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Dr. Dale Henry Tennessee
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Dr. Dale Henry's varied background as an educator, administrator, author, speaker, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur make him a natural when it comes to lively and humorous presentations. Dale has been honored with numerous business and educational awards and prides himself in being a master teacher. Although Dale believes in the importance of laughter - his presentations always deliver a strong message packed with useful tools. A native of East Tennessee and the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, he draws heavily on his storytelling background to hold the audience in the palm of his hand.

Dale Henry is the founder and president of Your Best Unlimited, a Tennessee based training company. He speaks to and trains over 100,000 professionals and executives each year, for clients such as Marriott, Levi Strauss, AT&T, Maytag, GTE, Cellular One, FedEx, MCI and Xerox. In 1997 alone, he presented to over 30 of the Fortune 50. Dale has been featured on numerous television and radio talk shows around the world and has developed several best selling video and audio training programs. Through his own brand of edu-tainment, Dale leads his audiences to higher levels of individual and team that touch every member.

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  • The Drive Attitude : Determination...Responsiveness...Innovation... Vision... Effectiveness... These words are cornerstones of customer service. In Dr. Dale's program, The Drive Attitude, he explores the necessary components that make up our ability to deliver exemplary customer service. Through humorous anecdotes and stories, Dr. Dale delivers timely lessons in servanthood while allowing the audience to laugh and learn in a contagious environment. This entertaining process is what Dr. Dale calls "edutrainment." It helps the learner focus on the essential elements of customer satisfaction while stimulating them to want to learn more!

  • Sizzle or Fizzle - A Recipe for Leadership, Country Style : Many believe the road to success belongs to the individual that can make the bottom line boom. This is simply not true. Growing organizations realize that to get to the top floor of success requires you to take the stairs. The future belongs to the listeners, the communicators, and those passionate and dedicated leaders who not only have an enormous amount of energy, but who can energize those around them. This program is designed to help leaders: Listen, Expect the Unexpected, Admire Those Around Them, Be Determined, Never Give Up, Embrace Change and Be Resourceful.

  • The Sixth Sense : Change is the leading cause of stress in our lives. It causes us to lose sleep, become frustrated, and treat others in a way that is contrary to positive team development. Change isn't going away, so our only other option is to learn how to cope. Our sense of humor can aid us in this time of transition and frustration. Dr. Dale's unique style of entertainment allows him to help his audiences understand the positive role humor plays in becoming more balanced. From students to corporate leaders, over 500,000 people have heard and applauded Dr. Dale's inspirational messages.

  • Glad to the Bone : Maybe as a small child you can remember your Dad stopping at the local gas station and saying, "Fill'er up and check the oil!" In our stressful world, we need to stop occasionally and get filled up with some anti-stressing fun and have our minds' mental oil checked. On average, we take better care of our cars than we do ourselves. In Glad to the Bone, Dr. Henry gives us some maintenance tips on the five R's of good mental health: RELAX - RECESS - RESERVE - RECOGNIZE - RELEASE. Dr. Henry has helped hundreds of thousands of people to stop and recapture the joy of laughter and understands how to frame common sense philosophy into solid applicable skills.

  • The Power of Team : Could your organization benefit from a program that would redefine service, leadership, diversity, cultural mergers, communications, and system breakdowns? Does the idea of a presentation that explains the dynamics and mechanics of teaming in a common sense fashion appeal to you and your coworkers? What if you could have all this in a light and lively program with a healthy mix of laughter and energy? Sound impossible? Too good to be true? Well, it's not! Dr. Dale's unique presentation style has allowed him to capture the essence of teaming and transfer it to the heart of individual members. From conference rooms to banquet rooms, Dr. Dale's message of excellence and team co-ordination hits the target every time!

  • Sailing The Winds of Change On the Seven C's : Centuries ago when cartographers were rendering maps of the explored world, there was always the unknown. These unexplored lands were always areas of mystery. In the margins of their work-where no one had ever gone-the mapmakers would write, "Beyond this lies dragons!" This simple act set into place a negative mindset that was to be duplicated throughout history. Simply put, "Change is bad, known is good." During this program, Dr. Dale Henry will examine the seven obstacles that control our fear of change and the unknown.

  • The Hootie Hoo Attitude : How do we become better team members? How do we become more valuable to our organization? How do we remove ourselves from the box? How do we build high esteem? It all depends upon attitude. It's the single most driving force in the universe for getting where we want to go. During this program, Dr. Dale Henry will lead you through the maze of obstacles that constantly slow our journey to becoming the best that we can be. Everyone wants to be a valuable commodity and the Hootie-Hoo Attitude will supply you with the necessary tools to break down our own self-imposed obstacles revealing the value within us all.

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