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Chester Elton New Jersey
Chester Elton

Called the "apostle of appreciation," by the Globe and Mail, Canada's largest newspaper and "creative and refreshing" by the New York Times, Chester Elton is co-author of several successful leadership books.

The Carrot Principle, by Simon & Schuster, has been a New York Times and Wall Street Journal, bestseller and The 24-Carrot Manager has been called a "must read for modern-day managers" by Larry King of CNN. The Invisible Employee also made the New York Times bestseller list. Elton's books have been translated into over 20 languages and have sold over a million copies worldwide.

As a motivation expert, Chester has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fast Company magazine and the New York Times and has been featured on CNN, ABC "Money Matters," MSNBC, National Public Radio and 60 Minutes. A sought after speaker and recognition consultant, Chester is Senior Vice President of the Carrot Culture division of the O.C. Tanner Recognition Company.

Chester has spoken to delighted audiences from Seattle to Singapore and from Toronto to Istanbul. In 2005 he was the highest rated speaker at the national Society for Human Resource Management annual conference (Bill Cosby was the number two rated speaker). He serves as a recognition consultant to Fortune 100 firms such as DHL, KPMG, Wal-Mart and Avis Budget Group.

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  • All In: Creating a Culture of Buy-In and Belief - The author of the New York Times bestsellers The Carrot Principle and The Orange Revolution, Chester presents groundbreaking new findings - today's high-performance organizations have a distinctive kind of culture that leads to astonishing results. Chester Elton presents an unprecedented 300,000-person study conducted in the worst of the recession. Based on this breakthrough research and his extensive consulting experience with a who's-who of successful companies, he presents a simple seven-step roadmap that all managers can follow to create a high-achieving culture in their own teams.

    With the most current data available on culture, Chester offer specific how-tos for each step, and tells fascinating stories of leaders in action that vividly depict just how these powerful methods can be implemented. Audiences will learn:
    • The 3 research-based characteristics of the world's most profitable, productive organizational and team cultures
    • The 7 steps today's most successful managers use to generate buy-in
    • How managers at any level can build a productive workgroup culture of their own where employees commit to the culture and give that extra push of effort

  • A Culture of Recognition: The Teachings of the Carrot Principle - Based on his runaway bestseller, Chester Elton reveals the groundbreaking results of one of the most in-depth management studies ever undertaken, showing definitively that the central characteristic of the most successful managers is they provide their employees with frequent and effective recognition. This breakthrough study of 200,000 people over ten years found dramatically greater business results when managers offered constructive praise and meaningful rewards in ways that powerfully motivated employees to excel.

    Drawing on case studies from leading companies including Disney, KPMG and the Pepsi Bottling Company, the bestselling author shows how the transformative power of purpose-based recognition produces astonishing increases in operating results. This exceptional presentation introduces the simple steps to becoming a Carrot Principle manager and building a recognition culture in your organization. Adrian offers a wealth of specific examples, drawn from real-life cases, showing how intentional, purposeful recognition can change your work environment and improve overall productivity. Following the simple steps to becoming a more effective manager and building a recognition culture in your organization.

  • Teamwork & Collaboration: The Teachings of The Orange Revolution - This keynote highlights the key traits found inside the world's most stellar teams. Chester illustrates the steps these teams took to conquer barriers, exceed expectations and overcome mediocrity through brilliant collaboration. This presentation reveals the synergy that exists among teams in the world's most respected and innovative organizations - and how to tap into that power within any group of individuals. Drawing on startling research and case studies from leading teams at Zappos, Pepsi Bottling Company, The Blue Angels, Texas Roadhouse, Apple and numerous others, Chester shows how true teamwork produces results that change the world and can immediately increase productivity, engagement, loyalty, innovation and bottom-line results. This must-see presentation introduces the simple steps to inspiring greater teamwork and collaboration in your organization - through easy, prescriptive, outcome-based applications that can be implemented today.
All In The Carrot Principle The Invisible Employee A Carrot a Day The 24-Carrot Manager
All In: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results The Carrot Principle: How the Best Managers Use Recognition to Engage Their People, Retain Talent, and Accelerate Performance The Invisible Employee: Realizing the Hidden Potential in Everyone A Carrot a Day: A Daily Dose of Recognition for Your Employees The 24-Carrot Manager: A Remarkable Story of How a Leader Can Unleash Human Potential

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