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David A. Goldsmith New York

Over the past 29 years, David Goldsmith, author of the book Paid to THINK and president of the Goldsmith Organization, has captivated audiences with his hard-hitting, innovative, comprehensive and consultative approach to presenting. It's not uncommon for David's research to be so extensive that the CEO of a $14B company remarked, "You understand our business as much as our executive management team." The pre-presentation research translates into fresh, relevant on-stage content that is anything but the same old presentation you'd hear from one venue to the other. David delivers new models, tools and insights that are innovative, meaty and transformative which generates new paradigms for listeners. David is direct in his approach and is known for a consultative presentation style that provides solutions universally to decision makers worldwide. As a result, audience members are empowered to take action and effect change immediately after sitting in on his programs.

David began his career as an entrepreneur in over nine different industries during which time he received numerous awards and media attention for his accomplishments. In 1999, he sold one of his companies to a 400-franchise operation and transitioned to his passion, consulting work. He also served as an award-winning professor for 13 years at New York University. Today, his company, the Goldsmith Organization, is a global think tank that affords him the opportunity to develop and strengthen leaders' skills through consulting, speaking services, educational materials and new business development opportunities. Currently, David has several patents pending as an inventor.

David also believes in service and has volunteered his time to organizations such as the Veterans Outreach Center, the Citizens Foundation and the American Management Association's Operation Enterprise (a branch of AMA that educates young people). Presently, he is working with Intel to distribute over 4 million copies of the content of Paid to THINK to emerging markets around the world.

Within the speaking industry, David has been recognized as one of Successful Meetings Magazine's Hottest 26 Speakers. He is also known for founding and operating the fastest-growing speakers' association in the world. He has served on the board of the International Management Council and was the telecast host for both the New York National Speakers Association and the IMC.

Most notably, David is the creator of Enterprise Thinking, the practical and comprehensive approach to leading and managing detailed in Paid to THINK. Enterprise Thinking is based on research revealing 12 universal activities that move organizations, careers and lives forward. Enterprise Thinking contains within it a "toolkit" containing more than 200 proven decision-making tools for leaders in businesses, non-profits and organizations including military, government and education.

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David Goldsmith's Consulting from the Stage presentations are the gold standard of high customization, providing audiences with the type of eye-opening, transformational content that alters industries and redefines organizations' futures. David's proprietary approach, one that has been refined over the span of more than a decade, ensures that your audience receives the targeted solutions they need most as they enjoy an engaging, interesting, high-quality program.
  • Paid To Think™ : A Proven Process for Strategizing and the 12 Daily Activities All Leaders and Managers Must Perform - If you're a leader or manager, then above all else, your number one priority and first responsibility to your organization is to think. And in a world that values busyness over idleness, execution can be improperly valued above thinking and strategizing. Yet every leader must understand what it means to think and how to focus in ways that produce the highest returns for their organizations. The greatest leaders possess specific thinking skills and perform twelve essential activities . In this engaging and inspiring program, David Goldsmith shares a proven approach to thinking and strategizing and the twelve activities that they should be performing daily. This program is based on David's findings over the span of 20 years of working with decision makers around the globe and from his one-on-one interviews with 1600 successful leaders and managers. Audience members walk away with practical "tools" that they are able to apply on their own and teach to their management teams to move their organizations forward rapidly.

  • Forecasting: Harnessing the Power of Future-Focused Decision Making - Forecasting is an essential skill for decision making. The best leaders and managers know that the decisions they make today will impact their organizations beyond the present in months and years to come. But decision makers don't have crystal balls; they must extrapolate from what they know in the present to make decisions that will safely and successfully lead their organizations into the future. Organizational successes come from good leadership decisions, such as expanding at a rate that keeps the organization strong to properly adapting to marketplace changes, but even more importantly, leadership decisions that are able to stand the test of time better than their competitors' decisions. In this program, David Goldsmith shares the same forecasting techniques he uses to accurately forecast the opportunities and challenges for clients in a wide range of industries. Participant leave with the tools and knowledge they need to safeguard their organizations in the present and drastically improve their health and success in the future.

