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Alan Hobson Canada
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The story of Alan Hobson's life is a breathtaking portrait in passion, persistence and peak performance spanning five decades. He is not only a two-time cancer survivor, Mt. Everest climber and summiteer, but an international bestselling author of six books, a renowned speaker and an inspirational figure. He has appeared on many national television talk shows, including Oprah.

In his lifetime he has been a nine-time All-American gymnast, marathon runner, hang glider pilot, white water kayaker, white water rafter, cold water scuba diver, parachutist, journalist, and winner of the prestigious William Randolph Hearst Award for Excellence in News Writing. His latest passions include hiking, road and mountain biking in summer and snowshoe mountaineering and skate skiing (a challenging form of cross-country skiing) in winter. He is a tough man for tough times - an expert at overcoming adversity, adapting to cataclysmic change, enduring hostile and life-threatening operating conditions and ultimately emerging triumphant.

All three of Alan's Everest expeditions were self-guided, self-organized and corporately sponsored climbs, not privately guided efforts with fee-paying clients. Together with others and his friend and climbing partner, Jamie Clarke, for each expedition they brought in $250,000 to $500,000 in cash and products from corporations, handpicked team members, purchased, packaged and shipped tons of food, equipment and supplies, arranged for global communications and undertook the complex organizational logistics of staging each two-month trip. These endeavors pushed Alan's sales, leadership and organizational abilities almost as much as the mountain ultimately pushed his body.

After seven years of preparation, Alan's first expedition to Everest did not make it to the top. It ended 3,000 feet short of the summit when a fierce storm ripped the team's high camp off the mountain. Undaunted, he and a new team were back on Everest three years later with half the budget of the first trip, half the personnel, and no bottled oxygen. This time, his team missed the summit by an excruciatingly disappointing two city blocks when their lead climber came down with high altitude sickness just 180 yards from the top. They chose to try to rescue him rather than continue blindly for the goal. They saved his life.

Finally, on his third expedition, Alan and Jamie changed their strategy completely, approached the mountain from its southern, Nepalese side, outsourced the organizational and leadership aspects of the climb and focused entirely on training and fundraising. The plan worked. Their team put six expedition members on the summit - almost half its climbers - with Alan and Jamie among them. It was a feat achieved by likely only a handful of teams in Everest's long and storied climbing history.

Alan's next expedition is the one he is currently on - to continue his miraculous climb back from cancer and help as many others as possible do the same. He is the co-author of a landmark book, Climb Back from Cancer - Introducing The 10 Tools of Triumph for Survivors and Caregivers. It chronicles the uplifting true story of his journey to the edge and back. It also pinpoints The 10 Tools of Triumph™ for survivors and caregivers - the key psychological skills needed to survive life-threatening illness and thrive beyond it.

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  • The CAN & WILL of Winning - Get ready for the climb of your life! Renowned Inspirational Speaker, Bestselling Author and World Adventurer Alan Hobson is going to take you to the edge and back. Join the thriving 2-Time Cancer Survivor, Mt. Everest Climber and Summiteer as he tells his riveting true tale of tenacity, teamwork and triumph. His three self-guided, self-organized and corporately sponsored expeditions to the world's tallest peak were massive sales, marketing and mountaineering efforts. But his courageous climb back from an unexpected inner Everest dwarfed even the outer one. Considered one of the best adventure speakers in the world because of his trademark ability to personalize every presentation to the specific challenges and opportunities of each group, Alan's inspirational presentations are distinctly different. He does his homework and it shows. In over 20 years as a full-time presenter, he has never given the same presentation twice. He is the best speaker in the world at making the do-or-die lessons of peak experiences immediately applicable to business and the business of life - your life.
Climb Back from Cancer From Everest to Enlightenment Above All Else One Step Beyond
Climb Back from Cancer: A Survivor and Caregiver's Inspirational Journey From Everest to Enlightenment: An Adventure of the Soul Above All Else: The Everest Dream (Previously published as The Power of Passion: Achieve Your Own Everests) One Step Beyond: Rediscovering the Adventure Attitude

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