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George Hedley California
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George Hedley, CSP, The Business-Builder, is a business-building expert. He is an entrepreneur, business owner and the recognized authority on how to build a growing business into a company that consistently produces bottom-line results, profits, wealth and equity.

George has authored several books including On-Purpose...On-Target!, Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit!, Conversations On Leadership and The Business Success Blueprint series. George's latest book, Get Your Business To Work! - 7 Steps To Earning More, Working Less & Living The Life You Want!, is set to release in early 2009.

Mr. Hedley founded and built his major commercial construction company from $0 to $50 million dollars in only 7 years! For his accomplishments, he received the nationally recognized award "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Ernst & Young and Venture magazine. To date, he has built or developed over 250 projects valued in excess of $500 million dollars, executed over 10,000 subcontracts and owns and manages over 750,000 square feet of office and industrial buildings.

George Hedley's expertise is based on his real-world experience: Leading and managing great people; owning and running a profitable construction, development and investment company and getting things done. His business success is the result of long-time, repeat customers, focusing on priorities that really count and management systems that always make a profit. As a founder of multiple businesses, his roles have included CEO, business owner, project manager, field superintendent, estimator, general contractor, sub-contractor and real estate developer.

Mr. Hedley is a graduate of the University of Southern California in Civil-Structural Engineering and has served as President of five industry associations.

Today, along with managing his $75 million construction and development company, George Hedley owns HARDHAT Presentations delivering keynote speeches and workshops to companies and associations. He also holds in-depth, 2-day Profit-Builder Circles for business owners. In addition, he has earned a Gold Microphone award and the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association.

George Hedley will add value to your meeting, convention or workshop. His enthusiastic, hands-on and down to earth speaking style is based on his experience building and owning a profitable business. His programs are interactive, fast-paced and fun. He will customize his materials for your audience through an in-depth questionnaire and interview process.

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  • Get Your Business To Work For You!: How To Take Your Company To The Next Level - Most entrepreneurs and business owners work too many hours and don't make enough money. They're hands-on, stressed-out, out of control, over-worked and under-paid for the energy they put into their companies. They're stuck, don't know what to do next and need help! You can produce consistent results every time without your full-time supervision. Run your business like an owner: well-rewarded and in-control. Transform your company into an organized growing business that delivers bottom-line results, builds equity, wealth and freedom. A hard hitting program with motivation, insight, enthusiasm, energy and lots of practical action steps.

  • The Business Success Blueprint!: Steps To Build A Systemized Company That Always Makes A Profit - Draft your 'Business Success Blueprint' and get your business to produce consistent results. Define your vision, mission & priorities. Set and track targets and goals for sales, overhead, profit and equity. Learn the 7 steps to create and install systems for your finances, estimating, field operations, project management, administration, accounting, marketing, sales, people management and leadership. Implement the 12-Step Formula to always make a profit and calculate accurate labor, equipment, overhead and profit markup. Create action plans to continually work "on" improving your business. Includes a detailed handout with lots of examples, systems, procedures, checklists and guidelines to organize, systemize, track, streamline and improve your business. Every entrepreneur, business owner or manager will benefit.

  • Boost Your Bottom-Line!: Huge Business Tools To Help Build Bigger Profits - Business owners leave lots of money on the table by not using all the tools available to maximize their bottom-line. This program will give you big business tools that you can implement and use to make more money and immediately boost your net profit margin. You will receive strategies, tactics, tricks, tips, and step by step methods that professional business owners use. You will learn how to sell at a higher price, take advantage of every discount, buy materials cheaper, get a double markup, improve field crew efficiency, maximize your tools and equipment, finish jobs faster, get rid of poor performers, use variable markup techniques, increase change order pricing, get people to make better decisions, stop losing money in the field, and add incentives that work.

