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Captain George Dom, USN (Ret) California
George Dom

Captain George Dom is a former naval officer and aviator. His career included key leadership positions in high performance organizations, including four aircraft carrier fighter squadrons and command of the air wing on the USS John F. Kennedy. He was an instructor pilot at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) and served as commanding officer and flight leader of the Blue Angels. After "graduating" from the Navy, he became a business aviation consultant to Fortune 500 corporations, private companies and high net-worth individuals.

Flying fighter jets in training and combat, in the unforgiving environment of an aircraft carrier at sea, as well as high-speed and very low altitude formation acrobatics, was a unique thrill and privilege for George. However, what gave him the greatest lasting satisfaction was "building" high performance leaders and teams. For an organization like the Navy, there is no such thing as lateral entry." They can't hire a squadron commander from the business world, so leadership development is not only the key to success, but crucial to survival.

Achieving individual and collective high performance requires High-Trust Leadership and Full Engagement. This is true in sports, the military, medical teams, and in the business world today. Through daily, deliberate and focused effort, a culture of high-trust and fully engaged "wingmen" can be developed at all levels. This results in a "force-multiplier" with results exponentially greater than the sum of the ingredients.

George's passion continues as he builds high performance leaders and teams across America. He helps business leaders improve their individual and organizational effectiveness by building High-Trust Leadership and Full Engagement by all hands. George Dom shares the science-based method for developing Full Engagement. He helps audience members acquire the ability to intentionally invest their full and best energy-right here, right now.

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  • Blue Angel Leadership: The Power of Trust! - In the knowledge-based economy, high performance is all about relationships, strong and enduring relationships with all stakeholders. And the fundamental ingredient for every successful relationship is TRUST. For naval aviators, flying off aircraft carriers a thousand miles from land, trust is the sine qua non of not just success, but survival. There can be no compromise in that extreme laboratory of high performance. If you aren't trusted you'll fail; if you can't trust others, you'll either fail or look for another line of work. TRUST is the cornerstone of being an effective leader; it's the glue that keeps a team firing on all cylinders.

    A key aspect of building a culture of high-trust is recognizing that trust is a reward; it can't be demanded, expected, bought, or coerced. It can only be given willingly, and based on the principle: "In order to be trusted, you must be trustworthy." Both as an individual and organization, what are the ingredients to be deemed trustworthy?

    George believes there are five core interdependent essentials: Character, Commitment, Competence, Connection and Communication. Focus on these and you will be trustworthy; the same goes for your organization. Within a culture of trust, there is an upward spiral of achievement based on creativity, determination, accountability, excellence, passion, camaraderie, humor, candor and resilience. Allowing a culture of mistrust (due to fear, incompetence and/or integrity gaps ) will result in the opposite.

    The good news is there is tangible benefit in taking the first steps, and if you remain true to the goal of a high-trust culture, the rewards are reinforcing and contagious. There is a palpable release of energy when you seek trustworthiness. From that, everything else flows.

    • Understand why a culture of high-trust is critical to achieving individual and organizational high performance.
    • Understand the essentials of achieving high performance through High-Trust Leadership.
    • Discover the core ingredients in achieving trustworthiness in individuals and organizations: "The 5C's of Trustworthiness."
    • Develop an action-plan to develop a high-trust culture.
    • View one-of-a-kind videos of high-trust team in action during Blue Angels airshows!

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