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Debbie Peterson Florida
Debbie Peterson

After years in corporate America, Debbie Peterson had her own breakthrough that led to her become an advocate to help others to achieve the same. She now works with independent business professionals, groups, and associations to deliver the message that if YOU change your mind, YOU can change your results.

Debbie is a professional business keynote speaker, trainer, and mindset strategist who inspires audiences wherever she goes. She works with her audiences to help them get clarity on the obstacles that are holding them back in business, identify the habits that support or sabotage their progress, and develop the flexible mindset that will accelerate their business results. She founded Getting To Clarity to provide inspiration, motivation, and education for professionals so they may reach and realize their potential.

Debbie has a unique ability to connect with her audience and blend meaningful content with real-life examples leaving participants feeling she is speaking just to them. Her customized programs are engaging, energetic and full of tips, tools, and techniques to create growth.

During her career, Debbie discovered her passion for the power of thoughts and the ability to harness thoughts and create amazing results. This door opened when Debbie was selected to participate in a training program for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is described as a behavioral technology, a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life behavior. Since her introduction to NLP, Debbie has spent years studying NLP as a student, as an assistant, and as a trainer.

Debbie is a Certified NLP Trainer, through the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP), and designs and delivers her own programs for individuals, groups, and corporations using NLP as a foundation. She is also a Haumana (student) of Huna, which is a modern label for an ancient Hawaiian system of empowerment and flexibility of the mind, body, and spirit.

Debbie is also a professional member of the National Speakers Association. She has successfully worked with groups at various stages of career. Her expertise is helping professionals get out of their own way and create MORE. MORE Focus. MORE Action. MORE Momentum. MORE Results!

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  • From Frustrated to FOCUSED: Mindset Strategies for Career Growth - Do you feel like you're achieving meaningful results in your career? Are you spending enough time to focus on what you need to advance? Are you focused on everything or the RIGHT things to get ahead? In this highly interactive program, you'll learn the 4 steps that increase your clarity of direction in your business, your focus on the right opportunities, and how to be more productive for more momentum and results! No matter where you are in your career timeline you'll leave with the tips, tools, and techniques to get maximum results every day. Your participants will:
    • Understand how to move From Frustrated to FOCUSED in their career, but even beyond that to Fulfilled!
    • Ramp up their motivation to achieve the career results they desire!
    • Discover mindset strategies for massive action (and deal with the doubt that crops up as a result).
    • Acquire productivity tips, tools and, techniques to make the most of their time.
    • Learn how to focus on the right opportunities for the right reasons.
    • Cultivate the community of people needed to accelerate their business and career to the next level.

  • The Successful Mentoring Mindset: Where People, Passion, and Performance Intersect - Mentoring is a powerful process, but it isn't always what you think it is. Discover the subtle nuances of mentoring and how you can put this powerful tool to work for you. Get Clarity on all of the different methods that can be utilized to build a platform that allows you to build relationships, grow business and create consistent value for everyone involved. Your participants will:
    • Understand the myths of what mentoring; what it is and what it's not.
    • Explore a range of methods that allow them to more easily utilize mentoring to accelerate their career.
    • Identify what needs to be in place for a successful mentoring relationship to take place.
    • Discover multiple mentoring techniques to allow them to discover the right mentor(s) according to their career goals.
    • Create a mentoring plan to implement as soon as they return to work!

  • Step Up, Speak Up, & Show Up: Mindset Strategies for Women in Business - Are you holding yourself back? Whether you own your own business or work for a corporation - every aspect of your professional life involves how you step up, speak up, and show up with others. Confidence and internal and external communication skills are vital for you to succeed but are you aware of what may be sabotaging them? Your participants will:
    • Discover the role your thoughts play in how you confidently navigate your business or career.
    • Identify how to eliminate limiting beliefs and step up and rise to your full potential.
    • Discover how to build respect, credibility and create influence with the ability to speak up appropriately.
    • Learn the habits of the most successful communicators and put them to work for you.
    • Explore strategies that allow you to show up more confidently-not only physically but figuratively in your professional life.

    Confident communication is so much more than the words you speak and navigating your career or business is so much more than the skills you have. Take charge of your personal thoughts and experience the professional results that you deserve!

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