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Andy Core, MS Arkansas
Photo of Andy Core

Andy Core's primary focus is understanding "why do we not change when we know it is the right thing to do?" Specifically, he addresses how to overcome the barriers sabotaging your motivation to living healthier and achieving better work-life balance.

Core has a Master's Degree in the science of human performance and performed research and understands how men and women respond to stress, stress testing, and what it takes to change your health behaviors for the better.

Over the last 17 years, Core has contributed to improving the overall health of some of America's most successful companies as well as some of our most unhealthy communities. Specifically, he has field tested his concepts working directly with hundreds of top performers within Gillette, Coldwell Banker, Intel, Ernst & Young, Clorox, Tyson Foods, and Newell Rubbermaid, as well as leading healthcare organizations, associations and government agencies. His success rate at helping people go from "knowing they need to live a healthier and more balanced life" to actually living it is 13X the national average.

Combing the high energy style of a stand up comic, stories from his experience a successful wellness consultant, and the latest research, Core will ignite your motivation and show you how to execute a better way of life.

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  • Life Balance - Redefining Humanly Possible - Today's working culture can have you constantly running 90mph, hair on fire. Tomorrow will get faster. The good news, is that what you yearn for - more balance in your life - is actually the solution to your more with less dilemma. In Andy's program, you will learn how to improve your work-life balance, productivity, health, and abilty to stay motivated in turbulent times.

    Here's what else you'll get:
    • 18 IPA (Ideas per hour) that end with a 24 hour step-by-step blueprint to winning the "more with less" challenge.
    • 4 Core Principles for running 90 mph with your hair on fire and living healthy.
    • A laugh every 37 seconds.
    • 1 Core Truth. Improving your work-life balance is the foundation to improving everything.

  • Stress Right - How to better dodge, withstand and use stress to your advantage - Even though stress is called a "silent killer," most people know that it:
    • Can cost an organization $7500 per worker, per year (if they make at least $25/hr)
    • Is likely behind 9 out of 10 visits to primary care physicians
    • Is the #1 cause of lower back pain
    • Worsens the top 7 killers of both men and women
    • Makes life way harder than it should be

    But what most people don't know, is what to do about it. In this program, you will learn what is really behind many of the problems facing your organization and you personally. Can you beat stress? You bet. Learning to Stress Right will enable you to:
    • Take four "must do" steps that turns stress into positive energy
    • Maximize your adrenaline, but manage it so you do not "hit the wall"
    • Significantly reduce the hormone that makes you want to strangle people
    • Plug in a pre-sleep ritual that makes you sleep like a log
    • Beat stress eating and other negative thought related patterns
    • Keep family and friends happy when you are busy
    • Learn new patterns that makes healthy choices automatic

  • Sales Energy - Having "the Juice" to Get & Keep More Clients - Sales Professionals will create maximal, sustainable and motivated performance by using proven ideas to improve their daily system. Bottom line, this program creates more capable Sales Professionals who generate more revenue for themselves and for your company.

    The benefits of this program - your people will know:
    • How to out pace their competitors by maximizing their energy level, attitude and ability to be "on their game" daily - including skills proven by NASA that improve productivity by 47% from 3-5PM.
    • How to be in the mental and physical state that rapidly builds trust with prospects and referral Sources.
    • The Science of Peaking and how Opportunity + Energy Trumps Time Management seven days a week.
    • What a top Sales Professional's best day looks like and a step-by-step blueprint to plan to adapt that day to their life.
    • Why they don't do what they know they should to grow their business... and how to get on with it.
    • How to get off the "I wish I could spend more time with my family" treadmill and make personal regeneration a competitive advantage.
    • How to maximize deep sleep so that you can still be "on your game" with limited sleep time.

    Your Sales Professionals will be able to:
    • Convert more contacts into appointments due to increased energy, motivation and focus.
    • Convert more appointments into clients by bringing the best version of themselves to more of those opportunities.
    • Enhance customer service because they really can "do more with less."
    • Capitalize on more opportunities by reducing the need to miss work.
    • The bottom line - after this program your Sales Professionals will know how to achieve greater professional success, personal significance and do so without burning themselves out in the process.

  • Wellness Engagement - What it takes to effectively pitch, implement and sustain a successful worksite wellness program - Regardless of what the future holds for healthcare, worksite wellness programs are and will continue to be critical to sustaining healthcare benefits, not to mention profitable companies. The big question is not, "Should I implement a worksite wellness program," but rather:
    • What does it take to effectively and persuasively pitch wellness to your stake holders?
    • After you get the yes, how do you set up your program so that you maximize participation and ROI?
    • Then, after the honeymoon period is over, what must you do to ensure your program continues to grow versus experiencing a steady decline in participation and the slow, painful death experienced by most worksite wellness programs?

    In this "dig in and get your hands dirty" workshop, wellness consultant Andy Core, M.S. will give you doable, tactical answers to those questions, plus insights into his experience with companies like Gillette, Wal-Mart, Unilever, Clorox, Coldwell Banker, the U.S. Army and many others.

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