  • On-Purpose...On-Target!: How To Balance Your Business & Personal Life To Get What You Want - You can get everything in life you want! An exciting fulfilled life starts with knowing your personal purpose, mission and priorities. Learn how to balance your personal and professional life to enjoy all of your time while maximizing the results you want to achieve. Set positive goals in balance with your personal vision as you contribute to your company, family and future. Make a difference by living a life of significance. Design your "On-Purpose" life! Discover what you want in life, design a plan to get it, track your progress and always move towards getting what you want. Family, friends, finances, fun, faith and freedom or business and career - you can make it happen in an organized, meaningful and rewarding way.

  • Effective Leadership!: How Leaders Achieve Bottom-Line Results Thru People - You Have A LEADER Shortage, not a labor shortage! People want to be "lead," not controlled or managed. Running a successful company, division, project or team starts at the top. People only go as far as the leader takes them as bottom-line results are the indicator of effective leadership. Learn How To Be An Effective Leader! Identify your huge vision, set clear targets and goals, and develop a tracking system to get the results you want. Get results thru people by communicating clear expectations, motivating, recognizing, inspiring, trusting and coaching. Make people accountable and responsible, delegate, let go of control, and improve people's performance. Take a personal test and learn which leadership style works best for you: Big Thinker, Market Maker, Innovator, Coach or Task Master.

  • Make HUGE Results Happen!: How to Get A HUGE Return On Your Convention Investment - Implement the new knowledge you learn. Try some new ideas, seek innovative opportunities and look for ways to change and improve. Build a better business by stepping it up to a higher level. Consider new products, services and suppliers. Become more competitive, seek new customers and develop strategic alliances. Learn new leadership and people skills. Take advantage of the many new ways to grow your business to make more profit. Get focused on results, set clear targets and develop action plans to make it happen!

  • Clear Targets = HUGE Results!: How To Get Your Company & People To Achieve BIG Goals - You can't get the results you want unless you have something to shoot for! Clear targets are required in order to hit your goals every year. Learn how to get everyone focused on achieving results, set clear goals and objectives, develop action plans, track progress, meet deadlines, bring projects in on budget, and make things happen. Set clear targets for everyone in your company to increase your bottom-line, productivity and people's performance. BIG targets that work include: sales, productivity, overhead, job cost, cash-flow, customer loyalty, bid-success ratio, service, profitable contracts, quality, safety, technology, project milestones, employee personal development, training and teamwork. Includes ideas on incentives to enhance your success.

  • $ell More Than Price!: How To Build Loyal Customer Relationships - People don't always buy low price! They buy the best perceived value, differentiation or a personal relationship. Today's customer demands exceptional service, perfect quality and lots of choices. Customers expect you to give them exactly what they want, improve how they do business, and help them make more profit. Even in this competitive price-driven economy, you can become the preferred provider of products and services using proven marketing and sales ideas that work. Learn how to create loyal customer relationships. Offer more than low price, target market, stay in touch with customers, get new customers to call you, earn lots of referrals, set yourself apart from the competition, provide added value, sell solutions, track customer contacts, show customers you care, and become a trusted partner in your customer's growth.

  • Marketing & $ales Strategies That Work!: How To Target Market & Get Customers To Call You - Get customers to call you first! An effective pro-active marketing and sales system will get customers to call you and deliver profitable revenue year after year. Learn how an entrepreneur built his $50 million business using cost effective target marketing to attack sales. Create long term loyal customer relationships, position your company as the recognized expert in your field, focus on customers to increase your bottom-line, and find new markets to increase profitable sales. Learn what marketing and sales strategies really work! Set yourself apart from your competition, differentiate, exploit your niche, become the market leader, track customer contacts, find new customers, build your marketing package, design a winning website, develop a mailing program, create a winning image, stay in touch with customers, show customers you care, be the select bidder, win at the project interview, and discover what sales tricks really work.
Get Your Business to Work! Conversations on Leadership On-Purpose...On-Target! Now, Discover Your Strengths First, Break All the Rules
Get Your Business to Work!: 7 Steps to Earning More, Working Less and Living the Life You Want Conversations
on Leadership
On-Purpose...On-Target!: How to Balance Your Business and Personal Life to Get Everything You Want The Business Success Blueprint Series Everything Contractors Know About Making a Profit

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