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Vince Poscente, CSP, CPAE Texas

"We will not thrive by 'coping' with challenges. Driving profits and developing cultures are accelerated through our ELEPHantPOWER Systems. When individuals align their elephantine subconscious agendas with the uncanny power of ant-like intentions - magic happens. Life gets easier. Market share grows. Organizations thrive in a peak performance culture."

Vince Poscente is the Lead Research Analyst for ELEPHantPOWER Systems. His team analyzes why leaders hit roadblocks and sales people bump up against self-limiting beliefs. They study the dynamics of peak performance in the business of life and challenge the norms for influential communication.

Since 1992, Vince has been researching, writing and speaking about life mastery. This New York Times bestselling author wrote the international phenomenon, The Ant and the Elephant - Leadership for the Self. His background as an Olympian with a Masters in Organizational Management - alongside his corporate experience - culminate into an invigorating perspective on accelerating past problems towards sustained results.

The fact that Vince Poscente could be a stand-up comedian with his signature insights translate into instant impact and lasting influence.

Poscente illustrates how each team member can sustain an excellence advantage. Through insightful research and edge of your seat stories, your audience will be energized and ready to tackle the tough challenges ahead of them.

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  • Full Speed Ahead Sales - Sales people are a unique collection of high performing individuals, with considerable expectations, facing a cascade of opportunity. This is coupled with a world of More - Faster - Now realities of overwhelm and life balance. Vince Poscente delivers a wildly entertaining, thought-provoking and substantive insight on how to thrive with our unique sales groups. Vince went from recreational skier to the Olympic games in just four years. Skiing at 135 mph on skis, he shares a remarkable formula about:
    • Clarity of Purpose
    • The Process of Commitment
    • Consistent Effort in a Competitive Environment
    • Building Confidence
    • Routines for Controlling Peak Performance

    Giving executives and their sales people a collective experience allows a conference fulcrum for better sales execution and higher profits. Full Speed Ahead has profoundly affected countless sales teams explore internal motivation and future potential.

  • Full Speed Ahead Leadership - The Olympic movement is pervasive in our society on many levels. Primarily, we can all relate to the pursuit of excellence. We can also appreciate the three core principles of the pursuit of excellence, international understanding and fair play alongside the motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger). But the unwritten motto for high performing leaders is "Smartius." Inevitable obstacles spring from basic human nature. In the personal and corporate landscape, real life issues and the realities of competition pervade. The solutions to roadblocks for leaders of corporations are explored in this entertaining and thought-provoking message.

  • Building Teams with the Urgent "Why?" - LeBron James used Vince Poscente's strategies in his transitions from Cleveland to Miami and back to his hometown. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff used the principles with their team in their recent turnaround season. FedEx and EvolvHealth use Vince Poscente's tools in their leadership team training keeping them out front in a competitive landscape. Vince Poscente helps teams target their emotion-drivers towards simplicity, synergy and life balance.

    The underpinning of Vince Poscente's "Urgent Why" approach is from his international bestseller, The Ant and the Elephant. It is a based on the combination of finding your WHY and the emotional quotient that fuels internal motivation. Vince Poscente combines the concepts of finding each team member's emotional buzz, a simple path towards clarity, commitment, consistency, confidence and control in concert with the team's overall objectives. This is a transformational keynote for teams determined to progress full speed ahead.

  • Find Your Buzz - This motivational keynote speech has been delivered around the world for Direct Sales audiences wanting a high energy, humor and an inspiring message around accelerated goal setting. This "recreational skier to Olympics in four years story" has been Vince's most requested speech over the last twenty years. It revolves around the three key elements of "big goals fast":
    • Alignment starts with each of us having an "emotional buzz" surrounding the goals in front of us.
    • Agility is facilitated when we "do what the competition is not willing to do."
    • Aerodynamics is all about efficiency and eliminating things that cause drag (such as fear and interruptions).

  • Instant Impact and Lasting Influence - The skills and art of impactful and influential communication are necessary for leaders on the platform or digital media. Reading off a teleprompter is the ultimate contrived message resulting in an invisible barrier between leaders and followers. Using Power Point slides as a crutch for messaging is also an energy killer. But leaders who expertly command the stage or screen can have instant impact and lasting influence. Vince Poscente leads an interactive and transformational session on how leaders can deliver a profound message anywhere from a room full of their employees, an audience of stakeholders or in a brief video message.

    Vince has coached the Chief of Protocol of the White House, Harvard Business Book authors, CEO's of multimillion & billion-dollar companies and entrepreneurs intent on designing a killer keynote. Vince's acumen for speaking had him inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame with the likes of Ronald Reagan, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino and Jack Canfield. Vince Poscente is in-demand for his Instant Impact and Lasting Influence keynotes at corporate events around the world. This rare opportunity to learn from a master communicator, at the top of his game of speaking and training.This powerhouse keynote will help you have instant impact and lasting influence when you are in front of a demanding client or called to deliver an important presentation.
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