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Kelly Swanson North Carolina
Kelly Swanson

One Southern Accent...A Thousand Characters

Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, author and comedian who motivates and inspires audiences to make positive changes in their lives. Kelly breaks through communications barriers by bringing the audience into her fictitious town "Prides Hollow" where her wacky cast of southern characters make people laugh, show them they matter, give them a different perspective on their obstacles and teach them what she's learned as a performer about connecting with people to form remarkable relationships in business. The side-splitting laughter and heart-warming stories of her one-woman shows have charmed audiences from coast to coast - from cruise ships to conferences - and everywhere in between.

Kelly's journey has taken her from the shy kid who turned red if you looked at her, to the opening act for Loretta Lynn and the laughing roar of a sold-out audience. From the kid who wrote stories under the covers by flashlight, to the author of four books, numerous recordings and extensive online publications. From writing and telling stories to sleeping relatives at family reunions, to a career as a professional storyteller landing on the stage at the National Storytelling Festival. From the kid voted most likely to set her eyebrows on fire, to the recipient of awards from the National Parenting Publications and the Film Advisory Board of Hollywood for quality family entertainment. From the one who was told that it was a nice dream but don't think you can actually make a living doing that, to being the featured performer for Holland America Cruise Lines. From being the last one chosen in dodge ball, to being a highly sought after creative coach helping people take their creativity to a higher level. From the kid who was humiliated and laughed out of cheerleading tryouts, to a successful career as a motivational speaker and comedian - in her eyes, the ultimate cheerleading job. From feeling like an outcast and trying to blend in, to embracing what makes her different and teaching others to embrace what makes them different. From learning to use laughter to deal with the obstacles life threw at her, to using her laughter to heal hearts all over the world.

And now her journey has put her here in your path - to deliver a message - an opportunity she does not take for granted. Because this event isn't about Kelly - it's about YOU. Kelly is so excited to be a part of your conference - to make you laugh, help you see the difference you have made in the lives of others, and to show you how to be the success you were born to be. Conferences are a treasured opportunity to gather together and remember your common story - the story you all share - to help you form a stronger bond - to walk away refreshed and renewed. Why? Because we are always stronger together.

"I was the kid they threw things at on the bus-the one who never fit in. I spent my childhood and most of my adulthood trying to blend in and not be noticed. I thought success came when you looked like everybody else. But it's very tiring living according to other peoples' expectations. And very boring. So one day I dusted off those gifts I had been given, stepped out of my comfort zone and on to a stage. And I've never looked back. And guess what. As it turns out, it's not so bad being different after all. In fact-it's EVERYTHING. I have learned that it's not blending in that makes you successful-just the opposite. It's those who stand out among the crowd who are remembered. So now I want to share my journey with you-to take you from blending in to flying above your comfort zone. I want to show you the behaviors and mindsets that I had to break, the new attitudes I had to adopt, and the many ways I've found to set myself apart in a crowded market. Are you in? I hope so. Now get ready to STAND UP AND STICK OUT!" -- Kelly Swanson

All of Kelly's shows are customized to fit your audience. No matter what program you choose, Kelly will create something filled with laughter start to finish, powerful stories that make you sit on the edge of your seat, and the perfect amount of content and message to fit the event, audience, and time frame. Being a motivational speaker and entertainer, Kelly's shows are best suited for opening and closing keynotes, as well as general sessions. Kelly will offer breakout sessions, workshops and other ways to fit what she does to what you need. Her goal is to help you make your event unforgettable. Kelly can even serve as an emcee if you are looking for lots of on-the-spot laughter and high-energy to help bring everything together!

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  • Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? Finding the Balance Between the Life you Envisioned and the Life You Got - We all reach potholes in the yellow brick road of life - where we get stuck between our vision and our reality. It's not the obstacle that brings us down, but how we choose to react to it. This hilarious and powerfully moving program follows motivational speaker Kelly Swanson's twisted journey to happier ever after. You'll laugh, get a renewed sense of purpose for who you are and what you do and learn Kelly's See/Believe/Do approach to getting from where you are stuck to where you are going - laughing the whole way.

  • Stand Up and Stick Out In a Crowded Market: Because Nobody Notices Normal - It's not about being better that gets you the business - it's about being different. In a crazy crowded world of noise and confusion - where the customer has a lot more choices - you had better find a way to stand up and stick out among the competition. Join Kelly Swanson as she takes you on another one of her hilarious and powerfully moving journeys to a happier ever after - by helping you find out what makes you unique, and helping you jump outside your comfort zone. Whether you are in sales, in marketing, in customer service, on the front lines or the back, own a business, want to write a book, or simply want to start living by your own list instead of someone else's - this is the program for you.