  • The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence: How to Get the Goods on the Competition and Turn Data into Gold - All great leaders keep an eye on the competition as they build their own organizations, because getting to know the competition is essential for making good leadership decisions. In fact, a great deal of information you might need is available to the public for free. However, haphazard modes of acquiring and using information-conferences, websites, contacts, etc.-aren't usually enough to deliver optimal benefits. Furthermore, you need ways to effectively process the information, extrapolate new knowledge from it, and anticipate the competition's next moves. In this program, David Goldsmith shares his proven competitive intelligence model that decision makers in profits, nonprofits, government, military and education can use to structure the CI process, and in return, gain accurate data, be able to forecast more precisely, and make better strategic decisions.

  • Rethinking Leadership and Management: Throw Off Self-Limiting Thinking to Accelerate Achievement - Most decision makers are continually learning and improving themselves, so it's no wonder they have the occasional "aha" moment when they realize that an old way of thinking can't effect a new success. David Goldsmith challenges audience members to rethink common and comfortable ideas they have about their roles as leaders and managers and to adopt new and innovative approaches to the way they do their jobs. Some favorite new concepts include: the Economics of Thinking, the Goldsmith Productivity Principle, Win by A Nose, People Love Change, Doing More with Less, and so on. Each message helps audience members shake off self-limiting thinking and open their eyes to new approaches they will want to use to solve challenges and create opportunities. Past attendees say they could never go back to old ways of thinking and that this program has transformed their ability to rapidly reach their goals and objectives.

  • Win by a Nose, Lose by a Nose: Strategies and Tools that Put Organizations in the Winners Circle - A slight edge is often all it takes to win big. In fact, more successes than we'd probably feel comfortable knowing about are the result of near wins rather than landslides. Think about those win-by-a-nose horse racing photos where mere millimeters separated victory from crushing defeat where second place spells a double loss of both the prize and everything invested into the quest. Organizations win and lose by noses, too. But to earn wins, leaders need to think and act with an organization-wide scope, not just a sales perspective. In this program, David Goldsmith will elevate the audience's perspective to the 50,000-foot leadership view, where participants will learn to see organizational-wide opportunities and solutions beyond any single department, individual, or activity. Participants will leave with tools, concepts, and techniques they can use to build and maintain winning strengths throughout their organizations.

  • Redefining™ Your Future: Turbo Charged Approach to Rapid Strategizing - What if you could improve the decision-making abilities of your entire leadership and management team in just one day? Think about what your organization would be like tomorrow if every leader and manager made one improved decision today. One way to achieve better decision making is through a process tool called Redefining. With Redefining, frustrations from costly mistakes, miscalculations and assumptions are replaced with achievement and improved morale. Redefining ensures that your organization's assets and resources are focused on the right and best challenges at any given time. Used by decision makers in some of the world's most respected companies, it is potentially the most powerful strategizing tool ever developed, say past participants of this program. The Redefining process, which took 5 years to develop, test, and refine, helps leaders and managers uncover their true challenges-opportunities or problems-so that they focus on real issues, both personal and professional, not just symptoms. In this program, David Goldsmith provides audience members with this must-have tool for setting strategy , selecting projects and initiatives, and determining goals. Audience members learn the four words that accelerate forward action, how to avoid the mistakes that most people make when addressing challenges, and how to make better decisions every day. Imagine the transformation that occurs in organizations when participants bring this tool back to their teams.

  • Creating a Culture of Innovation: How to Use Innovation to Stand Out in the Crowd - Innovation is the single greatest factor that separates average from excellent organizations. Leaders will be increasingly expected to innovate in their organization's products and services, in their individual departments, in operational efficiencies, in their alliances and relationships with stakeholders...everywhere. Regardless of whether audience members are in retail, manufacturing, engineering, education, or any other discipline, they must address three areas of innovation to survive, compete, and win in the 21st Century: 1) the creation of a culture of innovation, 2) the development of innovative thinkers, and 3) the internalization of the rationale behind innovation. In this program, David Goldsmith will teach audience members how to address these three areas of innovation, reveal the triggers of innovative thought, and how to implement innovation organization wide. Audience members will leave prepared for the next wave of change, armed with techniques to trigger innovative thought amongst their staff members, and better able to facilitate the innovation process throughout their organizations.
Paid to Think
Paid to Think: A Leader's Toolkit for Redefining Your Future

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