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Joe Piscatella Washington
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Joe Piscatella is one of the nation's foremost experts on how to live a healthy lifestyle. He is President & CEO of the Institute for Fitness and Health, an organization dedicated to helping people initiate and sustain healthy lifestyle habits. TIME magazine calls him "a positive force for healthy changes."

Mr. Piscatella has written 15 best-selling books including Don't Eat Your Heart Out; The Road to a Healthy Heart Runs Through the Kitchen; The Healthy Heart Cookbook; Positive Mind, Healthy Heart and Prevent, Halt & Reverse Heart Disease. His books are used in more than 1,000 hospitals in cardiac rehabilitation and wellness programs.

As a spokesman for a healthy lifestyle, he is media savvy and has been frequently interviewed on The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America and Fox News. He has hosted three PBS television specials on heart health and is a "guest expert" on WebMD. Mr. Piscatella has served as the only non-medical member of the NIH Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Panel charged with developing clinical guidelines for physicians.

He speaks regularly at hospitals, medical conferences, corporations, associations and public events. Some clients include Boeing, Young Presidents Organization, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Mayo Clinic, Raytheon, Prudential, Exxon, the Cleveland Clinic, Sprint and the U.S. Naval War College. Over 2 million people have attended his talks.

He is the designer and facilitator of 6 Weeks to a Healthier You,® a successful community wellness program. In one program, 650 people lost 4,200 pounds. Recent programs have taken place in Washington, California, Nevada and Michigan. Exclusive rights to the program in parts of Washington and Oregon have been purchased by Franciscan Health, a division of Catholic Health Initiatives.

Mr. Piscatella's body of work has created a recognized brand because it puts a human face of the practical science of healthy living. He uses humor and an upbeat presentation style to explain how to balance healthy eating, effective exercise, stress management and a positive attitude to optimize well-being. His audience receives information and take-home tools, and he motivates them to put the message to work.

Mr. Piscatella knows the science of healthy living, but he understands the practical aspect as well. At age 32, he went through coronary bypass surgery. The prognosis was not good (one doctor predicted he would not live to age 40.) But he put his effort into developing healthy lifestyle habits and it has worked. He has celebrated the 39th anniversary of that surgery, making him the longest living survivor of bypass surgery and a wonderful example of the effectiveness of healthy lifestyle habits.

"Joe Piscatella knows more about healthy living and the health impact of our lifestyle choices than anyone I know. He is a national resource." William C. Roberts, MD, Director, Baylor Heart & Vascular Institute, Dallas, TX; Editor-in-Chief, The American Journal of Cardiology.

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  • Managing Chronic Stress in a Multi-Tasking World How to Manage Stress Effectively for Increased Health, Longevity and Productivity - In this era of too little time and too much to do, of increased career and family commitments, of crawling traf?c and never ending e-mails, Americans are living with chronic stress. Indeed, 89% of us say that the stress in our lives is overwhelming. The result is often high levels of frustration, anxiety and anger.

    In this presentation, Joe examines the impact of chronic stress on health, productivity and quality of life. He helps audiences understand that the secret to a balanced life is not to avoid stress, but to manage it; not to react to stress, but to respond to it. His program not only examines the sources of stress in modern life (including Type A personality), but it provides audiences with a variety of mental and physical tools to successfully manage stress every day.

  • Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Living - Healthy living starts with good information. What constitutes a healthy diet? What's the best way to exercise? How to handle stress? And today people know the difference between an apple and a piece of apple pie, between going out dancing or watching Dancing with the Stars! But knowing the information isn't acting on the information. Why this chasm between information and action? Because information alone is not enough. If it were, we'd be a nation of non-smokers. In this dynamic and inspirational program, Joe Piscatella provides practical solutions to overcoming barriers and making healthy changes that last a lifetime. Audiences learn how to get started and stay the course.

  • Make Your Health Last As Long As Your Life Maximizing "Health Span," the Number of Healthy Days in Your Life - Just because you can afford retirement doesn't mean that you will have the quality of life to enjoy it. While a ?nancial plan is important, a good health plan is critical. There is a difference between longevity, the amount of years you live, and health span, the number of years you live in good health. Two people, for example, each live to age 85. But while the ?rst spends the last 20 years of life in a golf cart, the other spends those years in a wheelchair. Their respective longevity is the same, but their health spans are drastically different.

    In this timely program, Joe examines the lifestyle habits found in societies all over the world where people not only live longer, but also have extended years of good health. Learn what you can do now to maximize your "health span" and increase the number of years you will have good health.

  • Women and Heart Health How to Have a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle for Females of All Ages - Contrary to popular belief, men are not the chief victims of heart disease. The truth is that heart disease is an equal opportunity affliction.While about the same number of women as men have heart disease, it is by far the number one killer of women. Indeed, over 250,000 women die from the disease each year; more than the next 14 causes of death combined.

    In this presentation, Joe examines how primary cardiac risk factors - such as cholesterol, triglycerides, coronary inflammation, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and others - impact women, and he helps attendees to calculate their personal risk. In addition, he covers women-specific topics such as hormone replacement therapy and signs of heart attack. With a heart-healthy lifestyle, women can prevent, stabilize and even reverse heart disease.

  • Eating Healthy In A DoubleBurger.Com World A Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy Eating in the Real World - A balanced diet is critical for good health and increased performance. But how do you sort out what is balanced in a world of con?icting claims where fat and carbohydrates see-saw being in, then out, where a tablespoon of ketchup can contain a teaspoon of high-fructose corn syrup, where food supplements claim to be healthier than food itself, and where new weight-loss diet books appear weekly?

    In over three decades of successfully managing his heart disease, Joe knows fad diets from real science. His sensible, realistic program offers basic principles for healthy eating, including cutting-edge methods on how to control your fat tooth. (That's right, fat tooth, not sweet tooth!). More importantly, he gives nutritional science real-life application.

  • Raising Fit Kids in a Fast World Strategies for Overburdened Parents - Raised with the temptations of fast food, television and computer games, kids are more sedentary, overweight and out-of-shape than a generation ago. The typical 12-year old today weighs 11.7 pounds more than his or her counterpart in 1973. In the last decade the obesity rate in white children has increased by 50%; in Hispanic and African-American kids, it has doubled. The result: a generation of children with elevated cholesterol, higher blood pressure and more Type 2 diabetes. This may be the first generation not to live as long as their parents. What are parents to do? This seminar offers practical and easy-to-implement strategies for teaching children healthy exercise and eating habits that will last them a lifetime.
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Prevent, Halt & Reverse Heart Disease: 109 Things You Can Do Positive Mind, Healthy Heart!: Take Charge of Your Cardiac Health, One Day at a Time The Road to a Healthy Heart Runs through the Kitchen The Healthy Heart Cookbook: Over 700 Recipes for Every Day and Every Occasion Take a Load off Your Heart: 109 Things You Can Actually Do to Prevent, Halt and Reverse Heart Disease

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