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Brenda Clark Hamilton Iowa
Brenda Clark Hamilton

Brenda Clark Hamilton is a dynamic keynote speaker and workplace trainer who provides fresh perspectives in leadership, communication skills, team-building, and offering one's best self to life, relationships and career.

A skilled and respected educator, Brenda's career experiences include coordinating professional development for 1200 teachers, serving on the Iowa Department of Education's Professional Development Stakeholders Group, and managing multiple projects as Professional Development Consultant for an Iowa education agency. Brenda holds a Master's degree in English Education, has supervised student teachers for two Iowa colleges, and has taught numerous graduate-level courses for teachers.

Since launching Fresh Coffee Professional Growth Programs in 2005, Brenda has become a national-recognized speaker and audience favorite at conferences, conventions, association meetings, and within workplaces in every field imaginable. Audiences are quick to note Brenda's sense of humor, in-depth and timely knowledge, and skill at keeping an audience engaged throughout her presentations. They often use the words "practical" and "fun" to describe how Brenda provides them with concrete, usable strategies and combines presentation of content with audience interaction, which inevitably leads to funny, spontaneous moments.

The content for Fresh Coffee presentations comes from Brenda's everyday career and life experience combined with her ongoing study of how to maximize individual potential. "I'm someone who really pays attention to how people live their lives, and I'm an avid reader of materials related to personal and professional growth. I'm always trying to come up with new ways to educate, intrigue, and challenge individuals to come up to the next level."

Brenda grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa, and she lives in Algona, Iowa, with her husband, Chris, and their three teenage sons. She shares her home office with the family's abandoned alley-cat, Hendricks, who Brenda refers to as the Certified Attitude Trainer (C.A.T.) of her Fresh Coffee office. She describes these five "men" in her life as those who awaken her best self.

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  • Bring Your Every Aspect of Your Life - What does it mean to "Bring Your A-Game"? What percent of the time would you say that you bring the very best you have to offer to your work life, your home life, and your relationships? In this fun, interactive session, we will explore-in a very painless way-what the latest research has to say about ways to keep yourself feeling upbeat and energized on a day-to-day basis. Join us in taking the "Are You In a Rut?" test and in learning practical strategies for shaking things up and bringing your A-Game to your relationships and to every aspect of your life.

  • "Recalculating!" Skills for When Life's GPS Takes an Unexpected Turn - We've all experienced that moment when, traveling our journey of life, the road takes a sudden, unexpected turn, and our life's GPS announces, "Recalculating!" For most of us, these sharp turns are laden with a certain discomfort or even dread of what might lie ahead. This fun, upbeat, and interactive session is chock-full of practical, take-home strategies, based on current research into how to face times of uncertainty with strength, wisdom, and creativity. The next time your life's GPS announces, "Recalculating!" you'll be looking forward to the opportunity, not anticipating the worst.

  • Your Future's So Bright...You Gotta Wear Shades! Six Keys to Radiant People Skills - How radiant are your people skills? This fun, interactive program is designed to heighten your awareness of what traits and behaviors make people truly shine when it comes to interacting with others. You will learn what comprises 93% of our communications and determine if you are living with Mojo or Nojo. We'll even explore what the Glazed Donut study might teach us about being a happier, more vibrant person. Join us for this engaging people skills session, and leave prepared to bedazzle your friends, family, colleagues, and clients!

  • Skills for Handling Workplace Conflicts: Being Thoughtful of Both People and Results - We're all going to be faced with conflicts and disagreements with others throughout our lives. For most of us, it's our least favorite part of living with, and working with, other people. The good news is that there are some simple techniques you can learn to increase your skills and confidence in dealing with conflicts-at work and at home-in more peaceful, effective ways. Join us in identifying your own, natural style of responding to conflict and in learning what to say-and not to say-to keep difficult conversations calm and productive. Attendees will leave armed with practical, take-home strategies for "fighting fair" and experiencing the power that comes with approaching conflicts in ways that are considerate of both people and results.

  • That Sweet Blend: Strategies for Achieving Tremendous Success When Working Toward a Common Goal - Baseball Hall of Famer Babe Ruth once stated, "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." This engaging, interactive session will focus on strategies for working synergistically as a team to achieve a common goal, despite diverse backgrounds, perspectives, life experiences, and personalities. We'll identify common hindrances to team success, and provide practical, take-home strategies for communicating, listening, respecting, and ultimately, maximizing individual and team capabilities.

  • "I Know I'm Supposed to Be Wonder Woman, But I Don't Have Any Bullet-Blocking Bracelets!" - Remember Wonder Woman and her bracelets that could deflect any bullets aimed at her? As women, sometimes it seems like "bullets" are coming at us from all directions: multiple responsibilities, too-high expectations, difficult people, and daily aggravations. In this fun, interactive session, you will learn strategies to take you from burnt out and overwhelmed, to vibrant, passionate, and-dare I say-powerful!

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