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Joyce Hyam, RN, PHN California
Joyce Hyam

Joyce Hyam has been a registered nurse for over thirty years, working in hospital and community care settings. She is a certified speaker, facilitator and coach who is passionate about training others in achieving the outcomes they want for themselves and the organization. Joyce uncovers the secrets to a more positive environment and happier teams and a more joyful you. She focuses on customer and colleague well-being, organizational culture and how to achieve an ongoing positive environment.

Joyce Hyam has also been a successful business owner for over 25 years. She started a healthcare company and, after 13 successful years, accepted an offer to sell it to a healthcare conglomerate. Throughout her career, Joyce has used the Law of Attraction model to attract more of what she wanted in her life and to create more positive experiences, better results, and greater happiness in her relationships and in her business.

As one of a select few Certified Facilitators and Trainers worldwide, Joyce is continuing to teach the "How-To" tools for creating success using Law of Attraction for both businesses and private clients. Through personal experience, she found that using the "how-to" techniques to learn how to attract more of what she wanted in her life helped her create more positive experiences, better results and greater happiness in her relationships and in her business.

What makes Joyce such an effective trainer? It's how she applies her knowledge of Law of Attraction. She uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and accelerated learning techniques, which means she truly trains you on what it takes to create lasting changes. You will learn how words, feelings and results are interconnected. You will discover how to intentionally enhance positive reviews and scores. These are simple tools with a huge impact. Emotions are at the core of how people rate their experience. How we connect, communicate verbally and non-verbally, how we present ourselves, are what truly matters and influences the client and staff experience. Her desire is for organizations to continually move higher on the happiness and well being scale by the discovery and implementation of these tools.

Joyce has presented for healthcare audiences including Stanford Hospital and Clinics. She uses accelerated learning techniques so everyone will relate to the material and can begin to use it immediately. She has a BSN from the City University of New York and a Masters in Public Administration with a specialty in Health Services from the University of San Francisco. Her experience includes being on boards of national and local healthcare organizations.

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  • Law of Attraction
    • Know specifically HOW to attract more of what you want and less of what you don't
    • Learn about something you are doing ALL THE TIME that determines what you are attracting in to your life
    • Hear practical STRATEGIES for putting Law of Attraction to use immediately
    • Understand the KEYS to better relationships, more abundance, and greater happiness
    • Apply a step-by-step action plan to USE Law of Attraction deliberately

  • The Powerful Connection of Emotions
    • How Words Evoke Feelings
    • What words are you using to communicate with your colleagues, teams, patients and their loved ones?
    • Why do the words matter for outcomes, attitudes, culture and relationships?
    • Why does body language make an impact on our connection with others?
    • Develop new thinking and communication habits to intentionally make a positive impact on the well-being of patients, colleagues, the organization and yourself.
    • You will get the outcomes that you want by applying the tools that impact your results.
    • This program will make a positive difference in all aspects of your life both professionally and personally.
    • Discover the simple tools that have a huge impact on your results.

  • Communication Styles
    • Discover how to communicate clearly with anyone
    • Develop keener listening skills
    • Sometimes we find out that someone misunderstood our intentions, our instructions and communication breaks down
    • Learn easy ways to communicate with all communication styles since there is a 75% chance you are communicating with others who have a different style than your own
    • Discover easy ways to build instant rapport with your colleagues, your team, your patients, their loved ones
    • Learn how these tools enhance your marketing messages and improve understanding
    • The result is clear communication and the results you want

  • Gratitude and Appreciation
    • Develop a practice of gratitude and appreciation
    • Discover how to make the days easier with these powerful habits
    • Learn how Implement positive messages to enhance well being for staff, clients and visitors
    • Discover ways to turn difficult situations into positive memories

  • The Happiness Factor
    • Discover ways to enhance employee retention and engagement
    • Create a more joyful team experience using these positive tools
    • Learn how to apply happiness habits for you and your organization

  • Storytelling to Enhance Well-Being and Healing
    • Discover the surprising secrets to how the subconscious mind interprets information
    • Learn how to change your words and change the message for the receiver
    • Intentionally change to positive messages even in challenging circumstances
    • Bring hope, compassion and trust to your clients and colleagues

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