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Dale Dauten Arizona

Dale Dauten has been researching leadership and innovation since his time as a graduate student at Arizona State University and Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. One of his early books prompted a government publication to call him a "guru" to White House staffers, and since then, his writings been published in a dozen languages and have developed a worldwide following, especially in Japan.

As founder of The Innovators' Lab®, Dale has consulted with dozens of firms, including Georgia-Pacific, United Auto Group, General Dynamics, Caterpillar and NASA. He is the author of "IQ2" innovation metrics and creator of a patent-pending idea generation process called BrainTouring™.

He also co-writes newspaper columns (with career expert Jeanine "J.T." O'Donnell) nationally syndicated by King Features. Their work appears weekly in seventy newspapers, including The Denver Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Arizona Republic and Houston Chronicle.

The books he has authored include The Max Strategy, about which Harvey Mackay said, "It will challenge every preconceived notion you have about making your career take off"; and The Gifted Boss, which prompted Ken Elkins, former CEO of Pulitzer Broadcasting, to say "Dauten makes you rediscover the joy missing your career." This unique combination prompted author Steve Chandler to write, "Dauten's work clearly soars ahead of his time. He is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of business consultants."

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  • The Lovable Hard-Ass - It's a rare skill when someone can demand the most of you in such a way that you love them for it. When Dale studied such leaders he came up with this startling name for such a person: The Lovable Hard-ass. Dale uses that term to challenge managers to rethink their leadership, to teach people to get comfortable with asking their teams for more. Dale has concluded that most managers are "inadvertent wimps." They call it being "positive" but it's really just telling people what they want to hear, setting goals they know they can reach. Here's the point - if you want someone to tell you nice stories about climbing a mountain, that's not Dale. If you want someone to scare the mediocrity out of people, let him at them.

  • The Gifted Boss - What do America's best bosses know that you don't? In this unique program, Dale offers surprising answers. Having studied hundreds of great managers and executives - the ones he calls "gifted bosses" - he will explain how they THINK, WORK AND COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY. Working without PowerPoint, flip charts or any other distractions, Dale teaches heart-to-heart the wisdom of gifted bosses, walking through the audience and inviting comments, stories and disagreements.

    Dale will pass along the techniques the best managers use to find the time and energy to experiment and innovate. You'll learn "the secret skill" of getting mediocre employees to up their performance (or move on), part of creating "the best place for the best people." You'll be offered the encapsulated wisdom of the country's best bosses, including the language they use to change the conversation and get employees talking about ideas and experiments. "The conversation IS the culture."

  • How to Enjoy Killing the Status Quo - Dale has also studied "gifted colleagues," the people who are so good at what they do they elevate the standards of everyone around them. You'll encounter surprising conclusions about "organizational energy flows," and the amazing leverage of "circles of helping." One executive was so enthused by hearing Dale speak to his managers that he took the microphone and announced, "Before anyone leaves today, I want you to write down three things you are going to do differently because of this meeting. I'll want you to give me a copy, because I'm going to call you and follow-up." There was no grumbling, no resistance, because Dale had created that special energy where everyone was eager to put new ideas to use, to "Think like a hero; work like an artist."

  • The Curious Case of the Dead Idea (and Other Business Mysteries - One of Dale's clients challenged him with this request: "People at our meeting are going to be tired and overwhelmed with data. We need something that will be entertaining while getting them excited about making use of all the information they've gotten." Dale's response was to build a presentation around intriguing case studies that confound the usual business logic. His goal is to get the audience empowered to think illogically as well. The Journey: as the "mysteries" become "the logic of high-achievers," the audience leaves eager to try their new way of thinking.
The Gifted Boss: Revised Edition Great Employees Only Better than Perfect The Laughing Warriors The Max Strategy
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