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Phil Bruno Missouri
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Phil Bruno, professional speaker, trainer and consultant, works with organizations to exceed internal and external customer expectations. He does this through engaging keynote speeches and training sessions. Bruno began his professional career in Corporate America looking for ways to meet the needs of his own organization, Anheuser-Busch, but his appreciation for excellent customer service began much earlier.

Bruno was raised on "The Hill," a famed Italian-American neighborhood in St. Louis known for its sense of community, hospitality and great Italian restaurants. Bruno's first jobs included helping with his father's painting business and working as a bus boy for Cunetto's House of Pasta. Both were small family-owned businesses that survived purely upon quality of product and exceptional service.

In 1980, Bruno graduated from Parks College of St. Louis University with a B.A. in Travel, Tourism and Transportation, essentially a business degree with an emphasis on service. While in college, he developed a relationship with Anheuser-Busch and, for the next 17 years, applied what he had learned in a series of hospitality management positions with the Fortune 500 giant.

He managed tour and gift shop operations in Florida and New Hampshire, progressing with larger staffs, more budget and responsibility culminating at the Anheuser-Busch Corporate Tour Center at AB world headquarters and then for 6 years at Grant's Farm, the Busch family estate and original Busch Gardens. His trademark strength was increasing employee satisfaction with large staffs that in turn led to excellence in Guest satisfaction.

Since 1999 Phil has worked independently as a speaker, trainer and consultant throughout country, with hundreds of clients and thousands of audience members spread across all industries.

Bruno says, "We are way beyond satisfaction now. The Experience Economy is upon us and if you don't know what that means, you need to slap yourself and dial in before it's too late..." If you are not satisfying customers, you're just not in business anymore. People rate their entire experience when purchasing products or services between competitors. The new breed of employee is doing the same thing with their employment experience. You can't exceed customer expectations until you provide a very positive experience for your employees." The answer, Bruno found, came from one of his clients who simply said you have to "Treat 'em right." Thus the name of his company, Treat 'em Right, The Total Customer Experience.

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  • Build Great Guest Experiences - The Experience Economy is here and now. If you don't know what that means, you need dial in to this enlightening presentation. Audience members learn the competitive advantage of building experiences, not just offering products and services. Success stories from Phil's own experiences with Fortune 500's, family-owned businesses and not-for-profits are used. New business models are shared from the leading organizations of Starbuck's, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Build-A-Bear.

  • Generations in Change - A ninety minute working keynote where attendees are involved in a List-O-Rama experience. Organizations need flexible workers prepared to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and get the job done, whatever that happens to be on any given day. Four generations are thrown together with different work ethics, expectations and backgrounds. Misunderstandings and clashes should be expected. How we deal with them is the key. Convene with other professionals to discover what's working, what's not ,and the latest input from the nation's leading authorities.

  • Generation Y - What's Their Deal? - A view at the brightest, fastest workforce to ever hit the American workplace. How to connect and what to expect. These young adults have high expectations of themselves and those they work for. The multi-generational workplace can be a difficult one especially if you want immediate respect, frequent feedback on your performance and a voice in making changes. This keynote session gives younger workers the solutions they need to work with others generations with a different mind-set. If you want to get listened to, you have to understand the people you work for and what motivates them. Tools are provided to assist you in developing a personal strategy to apply your intellect to what motivates others. By executing this personal strategy, you will contribute more to the success of your organization and realize more personal success as well.

  • Building Killer Committees/Teams - A 60 minute keynote or breakout using a personal assessment tool. This is also great for Board retreats...People join professional associations for networking, and growth, both personal and professional. Audience members discover what they do best in a team atmosphere, and gain valuable insight into their own work habits. In addition, they learn about other team members' contributions, the value that they bring to the process and how to work most effectively together. The Treat 'em Right KILLER Committee profile, is a usable tool to guide personal growth and success.

  • Kryptonite - We all have to admit that sometimes, we are the difficult one. This presentation is about learning how to build a shield against the negative energy generated by chronically difficult people. These chronics suck the energy from us just like Kryptonite did to Superman.

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