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Deb DiSandro Illinois
Deb DiSandro

During her 17-year stint as a weekly humor columnist, Deb DiSandro discovered the Slightly Off philosophy which lead to her success as professional speaker, author, writing coach, instructor and purseologist. After years of striving for perfection and failing, she learned to let go of the "super syndrome" and found a more fun and realistic way to achieve her goals and dreams. By adopting her Slightly Off Success Principles, she has helped audiences and individuals achieve the same results for close to two decades.

As the leading expert in the field of purseology, Deb utilizes the power of the purse to help women both professionally and personally improve their health and achieve greater success. She created and produced two shows which she performed in the Chicago area: In Purse-Suit of Superwoman and PG Parental Guide Suggested

She has been interviewed on many radio and television stations across the country and was a spokesperson for Hillshire Farm, in which she served up a delicious blend of sausage and humor on network television in select markets. She is author of Tales of a Slightly Off Supermom: Fighting for Truth, Justice and Clean Underwear based on 17 years as a syndicated, weekly newspaper columnist.

As a creative writing instructor and coach for 20 years, Deb has produced writing programs which she has presented on-line and at conferences throughout the U.S. She was a presenter for the Erma Bombeck's Writer's Conference, National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Green Lake Writer's Conference, UW-Madison Writer's Conference and many more. Her new on-line program, How to Write a Book the Slightly Off Way is helping many writers and speakers achieve authorship.

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  • In PURSE-suit of Superwoman - Feeling stressed out and exhausted from doing it all? Are you flying around incognito as SuperWoman? Do you give 110% at work and then go home and give 110% more? Even though you may not wear a cape, there is something that gives you away. It's your purse! Come laugh and learn with humorist and purseologist, Deb DiSandro. Deb draws a parallel between purses and the excess "baggage" of responsibilities, burdens, and worries women carry. You will learn fun and effective ways to lighten the load in your purses and in your lives.
    • Discover What Weighs You Down
    • Reduce Anxiety
    • Overcome perfectionism
    • Embrace change

  • What's Your PURSE-onality? - Are you a Brassy, Classy, Lassy or Sassy? Discover your own unique purse-onality and the strengths and challenges of your communication style. This fun and insightful session focuses on communication skills and improving relationships.
    • Discover Your Purse-onality style
    • Identify the strengths of your style
    • Uncover the challenges of your style
    • Learn how to best communicate with the other styles

  • Kickin "Buts" to Success - Find out why you procrastinate, resist change and even sabotage the projects and activities that are most important to your career and personal satisfaction. In this session you will discover the power of your own words and thoughts and how to push past the internal and external factors that stand in the way of your success.
    • Become aware of your "buts" and how they protect you
    • Discover the comfort zone; how to calm it and push past it
    • Learn how to move from survival mode to growth mode

  • The Stories that Shape Us, Make Us or Break Us - What are the stories from our past that still have an emotional pull years later? These are the stories that can teach us a lot about ourselves, our relationships, and our careers. In this enlightening program, Deb shares her humorous stories, guaranteed to trigger a story and learning experience of your own. Deb shows us how analyzing our personal stories can help us to overcome the obstacles and that stand in the way of our goals and dreams. You will laugh, learn and leave with a way to rewrite your stories for a successful future. Always interactive and fun - The audience is always involved in the presentations, as Deb loves to wind her way through the crowd to give out prizes, interact and put the spotlight on stars in your own organization.

  • One-of-Kind Program - Based on phone interviews and/or brief surveys e-mailed to participants, Deb will create a one-of-kind program for your organization. She focuses on the specific challenges, unique to your group and uses the gathered information to create a customized keynote.
The Nature of Leadership
Tales of a Slightly Off Supermom: Fighting for Truth, Justice and Clean Underwear

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