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Michael Broome South Carolina
Photo of Michael Broome

Michael Broome has addressed over 3,000 audiences since 1980 at events as diverse as The Million Dollar Round Table, Congressional Dinners, and a Barbecue and Goat-Dipping in Spearfish, South Dakota. He has shared the podium with noted politicians, journalists, athletes, and CEOs, and he has only been upstaged by an orangutan.

His vast speaking experience enables him to appeal to virtually any type of audience. Forty percent of Michael's audiences are from the ranks of management; thirty percent are sales professionals; and the remainder runs the gamut from penitentiary felons to the Girl Scouts. Michael says his presentations are like baths...the effect may not last forever but everybody needs one!

Michael's commitment to training is demonstrated by the Broyhill Leadership Conferences of which he is founder and president. Over 29,000 participants from throughout North America have attended these weeklong conferences where they are taught the principles of achievement. For many, it is truly a life changing experience.

He speaks for a living because he has a sincere passion to inspire people to maximize their potential, serve others, achieve a life balance, and enhance their sense of gratitude. Humor is a tool he uses to communicate these principles. When asked if it is necessary to use humor in a speech, Michael replied, "It is for me if I want to get paid."

Everyone is aware that our country and many corporations face serious problems. Downsizing is common, competition is increasing, and we are asked to accomplish more with fewer people. We often see around us a lack of balance, in both our personal and professional lives.

Corporate and association Meeting Planners strive to bring a message to their groups that will enable their people to meet today's challenges. They search for someone to speak in a persuasive and entertaining manner about the qualities that made America great: hard work, leadership, accountability, teamwork and service.

As the topics of his talks suggest, Broome is no Pollyanna. Instead of dwelling obsessively on problems, he offers a realistic counter-vision blending hope and confidence...loaded with humor. He teaches his audiences to have faith not only in our system, but also in their ability to make that system work for them. The central conviction behind Broome's presentations is that the ultimate success is when our life overflows with things that money can't buy. If Broome's talks begin with that rare commodity of laughter, they end even more unconventionally in grateful applause and real inspiration.

He and his wife, Karen, have two daughters and a son - Merica, Olivia, and Caleb. They are active in their faith and have created a summer camp for children from residential homes and foster care. Their home is nestled in the middle of their 1,200-acre farm where Michael grows hay and raises cattle. Michael says farming is the most satisfying way he knows of to lose money. As an avid conservationist he protects the flora and fauna and creates habitats for the species that his wife says he is most similar to - the wild turkey.

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  • A Humorous Look at Personal, Professional and Family Success: How to Be a Liver of Life and Not a Gall Bladder - Achieving balance in living is the ultimate barometer of success. In a hectic age when we are pulled in so many directions, Michael shows the keys to focusing our talents for the benefit of others and ourselves. Motivation, people management, family life, self esteem and goal setting techniques are delivered in a hilarious, yet informative style.

  • You'll See It When You Believe It: Become the Person You Dream To Be! - This stimulating presentation encourages the audience to make the most of their lives by setting specific objectives, overcoming procrastination, learning from adversity and maintaining a vision. In this competitive era, Michael's performance strategies will give your people an edge as they listen, laugh and learn about the principles of achievement.

  • Be a People Power Person! (Leadership, Service and Teamwork) - Michael talks about interacting with employees, customers and family ... the people business. He teaches principles of teamwork and the art of working and living with others. Persuading and listening, critiquing and praising, managing, serving and leading are the areas of emphasis. This program is emotionally powerful, intellectually stimulating and spiced with spontaneous good humor that is Michael's trademark.

  • Killing Stress Before It Kills You: Everything's Coming Up Neurosis - Michael says stress is still more often the result of what we value than the result of difficult situations. Today's mandate to accomplish more in less time and do it with fewer people leaves in its wake many who are searching for ways to cope. In a nation that nearly consumes its weight in antacid pills, this will help your audience overcome burnout.

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