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Conor Cunneen Illinois
Conor Cunneen

Conor Cunneen is a proud Irishman and former VP Marketing with multinational giant Unilever who hails all the way from a wee village in County Cork. He has a brogue to prove it! Today, he is happily exiled in Chicagoland, where the he says "the natives are friendly, the winters are (ahem) chilly and I have been force-fed more corned beef and green beer by empathetic event planners than I ever had in Ireland! And I love my job!"

His goal - nay - his passion is to Improve People, Performance and Productivity enjoyably, and to leave you and your audience with a smile on the face, a spring in the step, a beat in the heart (which is very important) AND memorable, implementable concepts to take back to a more engaged workplace and workforce.

He also provides insightful, funny and extremely well researched emcee / master of ceremonies services to corporate and association clients who marvel at his off the cuff witticisms (most of which he says have been written well in advance!) Incentive Marketing Association writes about Conor Cunneen: "In my close to thirty years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you."

The Conor Cunneen Brand Promise to event and meeting planners is E4:

  • Energize
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Easy to work with.

As clients testify, Conor keeps that Brand Promise by working very hard with you to deliver memorable customized programs that have a lasting impact on the audience. "As the person who coordinates all of our speakers year after year, I want to tell you that you offered a very welcome breath of fresh air in booking and executing our keynote speech. Getting information from you was easy, you followed through on your commitments every time and you were an inspiration to our customers." -- Insurance client

Based on detailed discussion with you and your team, Conor will provide customized presentations to satisfy your objective. The net result will be - whether it is Sales or Strategy, Association or Agri, Corporate or Cancer - an energized, engaged, enthusiastic audience that will leave your event with the tools improve their own and colleagues' performance.

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  • The Gift of GAB: Goals, Attitude, Behavior and Brand - Conor has presented The Gift of GAB to association, corporate and healthcare clients who laugh and learn at the power of Goals, Attitude, Behavior in improving performance and productivity, whether it relates to Leadership, Sales or Marketing. Working titles for this compelling and memorable program include:
    • Winning Customer Service through The Gift of GAB: Goals, Attitude, Behavior (Brand)
    • Creating a great culture through The Gift of GAB

  • What Mark Twain Can Learn you About Public Speakin' / Communication / Presentation Skills! - In this compelling, insightful and often hilarious program, Chicago-based educator and Mark Twain fan Conor Cunneen provides tips, tricks and techniques used by the great man to get his message across. The program is based around an acronym, coincidentally titled MARK TWAIN. Each letter provides a powerful speech and communication lesson based on the novels, speeches and letters of the man born Sam Clemens and who, as well as a great author, was THE most successful speaker of his day. Your audience will LEARN and LAUGH and LEAVE the event with the knowledge to craft better and more compelling presentations to connect and inform their audience, put a smile on their face and get the message across.

  • Leadership and Marketing Lessons from Ford, Starbucks and McDonald's Turnaround - It is not so long ago that three icons of American business - McDonald's, Starbucks and Ford Motor Corporation were deemed by many observers to have their best years behind them. Thanks to inspired leadership and good management, each company has performed a superb turnaround that provides leadership lessons for everyone, irrespective of the size of business. In this powerful program, you will learn the power of: Clear and Compelling Vision; Restroom Marketing (Huh!); Genchi Genbutsu (a Toyota concept that means Go to the Source and Learn); Creating an ET Moment; The Brand Experience and other lessons to help you survive and thrive in a very competitive environment

  • Adden Humur Two You're Presentashun! (The program is much better than the spelling. Honust!) - Remember that presentation where the speaker droned on and on and the only thing that kept you awake was the rumbling stomach of the attendee next to you! Conor Cunneen will ensure this never happens to you. Conor will show you tips, tricks and techniques to add humor to your presentation including FIVE lessons that spell the acronym LAUGH. The net result for you is you will connect better with your audience, your message will be received better, the audience will leave with a smile on the face, a spring in the step and good things to say about you and your content and you will understand what Mark Twain meant when he wrote "Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand."

  • SHEIFGAB! 8 Building Blocks to Improved Teamwork, Engagement and Productivity! - Indiana Farm Bureau writes: The lessons of Sheifgab, if learned and applied, can most certainly change the individual, if not the world. Sheifgab are eight maxims that Mr. Cunneen has you explore through tales of Irish folk-wisdom that will have you "dancing on mushrooms"! We want to hear more!"

  • Business and Humorous Storytelling that Connect - Your audience and your clients remember stories, not facts. They remember how you connect with them. Stories help you connect. Stories help you engage and stories help you educate. Recent research indicates emotional storytelling releases oxytocin, a chemical that encourages bonding and trust. Award-winning storyteller and author, Conor Cunneen will show how you too can captivate and engage your audience and target market through effective storytelling

  • Emcee / Master of Ceremonies - American Express writes: "Conor, Thanks again for your fabulous MC skills! I am so thankful and appreciative of your skills and attention to the details as well. And - thank you for the balance of humor you added to the program. I hope you enjoyed yourself and our people!"
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