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Jan Hargrave Texas
Jan Hargrave

Jan Latiolais Hargrave teaches you the ways in which your body communicates to the world around you. Her information could help you to "read" your customers, your family, your students, your associates, in fact, everyone around you.

Author of Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway of Love, Judge The Jury and Strictly Business Body Language, this popular speaker, distinguished educator, talk-show guest of The Lifetime Channel, Fox News, The Maury Povich Show, The Montel Williams Show, Great Day Houston, E-Entertainment Television and The Ricki Lake Show, describes for you all "hidden messages" you use in your everyday life and shows you how to stop the lies and uncover the truth-in any conversation or situation.

Working with thousands in the field of personal growth and self-expression through seminars and workshops for the past 10 years, Ms. Hargrave continues to inspire many of today's leading corporations, such as Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Starbucks, Rockwell, ESPN, Sun Life Financial Distributors, Exxon, Chase Manhattan Bank, NASA, El Paso Energy, Bank of America, and at the USA MWR Training and Development Center in Heidelberg, Germany.

Her expertise concerning nonverbal communication in the courtroom and witness preparation, plus her membership in the American College of Forensic Examiners, proves to be the topics of interest in her presentations to the Honolulu Police Department, the Louisiana Attorney General's Office, and various legal Bench and Bar Associations across the country.

The Cajun French Ms. Hargrave was born to French-Acadian parents in the unique "Joie de Vivre" (Joy of Life) culture of southwest Louisiana and as a result, sprinkles her captivating presentations with entertaining Ragin' Cajun folkloric tales. Jan received her Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and Specialist degree in Business/Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is presently CEO of Jan Hargrave & Associates, a Houston-based consulting firm, and served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston for eight years.

Nonverbal communication-"Body Language"-often communicates a different message from the spoken word. Jan proves with her contagious warmth, wit, and humor that there is a method, and a style, to success. Bring your body, your curiosity, your sense of humor and learn what your body-and the body of others-is communicating to the world.

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  • The Importance of Nonverbal Communication :
    • The Secret Language of Success
    • Learn how to tell if someone is lying to you.
    • Understand how to appear confident, when nervous
    • Recognize the hidden power of your handshake.
    • Identify gender communication differences between men and women.
    • Learn to develop articulate/positive body language during presentations.
    • Understand acceptable and unacceptable cultural body language.
    • Explore sensitivities in various cultures.
    • Turn a job interview into a job by recognizing positive body language signals.
    • Identify power plays for successful self-selling.

  • Strictly Business Body Language :
    • Acquire the answers and the rules of nonverbal selling power.
    • Obtain the skills required to be a successful negotiator.
    • Recognize dishonesty gestures in others.
    • Read the buyers key nonverbal signals.
    • Pinpoint sales resistance and turn it to your advantage.
    • Locate the most tactile seating position to control an interview or negotiation.
    • Close more sales and increase profits.

  • Negotiating Successfully Through Understanding and Recognizing Personality Differences :
    • Understand the basis for successful negotiating.
    • Successfully recognize the four basic personalities and their style in negotiating: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic.
    • Identify strategies to understand and work better with others.
    • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type as well as acknowledge their individual type of participation/role as a team player. (T.E.A.M)
    • Learn key words to help motivate each personality type.

  • Doubling Your Effectiveness :
    • Using Both Sides of Your Brain
    • Understand the difference between analytical vs. creative thinking.
    • Define measured IQ vs. functional IQ
    • Learn to increase your IQ score substantially on any IQ test.
    • Examine the relationship between intelligence and job performance.
    • Learn how to manage creativity.
    • Participate in a Knowledge Quiz Bowl (Brain Aerobics).

  • T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) :
    • Understand the ingredients of a competent, efficient team.
    • Show the direct correlation between an effective sports team and an effective business team from: recruiting, coaching, giving pep talks, utilizing time outs, outlining penalties, and the importance of setting goals.
    • Realize and interpret the various personalities of a successful team.
    • Examine the strengths of each personality.
    • Learn ways to bring out the best in others.
    • Participate in various team activities.

Let Me See Your Body Talk Strictly Buisness: Body Language Judge the Jury Freeway of Love
Let Me See Your Body Talk Strictly Buisness: Body Language Judge the Jury: Experience the Power of Reading People Freeway of Love

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