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Jeff Evans Colorado
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Jeff Evans has been seeking out the most unique challenges in the world of adventure for over a decade. Whether hanging from a helicopter rescuing climbers in need, guiding the Duchess of York up a rock face, leading top executives on mountains around the world or guiding a blind man to the summit of Mount Everest, Jeff has planned out and executed many projects that on first glimpse seem quite unlikely to be successful. However, Jeff has achieved success on every level and is now able to bring his themes to the corporate world where these concepts have proven to be applicable time and again.

In order to face these challenges, Jeff has had to construct an attitude of success which includes an algorithm based on foresight, preparation, physical strength, mental fortitude and perseverance. He refers to this collection as MountainVision. Jeff relates this approach to his audiences while weaving a web of stories from his world of adventure.

Whether he is addressing a conference room of corporate executives or an auditorium of high school students, Jeff touches on themes such as leadership, teamwork, goal setting, and motivation. He draws on many of the metaphors hidden in the world of adventure and brings them to his audience in a humorously inspiring way. These messages are potent and tactile; reminding his audiences that it is critical to focus on detail, embrace small successes, and disregard the expectations others create in order to achieve your own potential.

Jeff's exploits have been featured on The Today show, CNN Live, NPR, Nightline, ESPN and Good Morning America...and in such publications as Time, Outside, Sports Illustrated, Climbing and Trail Runner Magazines. He is one of the main characters in the recently released Everest documentary Farther Than the Eye Can See.

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  • Mountain Vision: Creating Your Own Vision - Jeff discusses how, in spite of what the naysayers might be telling you, it's important to establish your own definition of success and forge on in order to achieve your objective.

  • Mountain Vision: Roped up for Teamwork - When roped up in the mountains or in business you will win together or lose together, either way your fate is inextricably connected to those on your team. If you've created a good rope team, you will be caught if you fall. It's in the others' best judgment to catch you. If your rope team starts to plummet towards the edge of the cliff, you have to react and work together to bring that fall to a stop, whether you are on the front of the rope or clear on the back. Surround yourself not just with talent, but with folks that share the same vision. The collective power of one is strong.

  • Mountain Vision: Forging on in Spite of a Fall - Jeff tells the story of climbing a 22,800ft mountain in the Andes, where the team had to make a critical decision to turn around a mere 2 hours from the summit due to bad weather. "We went home without a summit. It was a supposed failure. So much of our society expects success...where failure is so very taboo. When in reality a setback is an occasionally necessary event. Without it, we would be complacent, forever content. Success isn't just the crowning moment, spiking of the ball in end zone or raising of flag on the summit. It's the whole process of reaching for a goal and sometimes, it begins with failure."

  • Reach For the Summit Adventure: Reach For the Summit is a leadership and teambuilding program based on the powerful symbolism of mountain climbing. Its purpose is to engage your team in a powerful, experiential journey as you envision the summit of your organization and learn the skills needed to rise to this summit, overcome obstacles and work as a team. The skills in the program are equally as relevant in our personal and family lives. Each of us has dreams we want to achieve, and reaching these "summits" is what this program is all about.

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