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Kelsey Tyson Utah
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Internationally recognized as an authority in the areas of leadership evolution, change management, business dominance and organizational growth, Kelsey Tyson addresses major corporations and industrial trade associations throughout the world. His insights and expertise are the result of over 25 years of leading organizations, developing people, dominating markets and learning from the most successful business leaders in a wide variety of industries and professions.

While many business speakers continue to revisit and review business concepts from the past, Tyson thrusts his clients into the future, instructing them to dominate, buy, partner, be bought by or crush the competition -- and he opens the options and provides insights to each. He co-developed the international best-selling book, The One Minute Manager, and conveys through his stories an understanding of today's business world, where he has fought and won many of the same battles throughout his distinguished career.

Tyson established and developed International Marketing Corporation, a company doing business in 60 countries on 5 continents. He was president of Blanchard Training and Development, where he co-developed the international best-selling book, The One Minute Manager. He also founded the SPECTRE group, which played a key role in facilitating Federated's acquisition of Macy's.

Kelsey is the author of The Leadership Edge and he co-authored, with Dr. Ken Blanchard, A Situational Approach to Managing People. His thoughts, experiences and counsel have been referenced and acknowledged in the best-selling books, Leadership and The One Minute Manager, One Page Manager, The Anger Workout, The Win-Win Negotiator and The Power of Ethical Management.

His talents as a speaker, trainer and consultant consistently have earned rave reviews and repeat business from such companies as: Deloitte Touche, Polaroid, Food Marketing Institute, Lane Bryant, McNeil Consumer Products, Johnson & Johnson, Medical Group Management Association, Storage Technology, Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company, Parke Davis, U.S. Steel, Texaco and Sears Roebuck & Co.

Tyson's presentations are fresh, enlightening and designed to "agitate" the status quo. He teaches the skills necessary to excel in this exciting and demanding business climate.

Kelsey Tyson will create a presentation specifically designed for your audience. His stimulating and engaging style, powerful message and consistently outstanding professionalism guarantee a "best ever!" program every time.

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  • Lessons from the Best ... and Others : Incorporating today's front page headlines into your company's theme and objectives serve as a back drop and reflection for your audience to see similar issues, decisions, actions and results they are facing through the experiences of the world's most distinguished companies.

  • Go for the Kill, Avoid Being the Prey: Shadow, Observe, Attack, Mask, Protect. Techniques to secure the "core" business at all costs; while continuing to encourage risk-taking, innovation, perspective and balance. This program outlines the strategy, tactics, resources and implementations required to avoid becoming another's prey. The program hits hard at executive tolerance for internal tension, disagreement, hostility and positioning as the leadership seeks alignment to dominate the competition.

  • The Business Battleground: The battle for business. The battle for "winners." The battle for market share. The battle for effective leaders. The battle for new ideas. The battle for the customer. A line has been drawn. The battle is underway. The Business Battleground has been established.

  • It's More than Leadership : Debunks the "Theories," "Habits," "Characteristics" and "Secrets" that are looking for a home in the popular leadership books of the day. This program provides the audience with a uniform approach to filter leadership static, and to identify the leadership characteristics unique to the organization.

  • The Rise and Fall Cycles Within Organizations and the People Who Lead Them : This program provides the edge for those who lead by influence and example. The information offers a step by step plan to take people and organizations to their highest level of achievement and manage the systems to sustain excellence through the years.

  • The Images of Leadership : What are the most significant characteristics of effective leaders? Which skills do they use most often? This program will reveal the four most important actions of exceptional leaders and how to apply them.

  • Knowing When It's Time to Go ... Now Get Out! : Coming face to face with your own performance. Successful or not, the job is done. Should you stay or should you go? This program presents a strong message of selflessness, teamwork, perspective and personal development. Audiences appreciate this program for addressing a reality everyone will face in business and in life.

  • Why Would Anyone Follow You? : This program will provide the audience with the opportunity to discover their leadership characteristics and the effect those characteristics have on those they lead. They will learn their natural leadership tendencies and how to magnify their strengths and minimize the difficulties they create.

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