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Sarano Kelley California
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Sarano Kelley, founder of The Game and author of The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days, grew up in a gang-infested neighborhood of Brownsville, New York. At 16 years old, he was accepted and began his studies at Vassar College. By the time he reached the age of 23, he was already earning $400,000 in commissions as a Wall Street stockbroker. It was at the height of his professional success when a family tragedy occurred and Kelley lost some of his beloved family members in a sudden fire. The somber experience was the driving force behind Kelley's journey of new beginnings where he discovered how to produce results, while achieving a life mounted on the principles of balance and purpose.

Kelley's experience as a motivational speaker and life coach has allowed him to train more than 250,000 people. While serving as a media coach, Sarano trained several corporate leaders and government representatives. Because his trainees were frequently interviewed on CNN, 20/20 and 60 Minutes, it was up to Kelley to properly prepare these individuals for their highly publicized stories. His media coach experience also gave Kelley an opportunity to coach President Clinton's White House Fellows, a leadership group which included Gen. Colin Powell.

For several years running now, Kelley has been rated as the number one speaker at the Securities Industry Association at the Wharton School of Business. Kelley has appeared on Good Morning America, and his not for profit foundation applies the same principles to schools across the nation and in his own ABC TV primetime television special for children called The Game: Winning at Life.

On November 5, 2009, VH1 premiered Broke and Famous, a docudrama showcasing the powerful journey of former child-star, Willie Aames. The show trails Aames as he pulls himself back into financial prosperity with the help of Kelley's unique coaching style. The financial docudrama was a heart-felt story of redemption and also served as the catalyst for the IAFSCA's launch of the Stand Up for Financial Literacy Campaign (STAND4FL).

Kelley and his pack of financial literacy advocates continue to speak out about the need of a universal approach to fiscal education and responsibly. So far, their efforts have fostered a national dialogue around the issue and have ultimately creating the largest unified financial literacy campaign in the financial service industry.

In his keynotes, Sarano Kelley not only customizes his content to the challenges and goals of your organization, but he also shows participants how to create and welcome challenges in their work, as well as personal lives. In a series of interactive exercises, participants work with each other to displace circumstantial challenges with ones they design, giving them the opportunity to face the kind adversity that is brought about by striving for something much bigger than just the day-to-day battles of survival. In this process, participants become bonded and more inclined to support each other above and beyond the call of duty. By meeting challenges and change in this way, workers become players on a field of their mutual design, where they can cooperate, succeed and excel on common ground.

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  • The Game - Sarano Kelley's keynote events about The Game have changed the lives of thousands of people. Many have reported permanent shifts in their productivity and relationships at work simply as a result of applying what they have learned in one session with Sarano. But even Sarano Kelley knows that the inspiration and motivation delivered in a keynote doesn't last forever. People return to their day-to-day routines, often with some new tools or concepts to apply, but then stop reaching beyond the comfort zone when new and seemingly rewarding plateaus are reached. Reaching beyond the comfort zone to achieve new levels of success in consecutive quarters or over any period of time requires momentum and consistent fine-tuning.

    Enter The Game for Companies, a proven system that motivates and trains people in large and small companies to have their most productive and profitable 90 days, ever. In this unique and remarkable program, Sarano Kelley works with companies beyond the keynote event to coach key executives and employees for 90 days on how to increase profit at a breakthrough pace. Sarano's coaching is accompanied by a custom-designed plan created for the individuals of your workforce that provides undeniably clear daily actions for everyone on the playing field-a clear path through challenge to success and consistent growth.

    A Sarano Kelley keynote is more than just a 'shot in the arm' for your organization. The unique combination of ideas that make up The Game, as well as Sarano Kelley's powerful messages and vibrant delivery make these presentations an ideal way to rapidly coalesce the often disparate and varied attitudes that can develop in an organization over time. Particularly when new initiatives are being launched, or when challenging times have created a lack of productivity in a workforce, a keynote from Sarano Kelley helps people create immediately actionable steps that will have your organization turning adversity into advantage.

  • 90 Days Towards Doubling Your Business - Are your sales people spending time with the customers who represent the greatest value or the greatest headaches? Building advocates for your business means spending the most time with the customers who spend the most money. It's a well-known fact that those who pay more for the value you provide are often your most loyal customers. More importantly, these customers are often your best advocates and an untapped source of business.

    Using a unique set of criteria to help you evaluate and prioritize your customers, Sarano Kelley shows companies how to combine The Game with advocate building strategies to dramatically increase sales volume in short periods of time. In fact, this potent combination of motivation and implementation will also leave all of your staff more satisfied and fulfilled while they work smarter, not harder.

    90 Days Towards Doubling Your Business is not just another way of talking about referrals or networking. This special version of The Game for Companies is about using the trust you already have to literally collapse your time to close with new, valuable accounts.
The Game
The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days

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