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Jim Jacobus, CSP Texas
Photo of Jim Jacobus
"Inside EVERY Human Being A Champion Heart Beats"

For almost two decades Jim Jacobus, CSP has shared that message with his audiences around the world. For at least one brief moment each of us has experienced the incredible potential that lies inside. Some experience it more often than others and some for longer periods of time. But every one of us has experienced it and long to make it an every day occurrence.

Jacobus is an international expert on extraordinary performance or what it would take for us individually and collectively, personally or professionally, to experience our immense potential. He is a trusted resource for organizations looking to get maximum results in today's competitive environment. What does it take to be considered an expert in performance? How about the following for starters?

Professionally he has over 20 years of research and application in human behavior and performance. He has 17 years in sales and sales management with America's elite sales organizations where he was named salesperson of the year 9 times and manager of the year 5 times. He has held the designation of being the #1 trainer worldwide with America's largest seminar company.

Personally he played collegiate basketball and baseball, has been on 3 World Championship softball teams, won a national championship in golf and is a 6 times Chrysler National Long Drive regional champion with a personal best in competition of 426 yards. He has held numerous civic and community service board positions and is a two time past president of the National Speakers Association Houston Chapter. He would tell you his proudest accomplishments are as husband to his wife Christie and father to his son Jason!

As a keynoter he is compelling, dynamic and witty and is known for delivering results! You need look no further than the names on his client list to know he is dependable and proven. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Starbucks, Halliburton, Akzo Nobel, IBM, Xerox, Siemens, Southwest Airlines, The National Automobile Dealers Association, The PGA of America, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Wells Fargo and many, many more regularly rely on Jacobus and Champion Education Resources to create programs to deliver bottom line results and take them to new heights.

To a meeting planner he is a breath of fresh air always taking care of every detail and delivering exactly what is agreed upon in a program! To the decision maker he is known for getting bottom line results. To the audience member he is an inspiring and challenging "real world" guy they can believe in and emulate!

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  • Living Life Large: Getting the Most Out of Life - This program begins with the foundational belief that "Inside every human being a CHAMPION heart beats!" Jim takes the audience through 5 key principles that will make them the best of the best at whatever they choose to do in life. This program has always been an audience favorite because Jacobus shares principles, that work anywhere, at any time, for anybody, audiences are quick to apply them to both their professional and personal lives. This duality doubles the value of the program to every attendee, guest, spouse, family, vendors or others who may be in attendance. This program, because of the principles it utilizes, is easily customized to any audience and resounds with individuals from the front lines to the boardroom. This program is often subtitled How To Have Your Best Year Ever! for year end and kickoff meetings.

  • Order Taker To Gladiator: How Top Sales Pros Always Win & Win Big - During good times, even average sales people can "get by" running routes, calling on friendly customers and just taking orders. During tough times, like these, just taking orders won't get it! To win we need Gladiators! This program focuses on the four things every salesperson has to master to not just maintain, but grow, their territory! Does your team need a high content program that challenges and inspires them to take it to the next level? Then this program is for you!

  • A Players Only! What It Takes To Live At the Top of the Sales Game - What does it take, on the inside, at a core level, for a sales professional to consistently stay at the top of their game year in and year out? When we ask leaders which is more important to outstanding sales performance "what the sales rep does" or "who they are on the inside" the answer is almost unanimous, who they are! This program is a byproduct of having benchmarked thousands of sales positions with 8 to 12 outstanding performers providing their insights into what it takes. Wouldn't you like for your people to know who they need to "be" in order to more effectively "do" their jobs? Then this program is for you!

  • Old Dogs - New Tricks - Are you managing an "experienced" sales force and finding it difficult to use a lot of the latest tools available to them to increase sales? This program is a real world, no holds barred look at how "Old Dogs" (and Young Guns as well!) can leverage today's technology to impact both volume and margin! The world as we know it is changing and doing so at warp speed. We need to move our sales force, kicking and screaming if necessary, forward and challenge them to leverage every "new trick," or tool, necessary to compete in this very difficult market condition! This program can take a look at (it's all up to you!) tools like PDA's, iPads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, texting, premium e-mail services like Constant Contact, ACT, SalesForce, Gold Mine and many other tools needed to compete in this ultra competitive environment! Choose the tools you want highlighted and we will convince them it is in their best interest to use them today!

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