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Keith Matheny West Virginia
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Keith Matheny is a mentalist and a motivating entertainer who will capture your imagination as he reveals your thoughts, predicts answers to math problems before they are created and describes objects held by audience members while he is heavily blindfolded.

From the moment he takes the platform he will captivate, amuse, inform and inspire your audience. Over the past decade, Keith has toured nationally with a unique brand of motivation that combines audience participation with the fun demonstrations of the power and ability of the mind. His messages are geared toward helping people improve self esteem, gain confidence in their abilities and achieve results far beyond the norm.

You will be amazed to watch Keith meet with your people during a reception and then remember the names of over 100 of them during the program. Sound impossible? Keith will even explain how you can do it and how easily it can be done.

The memory portions of Keith's shows are simply unbelievable as he learns the names of over 100 people just minutes before the show and later identifies each person by name. In another demonstration, three city phone books are handed out for examination. An audience member chooses one, opens it to any page and selects a phone number. Incredibly, Keith calls out the phone number chosen!

His programs are ideal for groups and companies who are looking to drive up sales, manage change, and raise their level of performance. Make your next event fun, energetic, and memorable. Book Keith Matheny today and become the envy of your planning committee tomorrow!

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  • Mind Over Magic/Overcoming the Impossible Keith's most requested program is a fascinating presentation that will take you to the edge of the impossible! How to approach doing things that most people think are impossible. This program combines entertaining mental demonstrations with principles to help you develop the mindset to accomplish difficult tasks and achieve results far beyond the norm. This is an excellent program for any group, team or individual who needs to overcome obstacles, manage change, turn things around, and do the impossible!

  • The Power of Attitude - With over 600,000 words in the English language, Keith will show you how one powerful word can dramatically change the quality of your life. That one word is "attitude." Mixed with humor and amazing demonstrations of the power and ability of the mind, Keith will instill the key ingredients necessary to developing a positive, productive and winning attitude. For success in business or relationships, no single word has more impact. It's time for a new attitude!

  • Drive Up the Sales - This program is right on target to help your sales force or company increase sales, win customers, and develop exceptional customer service. Get an edge on your competition by modeling the attitude, preparation and performance of top level salespeople.
Dynamite Memory Dynamite Self Esteem
How to Develop a Dynamite Memory: Sharpen Your Mind, Enhance Your Memory Light the Fuse to Dynamite Self Esteem

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