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Christopher Carter Illinois
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Christopher Carter first became interested in E.S.P. at the age of eight, when an uncle allowed him to sit in on a poker game. Observing the body language of the players, Chris discovered that people broadcast their thoughts, and their cards, in ways beyond words. His interest in hypnotism was sparked a few years later during a high-school psychology class: a visiting lecturer gave Chris the suggestion that his body would become completely rigid. Nobody was more amazed than Chris when he was soon suspended like a board between two chairs.

Although he pursued dual interests in psychology and theater in college, it wasn't until he was doing graduate work that Chris finally put it all together: he blended his fast-paced, humorous theatrical style with stunning displays of psychological ability, and the ovations and accolade have been coming ever since.

Christopher Carter has earned feature appearances on the Martin Short Show and the Donny & Marie Show, and engagements for such diverse corporations as Harley-Davidson, Conde Nast Publications, Bristol Myers Squibb and Sprint PCS. In 2005, Campus Activities Magazine and its readership of college programmers honored Chris with the title of "Performing Arts Entertainer of the Year."

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  • Theater of Thoughts (Mindreading) - Christopher Carter calls the human mind "the last great frontier" - a place where abilities that were once considered "supernatural" are finally being tested and validated by science. In his Theater of Thoughts, Chris invites his audience to join him in exploring the mysteries of the mind. Not as observers, but as active participants. And their responses have been overwhelming...
    They're fascinated: After audience members place coins over his eyes and duct-tape them shut, Chris somehow describes in incredible detail the personal objects in their hands, pockets and purses - at times even calling off the serial numbers on pieces of currency.

    They're empowered: Solely through his powers of concentration, Chris causes a light bulb to explode into a million pieces' then, with the added mental energy of a participant, the makes another light bulb illuminated in their hands.

    They're totally involved: Chris often receives mental impressions from the audience during the show - facts that audience members may never have whispered to anyone.
  • Mindscape (Hypnosis) - "You can tell people in words about the powers of the imagination. But when they actually see the creative energy expressed by my hypnotic subjects, it makes an immediate and lasting impression," explains Christopher about his show, Mindscape. "In a very real sense, I'm not the star at all, it's the volunteers themselves who become the scene stealers and move the audience to uncontrollable laughter."

    Volunteers may become temporarily transformed into superheroes, sumo wrestler, visitors from other planets or a woman answering her own ringing belly button! But no matter how outrageous things may get, with Chris at the helm, the show always stays within the bounds of good taste. Have the show tailored to your event, and it gets even funnier: a catch phrase, product name, client or company name can be deftly woven into the show's fabric. In fact, an entire skit can even be customized -- for a conference of veterinarians, Chris orchestrated a stage-full of "specialists" as they passionately labored to revive a mortally wounded stuffed bunny! Mindscape gets howls of laughter from even large audiences, in venues ranging from colleges and corporate events to fairs and comedy clubs.

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