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HypnoTWIST New York

For ten years, The Three Waiters have been teaching audiences to expect world-class entertainment when they sit down to their Corporate Dinner. Now Mardar Entertainment, the award-winning creators of The Three Waiters, take Surprise Entertainment to a whole new level with a unique, hilarious and incredibly entertaining new live act, HypnoTWIST!

HypnoTWIST cleverly fuses elements of Hypnotism - a very popular form of live entertainment - with Surprise Entertainment or "hoaxing."

The result is a totally engrossing interactive scenario as the European Hypnotist selects his "volunteers" from among your guests - a hilarious exhibition as the three volunteers "perform," and a thoroughly satisfying conclusion as you and your guests realize the three surprisingly talented volunteers on stage are, in fact, professional actors!

Best of all, HypnoTWIST has the benefit of Mardar Entertainment's vast experience in the Corporate Entertainment arena. This means you are choosing a risk-free live act, created by the world's most successful corporate entertainment company whose acts have been seen thousands of times by millions of delighted dinner guests all over the world.

When you plan a fundraiser, awards night or other major event, your aim is to create a room full of happy people. Whether your event is motivated by sales, networking or just to give your clients and staff a great night out, it all becomes a lot easier when you have a room full of smiling guests!

The tightly-scripted yet hilarious show is designed to enhance your event, but never interrupt it. Most of all, HypnoTWIST keeps the focus where it belongs: on your message, your clients and you.

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  • A famous entertainer from the Czech Republic is introduced, having flown directly from sell out performances at the Acropolis and the Kremlin palace. He dazzles the crowd with his opening number and loud suit, singing a knock out song from 70's.

    Is he just a singer? NO. He is much more. He moves through the audience and chooses three 'volunteers.' He announces their fate...They are about to be hypnotised. Gasp! Unbeknownst to the audience, two of the three volunteers are, in actual fact, part of the act and have been seated guests throughout the evening. Anxious moments pass as the three are tested as to whom will be the most receptive to the hypnosis, and you guessed it, we are left with our two "undercover" guests who are by now in a deep trance.

    What follows is an incredulous display of uninhibited talent from two unassuming guests who are now under the spell of the Hypnotist. From ballroom dancer to Rock Star, meet an Operatic tenor, be treated to a "Pop" Medley featuring all your favourite hits from Tom Jones to Elvis, Bee Gees to Abba, culminating with an appearance of The Three Tenors. The show comes to a dramatic climax as the audience realise they have just been had by "HypnoTWIST."


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