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Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (Ret.) Colorado/Texas
Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is an internationally-known economist and leadership expert specializing in the fields of leadership, productivity, communication, and business profit growth. Mary is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and spent over 20 years on active duty in intelligence and logistics. She retired from the Navy as a commander. She has master's degrees in history and economics and a PhD in economics.

An energetic, engaging, and perceptive leadership author and speaker, Commander Kelly delivers humorous, inspiring, and insightful keynote speeches, offering tools and insights that increase productivity, morale, and profits. As a consultant she provides creative and insightful problem-solving tools that enable her to transform corporate cultures and structures.

Mary has authored ten books, including Why Leaders Fail: And the 7 Critical Skills to Achieve Dynamic Success; Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired Lessons to Increase Productivity, Profits and Communication; 15 Ways to Grow your Business in Every Economy and Money Smart: How Not To Buy Cat Food When You Don't Own A Cat. She is also quoted in hundreds of periodicals including Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal and dozens of business journals.

With over 20 years combined teaching experience at both the Naval Academy and at Hawaii Pacific University, she taught economics, finance, history and management. She has extensive experience in business coaching, management, economics, finance, banking, insurance, real estate, government, organizational leadership, communication, business growth, teamwork, strategic planning, human resources, customer service, time management, and project development. Mary has a track record for success as an organizational change agent.

In her role as a human resources director, Dr. Kelly developed a business model for the computer and telecommunications organization for personnel hiring, training and retention that was adopted globally by the US Navy. Managing culturally diverse teams, she orchestrated organizational changes for over 3,000 personnel for 2 military base closures. Her ability to problem solve and provide innovative solutions enabled her to transform the Navy's largest pay and personnel organization from the lowest in customer satisfaction to the highest in the nation in 18 months, with 23% fewer employees and a 19% budget decrease.

As an educator, Dr. Kelly created a mandatory curriculum for a college student body of 4,500 students. During her teaching career, she developed 31 university courses in the areas of business management, economics, history, management, geography, political science, human resources and international relations. Mary taught remote course work for multiple colleges while creating 4 distance learning courses using online lectures, webinars, interactive exercises and podcasting. In addition to standard curriculums, Dr. Kelly coached 450 students on life skills and time-management. She created and taught wealth building and personal finance to students at the United States Naval Academy, resulting in a student body educated on budgeting and retirement planning before graduation.

As a speaker and presenter, Mary Kelly pulls from her diverse experience to provide keynote presentations that are engaging and compelling, leaving the audience wanting more. With a warm and sincere style, Mary takes her vast knowledge and provides an educational presentation that holds the interest of her audience. She is a popular speaker on topics of leadership, communication, financial planning, and management. As a communicator, she has chaired academic and military panels for economics, political science and historical conferences, and she has conducted over 2,200 seminars on financial, business, management and leadership topics.

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  • Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success - Thousands of leadership programs tell you how to be a great leader. Far fewer delve deeper into the surprisingly common mistakes supervisors, managers, and even CEOs unknowingly make that derail their team's effectiveness and productivity. Using real scenarios and examples collected through their combined years of leadership and management expertise, Mary Kelly examined data from over 100,000 employee surveys to pinpoint the 7 most common reasons some managers fail while others are so successful. Whether in your first year of management or your 30th, Why Leaders Fail shows participants hidden pitfalls and how to avoid them. The program also outlines specific actions that ensure success. Based on the book of the same title, this content-rich, data-based program is also entertaining and full of actions that participants can use to further develop their leadership skills, outcomes, and organizational morale.

  • Master Your World: 10 Executive Strategies to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication - Leadership is creating a vision as well as executing the strategy. Leadership is also why people, and companies succeed or fail. Some people believe leadership is limited to the people at the top, but real leadership happens at all levels in every organization. True leaders strategically plan and implement long-term programs to take advantage of talent and increase morale throughout the organization. Everyone benefits when leaders apply three core techniques, and then refine them with seven critical applications. Engaging and immediately applicable, this inspirational program is packed with templates and tools so leaders can achieve optimal results. Find the keys to being happier and more productive at work (and at home) by applying the Master Your World techniques.

  • 360 of Leadership - Steering Around the Icebergs: Navigating the World of Leadership - Great leadership is an upside-down pyramid. You, as the leader, are there to support the people working for you. Great leaders build effective teams and remind managers and leaders to communicate, develop employees, listen, and strategize for optimal results. The military asks employees to sleep at work. You probably don't expect your people to work for several weeks without a day off. Learn the secrets of leadership and motivation from a 21-year Navy veteran who lead multi-cultural teams all over the world in this thought-provoking, action-packed session. Designed for teambuilding, experienced managers, and senior management.

