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Beth Terry, CSP Arizona
Beth Terry

Are you or your people:
- Feeling demotivated, demoralized, defeated, and dismal?
- Wondering how we will ever get out of the mess we are in?
- Looking for ways to get your Mojo back and find the YOU that used to be better able to handle this?

You are not alone. We are in a transitional time and that calls for unique perspectives and different ways of looking at our problems. Beth Terry, CSP, has that unique point of view. She has overcome numerous personal and business challenges that have served to make her stronger and more resilient. She has managed hundreds of people in a variety of industries - Service, Retail, Insurance, Real Estate and Tourism. And her motto - "WHAT'S THE LESSON?" has served her well. And her audiences benefit from her stories of strength and survival.

When things go wrong, you can sit and pout...or you can stand up, dust yourself off, and get back on the horse. Beth chooses the horse. No matter how difficult life looks, there IS a way to find a new beginning. There IS a way to move forward, one baby step at a time if necessary.

Beth is a big hit at Corporate Events and Women's Retreats. Her workshops and programs speak right to the heart of the matter. She doesn't pull any punches. There is no silver bullet. You can't "do anything you want with your life" - that's an unrealistic expectation and it harms rather than helps. Instead, Beth serves up a healthy dose of real solutions with a dash of humor and a twinkle in her eye. She believes in you and your teams more than you do. And she'll help them use new logic and new ideas to move out of the doldrums and back to a healthy and productive life.

In 2006, Beth was presented with the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA): the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Beyond the privilege of that designation, Beth is honored and touched to have received it on her late father's birthday. He was also a member of NSA.

Perhaps the most telling sign of Beth Terry's effectiveness is that her clients ask her back again and again, and the majority of her business comes from referrals. Beth Terry's down-to earth style, practical message, and sense of humor have earned her high marks with meeting planners and attendees alike. Her presentations are carefully crafted to meet the needs of her audiences. Beth engages her clients, learns about their challenges, and then brings real life examples and practical advice to her listeners.

Bring Beth Terry, CSP, in to your conference, meeting, or training program. She enlightens, enlivens, and entertains with style, substance, and humor. Beth is unique and unforgettable.

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  • Get Out of Overwhelm! - We're no good to anyone when we're paralyzed. Overwhelm affects all of us in this busy world and crazy economy. This lively and humorous program is a favorite at Women's Retreats and Conferences. It's perfect for association meetings, and meal-time talks. With a light-hearted, "THAT'S ME!" approach to our common self-imposed stressors, Beth helps your audiences laugh their way back to health and sanity. She identifies five common ways we get ourselves into overwhelm, and offers three solid tools to get ourselves out.

  • Finding Resilience in a Changing World - Managing Change has as much to do with Resilience and a Healthy Perspective as it does with systems and marching orders. Your teams need information and tools to survive the rapid pace of change in their business and personal lives. This program provides Four Non-negotiable Truths About Change; a handy Change path to chart their progress; and Five Practical Tools to Master the Change Process. This program may be personalized for your organization to respond to your current and future challenges.

  • Been There Done That, Do I Have To Do it Again? - Lost your Mojo? Not quite churning out the work the way you used to? Wondering if this is just a need to improve your skills? It doesn't have to be this hard. And, no, you have not lost your mind. You will leave the session energized, more relaxed and better able to handle any crazy thing that comes your way. Beth will help you understand why we hate change, and how we get ourselves into burnout. She'll give you the secret to reinventing yourself and coach you back to yourself.

  • Today is "Someday" - We all struggle to create balance between our dreams for our future and our need to handle day-to-day life. In that struggle, our dreams often get lost and before we know it, we are looking back on a life that has not lived up to our expectations. Most of us wait - to forgive, to change a bad habit, to call someone we love, to fix up the house - because, "Some day, I'll get around to that..." or "One of these days, I'll be rich and famous and I'll be able to do that." We underestimate our abilities and overestimate our immortality...and, we put dreams off. Enough! It is time to decide what day 'Someday' is and get moving. This motivational and inspirational talk moves the participants to action. Through the use of stories and personal examples, Beth shows her audience that they are not alone, and that they can succeed if they expect a little more from themselves and set their priorities straight.

  • 7 Ways To Make Life Easier - So often we get in our own way. We don't think things through, or we put more energy into a situation than is warranted. After decades of experience in life and in the business world, Beth Terry has compiled solid, practical observations and recommendations about making work and life simpler, more manageable, and ultimately...more fun. Join us for a dynamic session on Letting go (using a great system called Tapping), Making more Conscious Choices, Working on your Resilience, Getting Organized, The Four Things Everyone Needs, Being Accountable, and Choosing to be Happier.

  • Putting Balance Back into Work and Life - Desk messy? House messy? Life messy? Is your life out of control? Are you trying to be superhuman and finding you have feet of clay? Get your balance back. Learn a new way to say "no." Learn simple, effective and practical stress busters! Find a way to take back control of your life and save your sanity in the process. In this humorous and practical program, Beth Terry will take you on a tour of your life and share wonderful hints for having it all make sense again. This program looks at physiological, emotional, and mental stressors, and gives you practical tools for creating health. Learn how to focus again, how to tweak a few simple things in your life to make it better. Find out some of the latest brain research on stress, sleep, food, recreation, and human interactions that will bring you back into balance and make you a whole lot easier to be around.

  • Powerful Communication Skills for Women - Many Women find a need to communicate more powerfully in a world buzzing with social media. This Communication Skills Improvement course will help you understand what barriers you may have created with your nonverbal messages. Learn how to frame your message so that your message is clear in your head before you speak, and you are heard in the way you intend. Discover words that support your message, and use the 7 secrets of clear communication to your advantage.

  • What a Difference You Make!! - America would not be the great nation it is without volunteers. From the early pioneer settlers who gathered for barn-raising to present-day red-cross workers and blood donors, America shows her spirit in the way her people step up to the plate when called. Your hours of service matter. Join us and find out the many ways you make a difference.
Thinking About Thinking 101 Ways to Make Your Life Easier Walking in a Crowd of Angels    
Thinking About Thinking 101 Ways to Make Your Life Easier Walking in a Crowd of Angels    

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