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Peter A. Luongo Ohio
Pete Luongo

Peter Luongo retired as President and CEO of The Berry Company in August 2003. His career at Berry spanned more than 33 years. During his last nine years with the company, Peter was instrumental in guiding the company through a period of record sales growth, numerous contract acquisitions and the perpetuation of the nearly 100 year-old company as an industry leader and a "great place to work."

While Peter's career was dedicated to finding a better way, no initiative was more profound or had greater impact than the development of "Our Management Creed." While it was installed as the operating philosophy inside Berry in 1994, upon his retirement Peter felt it was a story that had to be told.

As an accomplished business leader, corporate strategist and compelling communicator, Peter has the privilege of sharing his leadership message, "10 Truths About Leadership...It's Not Just About Winning," the title of his recently released book, with audiences all over the world. This powerful message transcends business transformation, emerging technology, product innovation and strategic imperatives. Peter Luongo shares with his audiences how this behavior-driven model not only ensures long-term growth, but provides a code of conduct, a set of mores that creates an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and part of something special.

The five tenants of "Our Management Creed" provides for a focus on great people, a commitment to support them, well-defined expectations, honest feedback and the willingness to accept responsibility and accountability for individual performance.

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  • 10 Truths About Leadership : Based on his book of the same name, The Ten Truths are Peter Luongo's solutions to problems we face every day regardless of our station in life, personally or professionally. The Ten Truths are based on finding more effective ways of succeeding as a behavior-driven organization and include "Past performance predicts future behavior," "Rules are for the weak and uncompromised standards of excellence are for the strong" and "Accept yourself as you exist, accept others as they exist, and in the context of the similarities and differences, finding more effective ways of succeeding as a behavior-driven organization."

  • A Journey of Obstacles, A Destination of Truths: Company leaders can cite hundreds of reasons why they aren't successful. From a weak economy to stiff competition, everyone has an excuse. In this lecture, Peter Luongo gives an answer about a behavior-driven model titled "Our Management Creed," which focuses on great people, a commitment to support them, well-defined expectations, effective feedback and acceptance of total accountability for individual performance.
10 Truths
10 Truths About Leadership: It's Not Just About Winning

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