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Ross Shafer, CPAE Colorado

Ross Shafer is a 6-time Emmy Award Winning Comedian and Writer. Pretty good for pet shop manager moonlighting as a comedian. In l984, a local TV station saw him and decided to hire him as an on-air host. Ross' unconventional style was soon spotted by the networks and he moved to Hollywood to host talk/game shows for ABC, USA and Comedy Central.

What Ross gleaned most from show business was how TV and movies reacted to emerging trends and human behavior shifts. So in l994, he began studying how customer emotional connections affected organizational growth (or extinction).

To that end, he has written 14 H.R. training films on customer service, motivation and leadership. He is also the author of Nobody Moved Your Cheese, The Customer Shouts Back, Customer Empathy, Are You Relevant? 12 Reasons Great Organizations Thrive In ANY Economy, Grab More Market Share: How to Wrangle Business Away from Lazy Competitors and his latest, Absolutely Necessary: Bulletproof Tactics That Will Put You in High Demand. Today, Ross is one of the most sought after keynote speakers on the subjects of customer empathy, personal motivation and business relevance.

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  • Are You Still Relevant? - In this fun and enlightening keynote, Ross dissects which organizations succeed, which ones fail and the reasons why. Becoming Relevant (to both your customers and team members) can allow you to get a 2-year lead on your competition. Market relevance is the ONLY way to secure your growth in an ever-evolving economy. Ross unveils inspiring case studies that span the landscape of retail, manufacturing, B2B, construction, high-tech, and healthcare.

  • Absolutely Necessary: Bulletproof Tactics That Will Put You In High Demand - This is a personal and professional development program that will re-energize your team members and leaders. Maybe your industry practices have changed and you want to shift your collective thinking to 'reinvention mode.' Maybe you want to get Buy-In for revolutionary ideas. Maybe you want your team to become Absolutely Necessary contributors to your organization's growth.

  • The Customer Journey (Art Meets Science) - The way customers now interact with technology (mobile, kiosk, digital push, ecommerce) has caused a tectonic shift in their buying habits. We coach organizations on the need to design, engineer and execute a deliberate Emotional Customer Journey informed by those technologies. The next generation of CRM analytics (customer relationship management) has evolved re: customer behaviours. 2020 companies are incorporating Social Listening, Predictive Analysis, Trend Spotting, Automated Marketing, Social Campaigning, Content Management, and Ethno-Analytics. These new tools can accelerate your revenue engine. Big Data and Digital Marketing will fuel your virtual sales force.

  • Nobody Moved Your Cheese - High energy and hilarious keynote - perfect for setting the opening tone or ramping up your conference's closing message. Ross Shafer's personal story will inspire your team members. He went from small town pet shop Emmy® award winning TV renowned business author and Hall of Fame speaker. He accomplished 'the impossible' by being a fierce proponent of taking personal responsibility in your professional and personal life. Ross will teach your team how to become World Class.

  • The Ultimate Emcee -Ross hosts a select number of multi-day events for his high-end clients each year. Because Ross is a trained talk and game show host (having helmed over 1,000 network broadcasts) he is the perfect choice for moderating your executive panel discussions and complex award banquets. Ross will keep the programs lively and on task; drawing on his vast experience and lightening wit to navigate (and rescue) even the most unpredictable situations
Absolutely Necessary Are You Relevant? Are You Relevant? Nobody Moved Your Cheese The Customer Shouts Back!
Absolutely Necessary: Bulletproof Tactics That Will Put You In High Demand Grab More Market Share: How to Wrangle Business Away from Lazy Competitors Are You Relevant? : Twelve Reasons Smart Organizations Thrive in ANY Economy Nobody Moved Your Cheese! : How to Ignore the "Experts" and Trust Your Gut The Customer Shouts Back! : 10 Things You Need To Do To Earn Their Lifetime Loyalty

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