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Nathan Kaufman California
Nathan Kaufman

Nathan Kaufman is Managing Director and founder of Kaufman Strategic Advisors, LLC, an established San Diego-based consulting company. He has over 30 years of experience and is a nationally renowned expert in the areas of peak performing hospitals and physician groups, hospital strategy, physician compensation, integrated delivery systems, managed care, joint ventures and dispute resolution and has been called upon as an expert witness in healthcare arbitration cases.

Throughout his career, he has held executive positions in a wide range of healthcare companies, including President and Chief Operating Officer of an imaging center company. He currently serves on various advisory and editorial boards; Executive in Residence and HIS Advisory Board at Georgia Tech Health Systems Institute. His educational credentials include an MS in Health Systems from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Psychology from Emory University.

Among the clients benefiting from Mr. Kaufman's keen consulting acumen and flair for healthcare services integration are such providers and physician groups as investor-owned and not-for-profit multihospital systems; prestigious dominant medical centers; general medical/surgical hospitals; primary care physicians and specialists; IPAs; national imaging and surgicenter companies; major diagnostic equipment companies; large radiology groups; medical staffs and medical groups; and national and state healthcare associations.

Mr. Kaufman is a noted consultant, lecturer and author on topics related to strategies achieving peak performance, managed care, hospital-physician transactions, and joint ventures. He regularly speaks on these topics and others for numerous health system organizations and healthcare associations throughout the country.

Mr. Kaufman was a lead faculty member for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), for which he has developed the following courses: The Art and Science of Competitive Strategy; Advanced Managed Care and Integration Strategies; Restructuring Integration: Essential Strategies for the New Millennium; and Lessons Learned: Innovative Strategies for Achieving Competitive Advantage. In addition, he holds executive education retreats and presents at numerous major conferences as keynote speaker, such as The Governance Institute and the American Leadership Governance Group.

He has made significant contributions to the body of healthcare literature and is the primary author of Building Business Relationships with Physicians, which was published by the American Academy of Family Physicians; numerous articles published by Trustee Magazine and has developed a Governance Institute white paper as a board development tool to improve effectiveness of boards of directors, titled Because When You're Out of Money, You're Out of Options.

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  • Getting In Shape for the 2016 Healthcare Games - Now that healthcare reform is the law of the land, it is probable that many of these reforms will accelerate many of the crises rather than solve them resulting in new legislation to "fix" the underlying problems in the system. Healthcare organizations must (1) anticipate the true consequences from the recent reform legislation, (2) prepare for the disequilibrium that will be created in the market and (3) begin positioning for the inevitable legislative "fixes" that will be implemented by mid-decade. Health care providers must begin today to prepare for the disequilibrium that will be created by the new healthcare reform legislation, and the ultimate restructuring of the payment system. This presentation provides a detailed "work out" plan for preparing for the healthcare system in 2016.

  • Preparing for Healthcare Reform - A review of current state and federal initiatives to reform the nation's healthcare system provides clear insight as to the direction our healthcare system will change over the next 3-5 years regardless of who is elected. While the next 3-5 years will be turbulent times, it will be possible for providers to continue to achieve peak performance. Nate Kaufman has prepared a comprehensive presentation which projects the direction of the next proposal to reform healthcare and offers guidance to providers on how to achieve peak performance.

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