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Erick Rheam Indiana
Erick Rheam

Erick Rheam is a speaker and published author. He communicates and educates on topics related to discovering significance and the art of mastering human dynamics to achieve success.

Erick spent the past several years training and educating association and company executives on how to build programs and services that add value to businesses communities and high value customers. Erick partnered with leading software developer, Automated Energy, Inc., to help municipally owned utilities deploy energy efficiency software to assist large commercial and Industrial companies become more energy efficient and deploy green technology.

Prior to partnering with Automated Energy, Erick worked for a decade in the public power industry for two municipally owned utilities in Indiana and Colorado. He led a customer service division and served business communities to ensure local policy enhanced the business environment so that the business class could thrive, grow and create jobs.

Erick earned his Key Public Power Account Executive designation through the American Public Power Association (APPA). He also served on several national boards and committees to promote green technology, energy efficiency, and customer service. He was vice-chair for the National Customer Services Section for APPA. He also served as the chair for the National Key Accounts Committee for APPA.

Erick graduated from the United State Military Academy in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. He served as a Military Police Office and special investigator in the United States Army in Bosnia Herzegovina and Europe.

Erick Currently resides in Southern Indiana with his wife, three children, and his Yellow Labrador Retriever, Stella.

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  • The World Belongs to the Encourager - (Keynote)
    Life is hard and challenging, especially with change as our constant companion; however, there is one relationship tool that will never become obsolete, "Encouragement." In this motivational talk, I share a compelling real-world story of rags to riches and will invite the audience to embrace the idea of becoming an encourager and show them why it's their greatest investment for success.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Discover how encouragement starts from within and how to apply three principles to become comfortable within your own world.
    • Learn the three keys to encouraging others and why it's important for long term success.
    • How encouragement attracts success.

  • Why Becoming A Person Of Influence Should Be Your #1 Priority - (Keynote)
    One cannot achieve anything of significance without the help of others. That's why it's paramount to gain buy-in from others to achieve true success. My premise in this talk is that the success in your life is proportional to the influence you have with others and that your influence is the result of your "vibe." To gain influence, one must understand human dynamics and become proficient at change management and learn how to guide the levers of change. The world is dynamic and constantly evolving, which is why those that learn to leverage change as a tool for influence will achieve great success. This talk is motivational, inspirational, and will move the audience to utilize the tools of influence I will teach them over the course of a 45-minute presentation.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understand the three keys to influence.
    • Learn the four principles that enhance influence.
    • Learn how to bring tremendous value to others.

  • Lead Without Speaking - The Importance of Nonverbal Communication - (Workshop)
    You cannot achieve anything of significance without the help of others. Solid communication skills are paramount if you desire to gain buy-in from your colleagues, leadership, friends, and family; however, your words are only part of your communication repertoire. Studies show that 55% of communication is nonverbal and two people will signal over 800 nonverbal cues over the course of a thirty-minute conversation. That's why I developed a highly entertaining and informational one-hour keynote that teaches the audience the basic principles and application of body language and techniques that can be used immediately to enhance communication and influence

    Learning Objectives:
    • How to use body language to determine a person's level of comfort, agreement, and authenticity.
    • Understanding how your "vibe" affects others and alters the human dynamics of a situation.
    • Learn how to leverage nonverbal cues to enhance communication skills. - Very few sales careers are made by a sales person's pheromones! They are made by what the salesperson says and does to build value. OWN IT Sales is a program that ignites and equips sales people for owning the number one value building activity; the customer experience.

  • The Relevance and Necessity of Nonverbal Communication and Its Impact On Your Career and Life - (Workshop)
    This is a deeper dive into the world of nonverbal communication and body language interpretation. Having a full understanding and appreciation for nonverbal cues and leveraging body language to elevate human dynamics is key to achieve long-term success. I developed a highly entertaining and informational half-day and full-day workshop that teaches participants the principles and application of body language and techniques that can be used immediately to enhance communication and influence.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Gain an appreciation of human dynamics and why people do what they do.
    • Learn the five body language channels and how to apply them in your work.
    • Understanding how your "vibe" affects others and alters the human dynamics of a situation.
    • Learn negotiation techniques and how to leverage body language to your advantage in negotiation settings.

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