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Robert Stevenson Florida
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Successful companies must know how to deal with the ever-changing business climate, rising above the competition by minimizing risks, while making the most of any opportunity.

With over 25 years of extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Robert Stevenson understands what it takes to be successful. Robert is a man who knows how to deal with the risks, competition, and the ever-changing business arena.

Having owned several companies, established and maintained hundreds of international accounts, and maintained a worldwide sales force, Robert is a man who has been there. Your people will be hearing from a man who not only knows what to do, he has done it; he has not just studied it, he has made it happen. Robert has held positions from Salesman to Chief Executive Officer; in short, he is the total package and he incorporates his vast knowledge into each of his custom designed programs.

"I guess you can say I am forever the salesman. When you start your own companies from scratch, when it's your money on the line, you discover quickly what drives everything else... 'SALES.' If you don't have sales, nothing else matters."

When Robert addresses an audience he never loses sight of that fact. The situations you hear about during one of Robert's programs are real, he is not just saying the words, but more importantly, he has lived the experiences. Lived them, survived them and now shares them. Your audience will experience the authentic learning that can only come from someone who has walked the walk before they started talking about it. Not only will they learn, but they will also appreciate the message coming from someone who has been there.

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  • Sustainable Growth: When a Powerful Corporate Culture Fuels Critical Core Competencies - Throughout the world, technological change and global competition continue on their relentless and disruptive path of uncertainty and volatility. Compounded by the current economic external threats of weakening consumer demand, growing unemployment, tight credit and collapsing housing markets, it is no surprise that many companies today are facing critical decisions on how to survive. Mr. Stevenson has designed this program to help companies, organizations and associations not only survive but thrive in these types of conditions. "Corporate Culture" is the fundamental character or spirit of an organization that influences the loyalty and general behavior of its employees. When you learn how to combine The Right Corporate Culture with The Right Core Competencies, your organization will begin to thrive. Having employees fixing problems after-the-fact costs more and results in upset customers. Identifying potential opportunities for the organization creates the possibility for higher profits. Mr. Stevenson's program will help to show you how to get all your employees to think like an owner, proactively recognizing problems and opportunities.

  • Peak Performance: How the Best Get Better - Mandates from management throughout the country all seem to be singing the same song: If we are going to remain successful and be players in the marketplace both now and in the future, we must constantly strive to learn more, improve our quality of service, increase customer satisfaction, increase market share and do it in less time with fewer people. To keep elements for success effective, to facilitate individuals performing at their Optimum Level, it sometimes takes a catalyst of rare ingredients to first ignite the fire and then keep it blazing. The Peak Performance program was designed to be the catalyst to get things moving, and also teach techniques to keep it going.

  • Customer Service: You've Got To Make Them Say WOW! - This program deals with dispelling the theory that the customer is always right. Whether it was selling a Dixie cup of lemon-aid on the sidewalk or closing a multimillion-dollar deal, anyone who has ever dealt with a customer knows the customer is not always right. Many times the customer is wrong, very wrong; however they are still the customer. This program addresses how to keep customers spending their money at your organization without giving away the farm. By exploring not only in the initial sell, but also addressing how to improve repeat and referral business, this program will provide concrete examples of ways to improve your selling techniques.

  • Change: Coping Controlling Capitalizing - Change is a constant. You can either choose to embrace it or watch as your business disintegrates right before your eyes. Everyone is standing on shaky ground. Today's King of the Mountain could be tomorrow's case study on failure. Kmart, IBM, Kodak and American Express have all found out the power of change, from a position of power to a fight for survival. Even now, in today's tenuous economy, it is the customer who is driving the ship. No matter what else is happening, it is the customer who is choosing when and where to spend. This program explores change ... the successes, the failures and the reasons behind both.

  • Sales: The Answers to Successful Selling Are All Four Letter Words - The art, discipline, techniques of selling have traveled many different paths over the centuries. Whether one is doing research or actually working in businesses it is obvious the path to selling effectively has gone from simple to highly sophisticated and back again. This program doesn't mean to oversimplify the process of selling something, but it will make it understandable and easy to implement by sticking to the basics. The program breaks down the Art and Science of Selling into a no-nonsense set of guidelines that will make even the most novice of salespeople a success.

  • Leadership: The Leadership Formula: It's a PROCESS ... not an EVENT - The Leadership program focus is on practical, insightful and useful skills that help to make relationships work and companies prosper. Designed with the goal of helping companies thrive in today's marketplace, Mr. Stevenson identifies how to start, maintain, and deepen working relationships. This program starts with the nine elements of the Leadership Formula then delves even deeper into the philosophy of relationships. Mr. Stevenson addresses courage and challenge, confidence and commitment, compassion and communication, change, cooperation, and control.

  • Team Building: Creating A "WANT TO" Rather Than "HAVE TO" Environment - For your company or organization to succeed in this highly competitive, ever changing environment you need to be certain you are running at peak performance. All resources must be utilized to full potential. When considering the resources of an organization, its most valuable asset is always its human resources. To be able to maximize results, you need to be able to maximize Operations, Preparations, Motivations, and Expectations. Mr. Stevenson has developed a program that addresses the many aspects of teamwork and how to make it function at its optimum potential.

  • Communication - Communication is an interactive event between two or more individuals; a give and take of thoughts, wants, or needs. Communication is a skill that must be learned and practiced regularly in order to be successful at it. The Communication program was designed using proven and powerful communication techniques intended to call the audience to action, calling them to examine their own skills, and then calling them to actively practice improving those skills.

  • Strategic Planning: Riding A New Wave To Success - Some of the greatest experts on any business are a firm's own people. Utilizing various aspects of dynamic interaction, Mr. Stevenson will take full advantage of the brainpower sitting in the room. With Robert as the catalyst driving the audience, everyone will get involved and in no time be combining their collective brilliance to accomplish far more than previously thought possible. At the end of the program there will be a detailed account of what is going right, and what needs improvement. Additionally the group will produce a prioritized strategic action plan intended to improve the organization and better prepare it for today's highly competitive and ever changing environment.

  • Time Management: Controlling Your Most Valuable Commodity - Understanding that time is an organization's most valuable commodity is the first step, the easy part. Learning how to use this valuable commodity judiciously, with the reverence it deserves, is the hard part. Effective time management is actively making things happen that will advance you toward your goal, rather than just letting things happen. No matter how efficient an individual or an organization is, productivity will increase exponentially with efficient use of time.
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