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Andrew Busch Illinois
Photo of Andrew Busch

Andy's unconventional path to finance, politics and the economy has taught him that the big picture is filled in by small details and requires unconventional thinking to see them. He was number six out of seven kids that taught him to scrap, shout and fight for the last piece of food at dinner. He brought this determination to his career and to his insights into the world. Before he went into finance, he painted street curbs, he mowed lawns, he worked construction, and he ran his own painting company.

For all his career, he's been on the front lines of the economy and the markets. Andy traded currencies and wrote research on the markets during the 1985 Plaza Accord; the 1998 Russian default; and to the 2008 global financial crisis. He's advised major mutual funds, hedge funds, US Treasury Secretaries and the White House. In 2017, he became the nation's first Chief Market Intelligence Officer at the CFTC. He provided economic and market briefings to the SEC, the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve of New York and the White House.

After a career of 35 plus years, he brings his perspective, insights and energy for fighting for the last piece of dinner to as many people and organizations as possible. Andy breaks down the economy, politics and technology to simplify the complexity and ensure that everyone can understand how they impact business and jobs. As a member of a large family and a husband/father of his own large family, Andy knows the importance of seeing through difficult, chaotic times towards the opportunities the future holds.

As a highly in-demand keynote speaker, Andy has had the privilege of speaking to a wide range of organizations, trade associations and firms including the American Bankers Association, Newfield Exploration, Bank of Montreal, Bank of America, Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association, ACES Power Marketing, AgStar Financial Services, Fifth Third Bank, and Institutional Investor to name a few.

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  • Good News: Hope for the Economy! - Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A - In this time of economic, political and market turbulence, there is good news underneath the chaos. It's difficult to see the opportunities with the outbreak of the corona virus. As the 1st former CMIO for the US government, Andy sees potential for good economic outcomes and solutions coming from the turmoil. He gives your audience a simple, powerful structure to understand a complex world. Corona virus, US trade policy, Federal Reserve interest rate policy and technology are all covered and connected back to your business. What would it look like if your clients could understand the chaos occurring today to be comfortable with the future? Could they ignore the headlines and focus on their long-term goals? Imagine the impact this would have on your business and future growth. Andy objectively takes your audience out of the current chaos to provide confidence in the economic future.

    Audience takeaways:
    • A simple, powerful tool to frame big events impacting US economy including Federal Reserve interest rate changes
    • Outlook for US domestic policy like trade and tax
    • Outlook for disruptive technology like blockchain, AI and crypto currencies
    • Outlook for understanding corona virus and what to expect in the future from the disease outbreak

  • 2020 US Presidential Election: Impact on Economy, Business and Jobs - Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A - With over twenty Democrat candidates running, the 2020 US Presidential election is in full swing. The outcome of this election could have one of the biggest policy swings in US history. In this keynote, Andy breaks down the wide range of Democratic economic, social and tax plans. He'll tell you which plans help or hurt the economy the most. He'll give you the winners and losers in each sector of the economy. And explain what to expect from President Trump as he attempts to gain a second term. Trade, health care and energy will all be impacted and discussed. Andy objectively takes your audience out of the current chaos to provide confidence in the future. He connects the dots to show how this election will impact their business, their jobs and their lives.

    Audience takeaways:
    • Democrat candidate's economic plans on trade, healthcare, energy & environment, agriculture, housing and taxes
    • President Trump's economic plans on trade, healthcare, energy & environment, agriculture, housing and taxes
    • How these plans will impact the economy, business and jobs

  • ESG: Fact or Fad? - Format: 30-45-minute keynote with Q&A - Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG is considered one of the hottest investment themes today for clients and investment professionals. A record amount of money has flowed into sustainable focused ETFs and open-end mutual funds in 2019. But what actually is it and how do you define how to invest in companies that say they are doing it? As a former regulator and CMIO of the CFTC, Andy Busch explains how ESG came about, what the risks are and how ESG is trickier for investing than it looks. How does it fit into a bigger picture of the economy? After working for the agency that approved bitcoin, Andy brings a unique perspective to explaining why the SEC is not likely to approve ESG and regulate it. And why that will matter to all investment professionals and investors.

    Audience takeaways:
    • What ESG is as an investment theme and its history
    • What are key risks for ESG investors
    • Why the SEC has problems with ESG
World Event Trading
World Event Trading: How to Analyze and Profit from Today's Headlines

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