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Lance Secretan, Ph.D. Canada
Photo of Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan is one of the world's foremost thinkers about leadership and a renowned pioneer in innovative methods of inspiring people and organizations. The former CEO of a Fortune 100 company and an acclaimed business school professor, Lance Secretan works with a gifted worldwide faculty changing the lives of people and transforming companies and revolutionizing the way they think about leadership.

Thirty of Fortune's Most Admired Companies and eleven of Fortune's Best Companies to Work for in America are his clients. He is the international best-selling author of fourteen books on leadership, an award-winning columnist, teacher, philosopher, corporate coach and mentor, as well as one of North America's most sought-after keynote speakers, retreat leaders and business advisors. Voted one of the nation's top ten speakers, and one of the "Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century" by Successful Meetings magazine, he addresses audiences around the world. Lance was the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the 1997 Special Olympics World Winter Games and former Ambassador to the United Nations Environment Program.

In recognition of a lifetime of caring about people and the planet, Lance was awarded the prestigious International Caring Award (often referred to as the US equivalent of the Nobel Prize), whose other recipients include Mother Teresa and Jane Goodall. The International Management Council has also recognized his contribution to leadership with the McFeely Leadership Award.

Lance has several degrees including a Masters in International Relations from the University of Southern California (magna cum laude) and a Ph. D. from the London School of Economics. An expert skier, he divides his time between homes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Ontario, Canada overlooking a 700-acre wilderness reserve where he lives with his wife Tricia.

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  • ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership - Six thousand years ago we were one. We shared the same stories and myths, mysteries and magic. The classical Greek philosophers began the process of separate thinking. The great Renaissance thinkers picked up the pace and the genius of our modern scientific and technical era has unraveled this precious human asset. If we continue to separate ourselves-liberal/conservative, parent/child, Muslim/Christian, labor/management, black/white, young/old, rich/poor-we will wither as a society, perhaps as a species. Conscious Leadership inspires self and others to reframe what we see by making the connections between all the parts-countries as kin, corporations as communities, employees as whole humans, religions as partners rather than competitors. In this knowing we gain a greater understanding of how all our actions touch and connect with everything else. Dr. Lance Secretan shares the practice of Conscious Leadership through the transformative CASTLE principles.

  • Inspire: What Great Leaders Do - This program teaches business leaders how to inspire superior performance by speaking to the inner lives and deeper needs of employees and anyone with whom you have a business relationship, and by aligning their desires with your organization's cause-rather than seducing them with carrots that speak only to their outer lives and superficial selves. Secretan's goals are lofty, but the approach is practical. Inspire! is full of proven methods for connecting with the soul, the real self. It provides valuable guidance for awakening the passion of others and a host of stories that illustrate how inspiring leaders have transformed their business environment from places of fear and resignation to powerhouses of effective performance.

  • Values-Centered Leadership® - The key to leadership lies in timeless values that help us to be of service to others. Think of your organization as though it were a bicycle with the back wheel providing the power and the front wheel providing the direction. From the back wheel, we derive the life skill Values that are the source of personal and organizational power. Values-centered Leadership® is one of the most powerful coaching models in the world, and a leadership model used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

  • The New Story of Leadership: What the Best Leaders in the World are Working on Next - An established trend is gathering momentum: the hunger to experience spirit in the workplace is gaining the force of a movement. The old story of leadership will no longer satisfy this hunger. Followers-employees-are leaving their leaders behind as more and more of them come to work with a new set of expectations. Fortunately, some leaders-like Lance Secretan-are answering this hunger with a New Story of Leadership that connects employee fulfillment to the bottom-line in concrete ways. In this presentation, Lance proves that the trend is, in fact, mounting, why it matters, and how you can become a New Story Leader.

  • Reclaiming Higher Ground: Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul - Based on Lance Secretan's worldwide bestseller, Reclaiming Higher Ground: Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul, this presentation inspires a new way to think about leadership and work. The vast majority of people are deeply dissatisfied with their work lives and this affects the bottom line. Lance Secretan describes how leaders can serve the needs of their employees and how this improves performance.
ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership Inspire! What Great Leaders Do Spirit@Work Cards Reclaiming Higher Ground Living the Moment: A Sacred Journey
ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership Inspire!
What Great Leaders Do
Spirit@Work® Cards: Bringing Spirit and Values to Work Reclaiming Higher Ground: Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul Living the Moment:
A Sacred Journey

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