  • Leadership Confidence for Women in Business - Many people struggle with developing and maintaining confidence, yet confidence is extremely important in how well we succeed in our business world and our personal lives. People who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful. Others perceive lack of confidence in ourselves as our inability to possess the necessary skill set to be successful. If we do not believe we can do well, how can we convince others that we are capable of a project, a promotion, or future possibilities? When we doubt ourselves, others doubt us too, then our opportunities decrease, and our lack of success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those who speak clearly, who project trust, and who can answer questions with authority persuade others to believe in them. Confident people inspire confidence in the company, the projects, and their teams. Gaining the confidence of others is one of the ways people find success. We gain a sense of confidence when we view ourselves as possessing skills in specific subject areas, when we appreciate our talents, and when we develop the techniques that build confident actions.

  • Change Management: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy - Change is fun for some people, but miserable for others. Personality type, job position, seniority, and past experiences all determine how different people react to the idea of changing the way they conduct business. Understanding how people will react and addressing their concerns in advance of implementation can determine the success or failure of the new process. Change management is a critical part of any organization that leads, manages, or enables people to accept and embrace new processes, technologies, systems, structures and values. This fun and interactive experience explores how health care professionals can maximize new opportunities and help others understand the change process. Through an entertaining and interactive session focusing on leadership at all levels, increasing productivity and how to enact change, participants will understand why the program is being implemented, how it is going to benefit them, and why adapting to the new system is in their best self-interest. We overcome ambiguities, barriers, resistance, and reluctance to change behavior and methodologies.

  • Management Tools for Supervisors - Are your managers as effective as you want them to be? Even though many business schools teach management theory, actual application can be tough, especially for first-time managers. Attendees learn three key points and application processes that every manager should remember when dealing with projects, deadlines, bosses, and subordinates. Audience examples are used, and real issues are addressed in this highly interactive seminar. Highly recommended for customer service team leaders, managers, and as a team-building session.

  • Business Growth and Economic Development: 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy - You are wonderful with clients, you understand what you need to do to stay current in your field, and you have a great staff, but running a business is tough. Working in the financial profession today involves all kinds of other tasks as well. In this fast-paced, dynamic, and fun session, Mary incorporates workable solutions for today's tough business problems. Learn how to maximize your time and resources for greater productivity and profits. Learn how to put together a dynamite, well organized business plan that defines your business strategy with Mary's easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank templates. Discover how to use your business relationships to further your business with a structured referral system.

  • Unlock the Future of the Economy: What Businesses Need to Know and Do For the Next 12 Months - The economic and political landscape is rapidly changing in the US as well in Europe and Asia. Socio-political events are impacting the financial markets as never before. What do you need to know? How is the economy going to impact your business? Mary provides an engaging and interesting economic update on the latest trends and forecasts. Specifically, she will review US spending and budget issues, tax changes, and legislative actions that impact advisers and business owners. Bonus topics include banking changes, likely regulatory responses, and how technology can help us communicate with and protect our clients.

  • Stop the Barking: Communication That Works Now - Lack of communication is a common employee frustration. Communication is how we get things accomplished, and miscommunication is the number one way that we screw things up. Are your employees telling you what is really going on? Would your employees tell their friends that you are a great boss and communicator? Are you and your organization wasting time with poor communications? Can you afford to? This energetic seminar increases communication effectiveness within the workplace (and it works at home too). Topics include how to get what you want through three proven communication practices, maximizing email responsiveness, enthusiastic personal interactions, and written effectiveness. Most of us believe we are good communicators. (Most of us also believe we are above-average drivers.) Regardless of how good we think we are with communication, it is helpful to review our approaches and constantly work to improve. Different People need different methods of communication. Ultimately, communication is how we get things done, so let's try to be good at it.

  • Top 10 Military Secrets for Leading Highly Productive Teams: How the Military Builds Teamwork and Mission Accomplishment and How You Can Too - Getting people to work together is challenging. Office tension, competition, gossip, personal agendas and pettiness reduce morale and productivity. Do you ever wonder how the military recruits people from diverse environments and coalesces them into cooperative, fighting teams? Find out how you can use military approaches to enhance communication and teamwork, develop integration, and facilitate a positive work environment.
Why Leaders Fail Money Smart Master Your World 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy
Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success Money Smart: How Not To Buy Cat Food When You Don't Own A Cat Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Communication 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy

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