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David Rutherford Florida
David Rutherford

David Rutherford is living his dream as an internationally known motivational coach. His personal goal is to reach 10 million people in 10 years. His passion for teaching is founded in helping people forge their personal and professional Self Confidence and teach them how to live a team oriented lifestyle, or Team Life. David's high energy and endless motivation inspires all those who come in contact with him to embrace fear and live life to its fullest.

David served 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. Since his honorable discharge from the Navy in 2003 he has continued traveling as a tactical training and security expert for the US Government and one of the largest private security firms in the world. David has inspired special operations units around the globe to push themselves past any and all known limitations. His masterful ability to motivate enables people from all walks of life to achieve success in any environment imaginable.

David inspires audiences and individuals across America and around the world with his high impact style of motivational speaking, writing and coaching. His Froglogic Concept is derived from the 70 + years of operational successes within the UDT/ Navy SEAL Teams. He has combined his incredible personal story with the proven track record of Naval Special Warfare to create an elite performance program that exposes corporate teams and individuals to 12 Missions designed to help gain the competitive edge, deal with stress, elevate performance, strengthen teamwork, embrace chaos, and forge leadership.

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  • Self-Confidence - David introduces 8 concepts called Missions that help individuals and teams forge their personal and professional Self-Confidence. The 8 Missions include:
    • Have a Positive Attitude
    • PT (Physical Training) and Live Healthy
    • Motivate Yourself and Others
    • Earn Respect
    • Set Goals
    • Live with Integrity
    • Mentoring
    • Have Fun

    In this high-energy presentation, David outlines his behavioral training concept based on 70 + years of elite Navy SEAL training and on 20 years of personal discovery. Whether it's top executives, management personnel, sales associates or new trainees, when audiences leave this event, they feel inspired to start performing at a higher level.

  • Team Life - David introduces 4 concepts called Missions designed to help forge your team's commitment toward living the Team Life. These concepts are designed to improve your team's ability to embrace fear, and function at the highest levels in an ever changing global economy. The 4 Missions include:
    • Commitment
    • Training
    • Communication
    • Leadership

    Additionally, in this powerful talk, David profiles four Navy SEAL Congressional Medal of Honor stories to help illustrate the critical importance of living by a higher standard and functioning like a special operations team to achieve never before imagined levels of personal and professional success.

  • Embracing Fear - David introduces 5 concepts called Missions designed to help you and your team embrace fear and use it to enhance your ability to succeed in any environment. The Missions include:
    • Search For the Truth
    • Accept Your Reality
    • Retrain Your Brain
    • Test Yourself
    • Living With Courage

    David utilizes 20 years of experiencing fear in the most extreme conditions to give a clearly defined path for individuals and teams to begin embracing their fears and achieve total mission success.

  • Self-Confidence - Hammer Session - This one of a kind, motivational performance is one of the most powerful corporate speaking events you will ever see. Using volunteers provided by your company, David unleashes a Navy SEAL workout called the "Hammer Session" on the volunteer participants while delivering his 8 Missions to forge Self-Confidence. This performance style event is designed to entertain audiences and help them to fully understand the power of human perseverance in any environment. On a specially designed stage, David "hammers home" the self-confidence required to make it through the hardest military training on the planet, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training or BUDS. This talk requires special planning, stage requirements, set design, and is set at a higher rate.

  • The Froglogic Concept - Half Day Seminar - The half-day seminar allows for more interactive involvement with the Froglogic Concept. In addition to either the Self Confidence or Team Life presentation, David and one or more of his Special Operations teammates, depending on the size of your group, will conduct break out sessions to help your team integrate the Froglogic Concept into your operational culture. Your group will be split up by teams in order for the Froglogic instructors to break down the Missions in greater detail. Using physical and mental training techniques common to the Navy SEALs, the addition of the team-focused, break out sessions creates an atmosphere of in-depth special operations focus and teaches your teams the necessity behind embracing fear and erasing all known comfort zone behavior.

  • Behavioral Training - Full Day Seminar - The full day seminar enables corporations to immerse their personnel in team-building exercises and behavioral training though David's Froglogic Concept. In this proven, 12-step elite lifestyle performance program, David and one or more of his Special Operations teammates begin the event with a 30-minute Navy SEAL workout. This fun fitness program is designed to energize your team's confidence and begin the day on a positive note by forging the physical self.

    David follows the morning PT (Physical Training) with his high impact, Self-Confidence Hammer Session speech. This one-of-a-kind interactive performance invites volunteers from your company to participate on stage as David delivers the first 8 Missions of the Froglogic Concept while hammering your team members with ice water, sand, physical and mental stress. This highly entertaining and powerful presentation is followed with team-focused breakout sessions led by David and his Froglogic Instructor staff. These sessions are designed to help integrate the 8 Missions into your corporate culture. After lunch, David presents his Team Life speech that enables your team to crystallize the concept of how individual self-confidence is deeply connected to a team's ability to perform at its highest levels. Using Navy SEAL Congressional Medal of Honor stories, David will help your team evaluate your standard of operational success. Additional break out sessions are then utilized to enhance your team's personal and professional levels of commitment, training, communication and leadership.
Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence
Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence: Froglogic Field Manual for Adults

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