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George Lucas, Ph.D. Tennessee
George Lucas

For over 25 years George Lucas has been a resource to organizations as a speaker, trainer, consultant and field coach.

He collaborates with his clients assisting them in using best practices as they work in building profitable relationships with their clients and prospects, vendors and internal resources. His primary areas of expertise include business-to-business negotiation skills, sales and business development, marketing strategy and leadership skills. Lucas has conducted these initiatives across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Lain America and Africa.

A partial list of his clients includes: AON, Sonoco Paper, Sedgwick CMS, Fed Ex, Orgill and The New York Times Broadcast Group. Of note is that none of his clients have a strategy of being the "cheapest" option in providing services and products to their clients. They all, however, have developed an approach centered on identifying, delivering, communicating and being compensated appropriately for the value they provide.

Lucas received his Bachelors degree, MBA and PhD from the University of Missouri and subsequently served in field sales positions with American Hospital Supply Corporation and Pitney Bowes. George has held faculty positions at both Texas A&M and The University of Memphis. He was recognized as one of the top professors in the Executive and International MBA programs.

George is author and co-author of several successful books including The One Minute Negotiator with Don Hutson, now a National Best Seller in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The Contented Achiever and several other books on Marketing Strategy are among George's works. With Terri Murphy, he co-authored a widely utilized CD-based learning resource: Negotiation - What You Don't Know Can Cost You.

Lucas is Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of U.S. Learning, Inc. headquartered in Memphis, TN.

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  • Building Productive Trade Alliances in a Turbulent Business World - This program investigates the reasons organizations are rushing to form more alliances and what must be done to make these alliances exceed all parties needs and expectations.

  • Negotiating For Better Solutions through a Win-Win Approach - This material takes a thorough look at the role of negotiation in relationships today and lays the foundation for success using the win-win or collaborative approach. While win-win has been mistakenly seen by hard-ball negotiators as playing a strong hand weakly, in reality it is the key to growing the size of everyone's solution.

  • Recognizing and Capitalizing on Market Opportunities - Most organizations today struggle with how to maintain or infuse growth in their business. This program covers how to capitalize on opportunities, providing direction in assessing the fit of opportunities to an organization's mission and competencies.

  • Personal Strategic Planning for Success With Balance - More roles and fewer resources are a formula for life crisis that most employees face today. This life-changing program gives participants a process and workbook to plan all their SLUs (Strategic Life Units) for greater happiness and success in all their roles.

  • Attracting Profitable Consumers in Retailing's New Era - With more retail space chasing a highly fickle and situational customer, this program provides retail managers and employees with direction on how to position and operate their stores to attract and retain business at higher margins.

  • Are You Building Sales or Building Relationships? Your Future Rests With The Answer - This program contrasts the strategy and required skill sets for short-term transactional selling and consultative relationship building. All signs point to a much greater role for the latter in firms that will survive and prosper into the next century. Skills addressed here are key for firms wanting more dynamos than dinosaurs.

  • A Proven Process To Deliver Greater Customer Loyalty, also Profitable for Vendors and Retailers - Many manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers see category management as a quick fix for all that ails marketing channels. This program provides a realistic overview of what this most recent customer focus catalyst can and cannot do and what it will take to make it work.
The One Minute Negotiator The Contented Achiever
The One Minute Negotiator: Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements The Contented Achiever: How to Get What You Want and Love What You Get

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