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Vicki Hitzges, CSP Texas
Vicki Hitzges

Vicki Hitzges works with companies to build cultures of encouragement

Vicki started her career communicating with the public in the front office for the Dallas Cowboys. Years later, she hosted the Cowboys weekly TV show, Special Edition.

In between time, she worked as a television news anchor/talk show host in Dallas, Texas where she interviewed U.S. Presidents, business moguls, movie stars, authors and athletes. Later, she became a publicist.

One of her clients, motivational guru Zig Ziglar, urged Vicki to speak and personally mentored her. Within three months, she'd spoken around the world!

Having worked in communications all her life, Vicki knows the value of telling stories, using humor, sharing useful content and involving her audience. She earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation the first year she was eligible. CSP is the highest earned designation awarded by the Global Speakers Federation to recognize proven expertise and experience. Fewer than 7 per cent of speakers worldwide have earned this title.

Vicki speaks across the U.S. and has spoken as far away as Qatar, New Zealand, Panama and Thailand. She's addressed banks, insurance companies, hotel chains, government groups, legal, health, retail, education, manufacturing, travel, auditing and accounting associations.

Clients include Microsoft, Pepsi, Safeco, American Airlines, Cisco, both the FBI and the CIA, New York Life and Southwest Airlines.

Put her experience to work for you! You'll love her energy, humor and stories.

(And if you want to hear inside scoop gleaned from her years of reporting on celebrities including President Bill Clinton, singer Bette Midler, comedian Bill Cosby or actor/director Ron Howard...just ask!)

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  • Put Away the Lawnmower, Charlie, Those Are Trees Out There! (People Reach Out to People Who Reach Out)
    Theme: People reach out to people who reach out
    Purpose: To build strong working relationships (People do business with people they like)
    Audiences learn:
    • To create lasting, strong relationships
    • To listen
    • Important social skills that MANY employees don't know or don't remember. When learned and practiced, these skills build strong connections and open the gates to new friends, partners and sales
    • Why it pays and how to encourage co-workers, clients and vendors
    • To look for the good in others

    Highly interactive presentation with several fun, small-group activities. Your people will take away vital skills they can use at work and at home to build relationships that last.

  • Jazz 'em Up - Turn 'em Loose (How to Motivate Your Workforce)
    Theme: To get employees to work for you, you've got to work for them
    Benefit: To create a more successful company by teaching your managers new ways to motivate employees
    • Learn the three-step formula to motivate employees
    • Learn how to inspire workers to WANT to give their best
    • Learn to transform mere workers into enthusiastic producers

    Ideal presentation for managers. One of the most popular, entertaining and practical talks on this subject. Managers will hear innovative, successful ideas that companies across the nation are currently using to motivate their people. Humorous, fun, filled with excellent, useful information!

  • Baby Take Off Your Stress-You Can Leave Your Hat On (Zap Tension Away. Here's how!)
    Theme: How to bounce back when you feel knocked flat
    Benefit: To pep up groups that are burned out, tensed up and stressed out
    Your group will learn:
    • Three causes of stress
    • Five major ways to zap stress
    • Seven wacky ways to relieve stress that really work

    This fun, interactive presentation is always a hit. Volunteers demonstrate stress-releasing activities on stage. The audience laughs - and learns - by hearing and DOING what it takes to relieve the number one health problem facing Americans today: stress. Great workshop talk, inspiring kick-off or luncheon keynote.

  • Here I Am - There You Are (How to Build Strong Relationships)
    Theme: How to improve your group's internal and external relationships by putting others first
    Benefit: To help your group build loyal customers, co-workers and friends
    • Learn how to build strong relationships
    • Hear examples from funny, touching and true workplace case studies
    • Discover the pay-off of making other people feel important
    • Featured in Entrepreneur magazine

    If people aren't pulling together, they're falling apart. This popular, easy-to-listen-to presentation demonstrates how we can and why it helps to put customers, colleagues and friends first.

  • Old Dogs - New Tricks (Conquer the Challenge of Change)
    Theme: Master change so change doesn't master you
    Benefit: Your group will learn to thrive amid chaotic, rapid-fire change
    • Identify the challenge of change
    • Discover the three stages of fear
    • Find how to break the fear cycle
    • Learn to conquer change and thrive

    Arguably the biggest challenge facing business today is the constant bombardment of change. Corporations not only need to survive change, they need to learn to thrive in its midst. This talk tells how. Your group will learn to deal with the basic problem of change, the fear it creates. (Change brings risk, and risk brings fear.) This presentation explains the fear cycle AND tells how to break it. Groups report immediate benefits from this entertaining, informative, highly popular talk.

  • Attitude Schmattitude (How to Stay Positive)
    Theme: Happiness doesn't happen TO us, it happens IN us. Choose to enjoy life!
    Purpose: Up-beat, inspiring talk that boosts morale.
    Tips from Vicki's popular book Attitude Is Everything. Your group will learn to get and stay up even when circumstances are down. Meaty, entertaining keynote.

  • Salmon Mousse Is Just a Fancy Name for Whipped Fish (How to Be Creative)
    Theme: Imagination is a mental muscle. The more you flex it, the better your life can be. Purpose: To teach audiences to exercise their mental muscles. They learn how to brainstorm, to "frame" problems to get the best solutions and to use their imagination to find innovative solutions to challenges. (Information is practical ... and fun!)

    With fewer resources, less people and more change, workers constantly have to do more with less. That takes time, energy and imagination. Using improvization techniques, small group activities and brainstorming sessions, this engaging presentation teaches your group to find better solutions faster.
Attitude is Everything: 10 Rules for Staying Positive

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