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Michael Treacy, Ph.D. Massachusetts

Michael Treacy brings over 30 years of experience helping companies achieve market leadership. His ideas about customer value propositions and growth disciplines have been used by companies across the globe to reshape strategies, bolster competitive positions and dramatically improve top and bottom line performances.

Mr. Treacy's ideas have been shaped by his rich experiences as an academic at MIT, as an advisor to some of the most successful firms of the past decade, and as an entrepreneur who has established and led several successful firms. In his career he's encountered and surmounted almost every obstacle to achieving exceptional company performance and building extraordinary firms.

He is the founder of Treacy & Company Inc., a new venture and consulting firm that launches new businesses and advises established companies on issues of strategy, growth, and profitability. Treacy & Company actively plans, funds, and launches new business ventures. The firm places its own capital at risk where it believes that its strategic insights and management advice can lead to marketplace success. Among its ventures are GEN3 Partners, a firm based in Boston and St. Petersburg, Russia dedicated to creating science-based product innovations and First Help Financial, a firm that provides automobile financing to new immigrants.

Treacy & Company also serves some of the world's best known companies in financial services, telecommunications, industrial products, healthcare, and consumer goods. The work of the firm draws on Mr. Treacy's three decades of research on business performance. His most recent book titled, Double Digit Growth: How Companies Achieve It No Matter What, has been a Business Week bestseller. It presents a common sense approach for achieving superior, profitable growth. His earlier co-authored book, The Discipline of Market Leaders, has been a New York Times bestseller; it outlines the principles of leadership in a competitive marketplace - focused on an unmatched customer value proposition delivered through a unique operating model design. Many companies large and small have adopted these principles to drive their own business strategies and build competitive advantage.

Mr. Treacy has also published numerous articles over the past two decades in many popular magazines and journals and is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. Mr. Treacy is currently engaged in a major research study to understand the performance discipline that allows certain companies to routinely achieve high performance - in growth, cost control, safety, or other important goals - while other firms struggle with uncertain results.

Formerly a Professor of Management at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Treacy received his PhD. from MIT and his engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He has served as a board member for several leveraged buyouts and new ventures.

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  • Performance Discipline: The Anatomy of Sustained High Performance - Based on his multi-year global research program into the anatomy of performance, Michael Treacy will discuss the ways in which senior executives can create and sustain awesome performance, especially in today's environment of ever-increasing change, turbulence and complexity. He will describe an entirely new approach to performance improvement, one that is centered on the capacity for and speed of learning, innovation and adaptation. He will highlight the limits of our current planning, budgeting and control processes and demonstrate a new approach based on experimentation, discovery and the compounding effects of small improvements. Treacy will conclude with specific and practical actions CEOs and their executives can take to establish the initial conditions for success in their organizations.

  • Sustained Double-Digit Growth - Treacy demonstrates, through fresh and compelling case examples, that the foundation of steady double-digit growth is a discipline that can be developed by any management team. With a structured growth discipline, firms are more likely to achieve high growth by "grinding it out" than they are by "betting the farm" on risky strategies.

  • Value Leadership: The Discipline of Market Leaders - Do you want to be the leader in your industry? Do you want to provide the best offering for your customers, whether that is the best products, the best solution or the best total cost? Do you want to have the capability to offer your customers better value year after year? This session uses the principles of Michael Treacy's co-authored best seller, The Discipline of Market Leaders. This session has revolutionary ideas about markets and competition, and introduces new terms such as "value propositions" and "customer intimacy."

  • Outsourcing and Offshoring and the Wealth of Nations - In this session, Michael Treacy looks at the impact of outsourcing and offshoring on jobs, company performance and competitiveness. This presentation, in part, draws on Treacy's managerial experience with offshoring -- he has established a company that provides product innovations for large American firms using science and technology sourced from overseas. So the debate, more broadly, is this: Is this a company outsourcing and offshoring R&D jobs - or onshoring intellectual property that ultimately creates new jobs? And which workers and firms are harmed and helped in the process? Many a myth are shattered in this session with common sense analysis and straight talk.

  • Revolutionizing Product Innovation - This session will discuss case examples of companies that have revolutionized their product innovation efforts. Mr. Treacy will draw on his experiences as a co-founder of GEN3 Partners, a product innovation firm based in Russia and the United States that works with a wide range of companies around the world on some of their most important product innovation challenges. Of GEN3's many innovations, perhaps the best-known was their work for Proctor and Gamble that yielded the creation of Crest Whitestrips®, the most successful new product launch P&G has ever had.

  • Sustaining Growth in an Changing Health Care Marketplace - Whether a provider of health care services, an insurer of health care costs, a manufacturer of health care products or a service provider to those firms, expanding health care costs has provided plenty of growth in revenue and profits for everyone. But medical inflation has also laid the seeds for significant changes in the health care marketplace.

    Michael Treacy explores the challenges health care organizations face in order to sustain and improve their growth performance. This presentation will explore the twin challenges of proactive change and disciplined growth. It will use examples from health care organizations and beyond to illustrate effective strategies for thriving in a changing market.
Double-Digit Growth The Discipline of Market Leaders
Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It--No Matter What The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market

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