  • Creating The Perfect Customer Experience: From A Motivational Speaker's Perspective - No matter how advanced our society gets, we are still people doing business with people. And people still buy from people they like, trust, respect, and with whom they have established an emotional connection. And now, more than ever, we can't settle for adequate service. And we can't trust that a quality product is enough. That's just our ticket into the game. We must go beyond remarkable - not just focusing on better, but focusing on DIFFERENT. We must push ourselves outside our comfort zone and take risks to get our customers' attention. As a motivational speaker, Kelly has built a career around connecting with people. In this highly motivating program, filled with stories and laughter, she will share the secrets that motivational speakers know about creating a remarkable experience and a remarkable relationship with those we do business with and for.

  • The Storytelling Component: When All You Have Are Words and a Screen - Most of us no longer sell face-to-face, but screen-to-screen. And sometimes somewhere along the way we forget we're still people doing business with people. We focus on getting them there, but forget how to connect with them once we've got them. We're so wrapped up in the relay of information, we forget it's the story that sells. That's what I do. I help you reach people on an emotional level - when all you have are words and a screen.

  • Leadership From a Storyteller's Perspective: Because There is No " I " in Leader Either - I'm sure you are wondering what motivational speakers could know about leadership. Aren't leadership speakers supposed to have come from leadership positions like CEOs, Commanding Officers in the military, or mega-church pastors? I mean, after all, don't all motivational speakers live in a van by the river? (Old Saturday Night Live Skit reference.) Being a leader is about leading people - impacting them - gaining their trust - getting their attention - creating fans and followers who respect their opinion and character. Which is not so much different from motivational speakers. We speak to thousands and thousands of people in a year - people in all industries, all professions, all lifestyles and all walks of life. At some point, we start to learn how they think, what they are passionate about and what motivates them to take action. So perhaps the secrets that I have learned as a motivational speaker, comedian and storyteller, might also help you in your leadership role. Or at least give you a new insight and perspective. And this isn't your same-old-same-old leadership program. We are going to go way out of the box, because I believe people need leaders who are willing to go out of the box - to be able to change, adapt, listen, and get uncomfortable. So my style of leadership is about the STORY. Yes, there's that word again. I believe that it's all about knowing your story - the story of who you are as a leader, and the story of your organization or association. And it's about knowing THEIR story - listening and really hearing their story. And then the magic happens when you are able to combine your story with their story - to write one common story. That's how you deliver value. And that's how you fill seats. So if this sounds appealing to you, join me as we uncover the secrets to going beyond reaching the minds of those you lead - to reaching their hearts - where true loyalty takes place.

  • Using Storytelling To Sell Better, Lead Better, Market Better and Impact Better: Using Story To Create An Emotional Connection in Business - Research tells us that facts tell, emotions sell. So your ability to make an emotional connection will directly affect the outcome of your success. No matter what your job, you will have far more impact and power of influence if you know how to create an emotional connection with your listener. One of your greatest tools is the story. Join us as motivational speaker Kelly Swanson takes us on another one of her hilarious and motivating journeys through the path of the story. Sit mesmerized as you meet the characters in her town, and experience for yourself what stories do that information cannot. And, once again, laughing the whole way.

  • The Money's In The Funny: Laughing Your Way To Success - There is no question that laughing feels good. And there is no question that laughing is good for your health. But did you know it can actually make you money? And not just if you're a comedian or a motivational speaker. Research has proven that facts tell, emotions sell. So if you want to reach people emotionally - to help you sell better, influence better, lead better, connect better, manage better, and just be more fun to be around - then you don't want to miss Kelly's program on humor. Not only will you laugh, you will learn how to bring more humor into your life and into your line of work - not just as a tool to make you happy, but as a tool to get more business!

  • Laughing Your Way To A Healthier You: Where Health and Humor Meet - Learn to love the body you have, while working for the one you want She's just the spoonful of sugar you need to help the medicine go down...For many of us, it's not in knowing what to do where we fail - it's in actually DOING it! All the knowledge in the world will not help us reach a healthier state of being without being motivated to do it. We need to learn to love ourselves at every stage - because when we love ourselves we make better choices. So join us as Kelly Swanson takes us on another hilarious and powerfully motivating journey to a happier healthier self. Kelly will make you laugh a LOT (which burns calories by the way), cry a little, learn to love ourselves again (bulges and all) and cultivate a healthy attitude and a fresh perspective on how good health can make us happy.
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Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?: How To Hang On To Humor When Life Doesn't Go The Way You Planned

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