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Chad Hennings Texas
Photo of Chad Hennings

In order to attain excellence one must first live a lifestyle of excellence.

Excellence isn't a destination; it's an identity. Chad Hennings has lived this message through a nine-year NFL career and three Super Bowl Championships with the Dallas Cowboys, forty-five successful combat missions flying A-10 jets with the Air Force, and as one of the most decorated college football players in NCAA history. Chad has taken this message across the world at the invitation of some of the most distinguished executive audiences ranging from American Airlines to Bank of America, General Motors to Citigroup and a host of U.S. Governmental agencies.

Since his retirement from the NFL, Chad has found success as an investor, management consultant, published author of Rules of Engagement and It Takes Commitment, and in-demand speaker for corporate audiences. He has also been a philanthropic leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a member of the board of directors of the Happy Hill Farm Academy, a residential school for at-risk kids, and the establishment of Wingmen Ministries.

Chad challenges audiences to dare to be excellent and inspires businesses to create cultures of excellence. People and organizations don't do great thing to become great; great people and organizations do great things. Chad credits his post-NFL career successes to a secret he learned early on: Excellence is a Lifestyle.

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  • Living Excellence - Excellence is not a destination; it's an identity. It's the goal of every business venture and individual's dreams. Every business, every individual wants to attain it. But what is it, what does it mean, and what are its processes? Pursuing excellence has its rewards to be sure. But it can also have its price, too. If excellence is never defined, it can lead to a loss or compromise of an organization's vision and scattered workforce strategy. If it is viewed as something constantly to be achieved, it can lead to insecurity, burn out and less productivity.

    The most talented executives and teams can be the most at risk to be anxious about their performance, which in turn may compromise their progress and productivity. This is the result of trying to attain excellence instead of Living Excellence. In order to prevent this burnout, organizations need to create a vision larger than the sum of the organization's parts. A vision for excellence creates cultures of excellence.

    In Chad's dynamic keynote presentation, executives and employees alike are challenged to revolutionize their thinking and place excellence within a larger mission. Living Excellence is the key to sustainable organizational health and profitability, employee retention and productivity.
Rules of Engagement It Takes Commitment
Rules of Engagement: Finding Faith and Purpose in a Disconnected World It Takes Commitment

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