businesswomen's conferences.

  • The Sunset Chapter - In an earlier chapter of her adult life, Sherry worked as a ward secretary in a convalescent center in Northern California. During this presentation she shares some funny experiences; the valuable lesson a wise nurse taught her that has helped her deal with the ups and downs of life; the healing power of laughter and friendship; and the most important gift we can give to our "Greatest Generation" as they live the sunset chapter of their lives. This is a popular keynote presentation for health care workers and was developed for an appreciation banquet for legislators who provide funding.

  • Wipe That Smile Off Your Face...You're at Work! - Of course we must take our work seriously; but must we take ourselves so seriously? Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "A sense of humor is part of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done." Is humor indeed appropriate at work? If Mister "I like IKE" thought so maybe we should consider it!

  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes! - This presentation was developed when Sherry was invited to speak at Spokane Falls Community College to a group entitled, "Women in Transition." These are women whose dreams have been shattered by life. You may not have had your dreams shattered by others; maybe you just don't yet know what you want to be when you grow up? Is it too late? Do you even know what your dream might be? How do you get in touch with your lost dream? How do you protect your dream from dying? We are all originals with individual dreams. Let's dream big!
Nana Needs a Rutabaga I Don't Remember Signing Up for Cancer!
Nana Needs a Rutabaga: Noah and Ethan Save the Day! I Don't Remember Signing Up for Cancer!

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