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Hank Moore Texas
Hank Moore

Did you ever wonder where corporations get their ideas for future growth? They are coming from Hank Moore, internationally known business advisor, speaker and author. He has presented Think Tanks for five U.S. Presidents.

Hank Moore is a Futurist and Corporate Strategist™, with his trademarked concept, The Business Tree™. Hank conducts independent performance reviews, Strategic Planning, Visioning and growth strategies for organizations of all sizes. He conducts Executive Think Tanks nationally...with the result being the companies' destinies being charted.

His client list includes more than 5,000...including 100 of the Fortune 500 companies and many public sector entities. He advises at the Executive Committee and board levels, providing Big Picture ideas.

As the world's only Corporate Strategist™, he works with boards of directors, CEOs and executive teams of corporations...guiding them toward a profitable Vision and increased shareholder value. He facilitates decision-maker "think tanks" based purely upon his own ideas and creative concepts.

He is that rare 1 out of 100,000 senior business advisors, a Big Picture strategist, with original, cutting-edge ideas for creating, implementing and sustaining corporate growth throughout every sector of the organization. His Business Tree™ is a trademarked approach to growing, strengthening and evolving business, while mastering change.

Hank Moore has published more than 200 articles and monographs in business publications, journals and consumer magazines and has written five books: The Business Tree™, The High Cost of Doing Nothing™, Power Stars to Light the Flame The Classic TV Reference and The Future Has moved and Left No Forwarding Address. Four more books are in production: Secrets of the CEOs, Pop Culture Wisdom, Confluence™ and The Book of Words.

Mr. Moore is the nation's premiere expert on Big Picture issues...and how core business specialists may enlarge their scope and assume mantles of greater responsibility and recognition. Hank Moore is one of the few keynote speakers who has covered Corporate Responsibility for many years. He is well acquainted with business crises and puts all into Big Picture perspective as a tool for moving companies successfully forward.

In addition to keynote speaking, Mr. Moore has overseen 400 strategic plans and corporate visioning processes. He has conducted 200 performance reviews of organizations. He is a mentor to senior management. This scope of wisdom is most often utilized by CEOs and board members. The concept of inspiring industry members to become visionaries makes for a refreshing, informative and motivating keynote. Mr. Moore has a high-content, medium-delivery that lends itself to economic development, business trends and elected official modules and the consistency of a full-scope Think Tank.

He presents high-profile keynotes about the current economic crisis. He has studied deregulation for 30 years and presents case studies of how it has hurt every industry that it has effected.

Long an expert on ethics, he is being booked again to address the lessons that business should learn from the current corporate scandals. For the past three years, Hank Moore has been predicting two more cycles of corporate scandals because business would not learn the lessons of Enron. He wrote the first dossier on Enron for the U.S. Congress in December, 2001, having predicted Enron's downfall as far back as 1990. He has changed corporate cultures, reorganized corporations, charted new directions for associations, created new opportunities and strategically planned thousands of businesses.

He stays atop trends affecting every industry. As a generalist, he gives perspectives that niche industry consultants cannot. He has actually "been there" for four decades and has guided top companies toward higher levels of success.

Most speakers motivate but have never run nor guided corporate strategies. Most clients don't know how to find a true Business Visionary. Hank Moore is the kind of speaker that you need to suggest. He has a deep, rich platform. He is the real deal who has advised businesses toward profound and successful innovations over four decades. He has more than 4,000 case studies of direct involvement with corporate companies. The Business Tree is his own creation, stemming from 40 years of working with businesses in struggle or transition. This is a back to basics approach. It looks at the whole of business, then the pieces as they relate to the whole, then at the whole again.

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  • Executive Think Tank: The Big Picture of Business
    • The Business Tree™ symbolizes the organization as a whole. Each major branch represents a component of the company. Limbs and twigs on each branch constitute departments and individuals who keep the organization running.
    • The Busy Work Tree™ details the myriad of ways in which a person is expected to divide his-her time. When people complain that other responsibilities keep them from doing what profession-career for which they were educated, this tree explains why.
    • The Learning Tree™ represents the phases of an individual's life...embodying the makeup, education and culturization that one brings to his-her job.
    • The Executive Tree™ embodies the abilities, mentoring, skills, sophistications and activities that one must cultivate if he-she wishes to "go the distance" and remain truly successful in business.
    • The Management Tree™ represents the working style, practices, ethics, values and resourcefulness with which one person manages other people, as well as processes, policies and procedures.
    • The Organization Tree™ parallels the various stages in professional, personal and career development. Each plateau shows how far the individual should have come and what his-her abilities, levels of accomplishment and values to the overall organization likely are.
    • Healthy Trees from Little Acorns Grow™ encompasses the elements which will grow the company and assure success. These include grooming emerging executives, the new international workplace, multicultural diversity, team building, executive development, turning every member of the company into a profit center, corporate imaging and fostering the vision.
    • Trees in the Forest™ realizes that businesses cannot exist in a vacuum. They must interact with the outside world, predict the trends and master front-burner issues affecting the climate and opportunities in which they function. This includes stimulating "outside-the-box" thinking, building customer coalitions and distinguishing your company from the pack.

  • Futurism: It's Almost Tomorrow™ Organizational Transformation Paving the Way for Futurism - Takes futurism and change management out of the esoteric and into creative, effective and profitable daily business practice. It includes capturing-building a shared Vision for the company, along with putting quality, empowerment, crisis management and other concepts into practice.

  • Pop Culture Wisdom - Stroll down memory lane, reviewing music, movies and TV shows of your youth from the perspective of life and work influences. Business leaders are more products of pop culture than formal training. Subsequent efforts to change or modify are often met with resistance. Presenting organizational strategies as an extension of previously-held values gets more support. Most leaders of today's corporations grew up in the 1950s and 60s. As a senior advisor, Hank Moore has sat in countless strategy meetings where leaders cannot articulate business philosophies, but they can accurately recite lyrics from "golden oldie" song hits or TV trivia. Being one of the rare senior business advisors who is equally versed in pop culture, he found that bridging known avenues with current realities resulted in fully articulated corporate visions. Many a Strategic Plan was written by piecing together song fragments, nostalgic remembrances and movie scenarios...then were aptly converted into contemporary corporate nomenclature. This is likely the first to combine the two phenomena and look at business executives' development through their own nostalgic eyes in pop culture.

  • The High Cost of Doing Nothing™ - Examines why good companies go bad. One-third of the Gross National Product is spent to deal with problems. It costs six times more to clean up, react to and recover from mistakes than to do things right on the front end. Human beings are not perfect and don't do everything according to advance planning, though we can develop expeditious ways to remediate damages before the highest costs stack up.
    • The Doing Nothing Tree™ examines the top 100 mistakes that companies make. Euphemisms analyzes the top 100 excuses they make for the mistakes and the processes of rationalizing and covering up company problems.
    • 100 Biggest Excuses They Use. Euphemisms Most Often Heard. Rationales and Reasons Why Businesses Fail. The High Cost of Doing the Wrong Things. Cases where numerous flaws and efforts of the system compounded or out-cost the errors.
    • The Fatal Flaws of Corporate Thinking. Corporate Arrogance, Barriers to Progress. Doing Things that Count.
The Business Tree The Classic Television Reference The High Cost of Doing Nothin Power Stars to Light the Business Flame The Future Has Moved
The Business Tree: Growth Strategies and Tactics for Surviving and Thriving The Classic Television Reference: A Mirror of Societal Changes
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The High Cost of Doing Nothing Power Stars to Light the Business Flame...The Visionaries and You The Future Has Moved...and Left No Forwarding Address: Re-thinking the Big Picture of Business

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