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Dr. Nate Booth Nevada
Nate Booth

For over thirty years, Dr. Nate Booth has been relentlessly studying, applying and coaching others in the art of thriving in times of rapid change. Nate received his DDS degree from the University of Nebraska in 1971 and was in private dental practice for eight years.

In 1983, he decided to switch careers and earned a master's degree in counseling. His first two best-selling books, Thriving on Change: The Art of Utilizing Change to Your Advantage and The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want By Giving People What They Uniquely Desire, contain compelling personal and business success strategies for a world playing a new game with a different set of rules.

Nate's latest book, Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets You Can Discover From Tiger Woods To Be a Business Champion demonstrates clearly how Tiger applies his secrets of success in business as well as in golf-secrets that have helped him get to the top and stay there.

His company, Nate Booth & Associates, creates customized training programs for corporations and associations around the world. Clients include Aetna, American Express, Arthur Andersen, AT&T, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Century 21, Deloitte & Touche, Eastman Kodak, Honeywell, IBM, Inc. Magazine, Kraft Foods, Mobil Oil, NASA, Norwest Bank, Northwestern Mutual Life, Prudential Insurance, Sanyo, Saturn Corporation, Siemens Corporation, University of South Carolina School of Business, Midwest Gas Association, US West Direct and the National Association of Automobile Dealers.

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  • Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets You Can Discover from Tiger Woods to Be a Business Champion - Tiger Woods' success on the golf course and in life is not accidental. In addition to becoming the greatest golfer of all time, he earns over $100 million a year from prize money, appearance fees and product endorsements. Dr. Booth discusses the nine lessons we can learn from Tiger. This inspirational and practical program will help your people be successful on all levels.

  • The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want By Giving Others What They Uniquely Desire - We're all familiar with The Golden Rule, "Treat others in the way you would like to be treated." This is a powerful principle, but it has one shortcoming -- everyone wants to be treated differently. If you're a service provider, your customers/clients want to be served differently. If you're a salesperson, your customers/clients want to be influenced differently. If you're a leader, your people want to be led differently. This variety is what makes all relationships interesting and challenging. It's also the reason you can't take a cookie-cutter approach to service, influence and lead in today's diverse world. The good news is this variety creates tremendous opportunities for the companies and people who understand and practice The Diamond Touch.

  • Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage - Rapid and never-ending change is a fact in today's world. What isn't a fact yet is how all this change is going to affect your group and you. Change Masters are a different breed: they thrive on change! They know that rapid change levels the playing field and creates tremendous opportunities for those who know the new rules of the game. In this program, you will learn the skills needed to use any change to your advantage, creating greater success on all levels.

  • Life Balance: How to Create a Life That's Not Just Busy, But Well-Lived - The demands on your time and attention are intense - work, family and personal time are all clamoring for your immediate attention. Congratulations: you're intensely wanted! The challenge lies in allocating the appropriate time and attention to each area of your life. Life Balance will show you how to enjoyably get the right things done. Then, at the end of the day, you'll feel the rewards of a life that's not just busy, but well-lived!
Tiger Traits The Diamond Touch Thriving on Change
Tiger Traits: 9 Success Secrets You Can Discover From Tiger Woods to Be a Business Champion The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want By Giving Others What They Uniquely Desire Thriving on Change:
The Art of Using Change
to Your Advantage

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