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Ron Galloway Georgia
Ron Galloway

Ron Galloway is a researcher and filmmaker. He studies the disruptive effects of new technologies in healthcare and finance. He has a B.S. of Industrial Management from Georgia Tech. He was a research analyst for Smith Barney (and predecessor companies) from 1985 until 1995, and then founded Method Content, an institutional research firm.

Ron directed the business documentary Why WalMart Works, which was the first film to ever premiere in the U.S. Capitol Building. He produced the documentary Oflag 64: A POW Odyssey for PBS. His film Folly Island won Best Comedy at the New York Independent Film Festival, and was featured at Spoleto.

He is the lone conservative columnist for The Huffington Post. He has been featured on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC and ABC World News Tonight. Print coverage includes the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker.

He was featured (and made fun of) on Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

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  • New Money: The Impact of Technology on Payments - Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Bitcoin are changing the way people pay and are a technological disruption that will cause massive change in the payments space. This session provides a broad overview of the changes in the payments space and how they will affect banking and finance.

  • 12 Disruptive Financial Technologies You Should Know About - Money is a medium of exchange bit technology is creating new "mediums" that quickly and profoundly can change business models. From robe-investing, to AI, to wearables, to Bitcoin and the Blockchain this session explores what you need to know about evolving tech to compete.

  • Age Invaders: How Increasing Longevity Will Transform Financial Businesses - Health science is extending longevity by 3 months every year and couples are having fewer children, skewing the population more "gray." Therefore, financial companies will have more customers well over the retirement age. What effect will this have and how does it change products and marketing? How will insurance be affected? How can financial institutions keep people from outliving their money?

  • Ambient Intelligence & How Will it Affect Senior Living & Healthcare? - Senior care and housing facilities are turning into data institutions with data coming from everywhere - wearables, floor sensors. smart cameras, etc. Ambient Intelligence is the emerging science of giving meaning/context to that data, and using it to improve the lives of seniors. Ambient intelligence is a general "awareness" of the housing facility driven by systematic organizing and data mining of an increasing number of data inputs. It is like a bunch of autonomous agents helping to take care of seniors. It sounds like science fiction, but it is happening now.

Additional Titles...
  • The Payment Revolution: Apple Pay, Bitcoins & Other Disruptive Payment Innovations
  • How Technology Is Disrupting Wealth Management & How Financial Service Companies Can Prosper From It
  • The Growth Of Retail Health Clinics & How They Are Disrupting Healthcare
  • The Data Driven Patient: How EHRs, Genomics & A.I. Will Change Healthcare
  • Spock vs. Kirk: The Leadership Styles Of Completely Different People
  • The Board Of The Future: How New Technologies Are Improving Governance
New Money Why the Masters Work Rethinking PowerPoint Why Wal-Mart Works
New Money: Understanding The Disruptive World Of Apple Pay, Bitcoin, & Other Exchange Mediums Why the Masters Work: The 7 Customer Service & Quality Principles That Drive the World's Greatest Sports Event Rethinking PowerPoint: Designing & Delivering Presentations That Engage The Mind Why Wal-Mart Works and Why This Makes Some People Crazy

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