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Kevin E. O'Connor, CSP Illinois
Photo of Kevin O'Connor

Kevin E. O'Connor, CSP knows many technical professionals are often demanded to do things that they're not trained for - like lead a team of other technical professionals.

He also knows that many of us just don't know what to do or how to do it - no matter how good we are at our job!

Kevin is a highly engaging and captivating speaker who travels across the country delivering keynote addresses, leadership trainings and distinctive presentations:

  • From Pharmaceutical companies, to milk producers...
  • From world class floral experts, to world class physicians...
  • From academic centers of influence, to schools that influence children who are blind and visually impaired...]

Because of his impressive background, he's comfortable in front of all sorts of technical professionals (MDs, PharmDs, RNs, CPAs, PhDs, PsyDs, CNPs, MBAs, JDs, MHAs, CLUs, CFPs)

Kevin is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), and he holds three masters degrees (Education, Counseling Psychology, and Pastoral Studies). So not only is he one of 550 persons in the world to hold this highest earned speaking designation, making him part of an elite group of professional speakers who are not only good at what they do and are recognized as such by their professional standards and peers; but also because of his educational and experiential background, he knows how to transmit, how others think, and what an up and coming leader needs in order for them to lead.

Most importantly to you...Kevin knows how teams think and how to help their leadership help them think beyond. He provides distinctive, interactive presentations -that audiences today are hungry for and demanding - way more than just the typical PowerPoint program or U-shaped meeting.

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  • You're Not Just A ______ Anymore: Leading In Your New Position A fast paced program designed to educate, entertain, and inspire action as never before. Mastering the art of leadership can help you influence more people, enjoy more success, and give to others more of what they want and what you have. At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:
    • Define their individual leadership style.
    • Understand how colleagues interpret their leadership.
    • Direct teams with greater efficiency.
    • Delegate effectively those things that will enhance the team.
    • Discuss leadership demands for the next decade.
    • Discover the difference between strong leadership and leadership that is too strong.

  • Living & Working with (Sometimes) Difficult People: Conflict to Cooperation - Kevin's most popular seminar teaches "people skills" that encourage and enhance communication. When we live and work with others, there are inevitable times when we come into conflict with one another. The most successful managers and leaders are those who have mastered the art of working with other people.
    • Harness the person-to-person skills that will make or break your career.
    • Enhance your ability to have colleagues cooperate effectively
    • Encourage staff and co-workers to provide the quality of service that reflects their best.
    • Bottom line people skills even help us in our personal life-with spouses, children and partners.

  • Presenting Like A Pro: Getting Your Message Across to One or One Hundred - When was the last time you politely sat through a boring and uninformative presentation only to realize later that everyone else thought it was a waste of tine too....except the speaker! The trouble is that presenters are rarely given the kind of feedback that will make them better, much better. This workshop will focus on the known essentials that will make or break your next presentation. They are easy to learn, easy to implement...and you will never be boring again!
    • How to connect quickly and effectively with any audience even when you are the bearer of bad news.
    • How to elicit audience response from even the most silent among them
    • How to consistently get rave reviews for your presentations
    • How to use all of these skills one-on-one also.

  • Don't Try to Manage the Generations: Collaborate Through Difference Instead - This interactive workshop will help managers lead the new generation of workers . . . the "Gen X" employee...and more, everyone else's reaction to them, and theirs to the others, even to you!
    • How to handle the difficult employee
    • How to manage employees who are different from my values and corporate culture
    • How to understand and motivate the new breed of employee-those who feel entitled to special treatment
Speak Up! Present Like a Pro
Speak Up!: A Woman's Guide to Presenting Like a Pro Present Like a Pro: The Field Guide to Mastering the Art of Business, Professional, and Public Speaking

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