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Don Blohowiak Virginia
Photo of Don Blohowiak

Don Blohowiak, former executive and author of several management books, is the founder and head coach of the Lead Well® Institute.

Don is an ICF-certified coach who coaches individuals (especially executives, fast-rising managers and knowledge professionals) to help them develop their leadership potential, improve their interpersonal relationships with colleagues, improve their personal productivity, increase their personal satisfaction and make the greatest contribution to their organization

Don has held executive management posts in Southern California, Milwaukee, Denver, Detroit, and New York City. His management experience spans Fortune 500 companies, high-tech startups and not-for-profits. As an executive in the most profitable unit of a Fortune 500 company, Don participated in planning, managing and coping with the aftermath of multiple waves of restructuring. His company reduced its full-time employee count by 50% (yes, half!) in two years-while improving both customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Don is the author of six management books distributed around the world, and a contributor to others. Honors include being named "One of the Top 10 Management Books of the Year" by Industry Week, numerous executive endorsements and translations into Chinese, German, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Don was selected as one of 150 world-renowned business thought leaders (along with Daniel Goleman, Charles Handy, Warren Bennis, Philip Kotle, and Jim Collins) commissioned to provide essays for the landmark reference book on business and management, BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource, with editions released in 2002 and 2006 by Perseus/Bloomsbury. Don's "best practices" essay focused on how to implement effective leadership development. The editors of this widely praised landmark work named Don's chapter as one of the best in the 2,000+ page work. His Special Report, Strategy: Simplified and Clarified, was an editor's pick and has been rated five-stars by readers.

Don holds a graduate certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. He is an ICF-credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation, and he is at work on his Ph.D. in behavioral science. He is a subject matter expert for the American Management Association on managerial trust, managerial coaching and formal mentoring programs. He also serves on AMA's faculty.

Don's been the featured leadership columnist for the Manager's Edge newsletter published by the Briefings Group and was the founder and editor of The Productive Leader newsletter published by The Economics Press. Don also founded The Leader's Letter, an electric newsletter on leadership and management productivity, and participated on The Panel of Experts for First-Rate Customer Service.

Frequently quoted by the news media regarding employee motivation, productivity and marketing success strategies, Don's media credits are quite extensive. They include Fox News Channel, USA Today, CNN, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, ABC Radio, Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, Voice of America, Incentive magazine, as well as other newspapers, broadcast stations, newsletters, professional and trade journals worldwide.

Don's clients include Johnson & Johnson, Honda, FedEx, AT&T, Motorola, United States Marine Corps, American Society of Association Executives, Unilever, American Management Association, Inova Health System, Fleet Bank, Ameritech, United Airlines, Cisco Systems and many, many others.

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  • Lead Others to Greatness - Managers leave this intense, interactive workshop armed with the understanding and tools to get their staff to outthink and outwork competitors while working smarter, harder and happier--even when the pressure is on. Managers receive a tremendous wealth of breakthrough thinking and tactics to help them meet the outrageous demands placed on them with extraordinary performance. A manager's staff performs to the level of their manager. To have a better performing group of employees, give them better--more leaderful--bosses.

  • Reorganized? Restructured? Reengineered? Here's How to Get the Work Done! - Participants leave with numerous tactics for enabling themselves and their staff members to produce more High-Value/High-Impact work amid wild Change. They'll learn how to get the best from employees, even when conditions are turbulent and resources are tight. Attendees receive helpful tools to assure that they crank-out more work-that-matters while eliminating make-work!

  • With Integrity - Participants leave with a clear framework for making ethical decisions so they can act in accord with principled values - even in the face of significant pressure and great temptations. Using realistic case studies, small group discussions and an easy-to-follow method, managers learn how to transcend rather meaningless, and not very helpful, platitudes such as "Just do the right thing." Participants leave this highly interactive seminar ready to employ a simple, but very powerful, structured process for applying your organization's principles to their everyday decisions and actions. The net result: Managers execute ethically and consistently without agonizing guesswork. They will enjoy their jobs more, and do them with more pride and less stress.

  • Mastering Radical Change: How to Stay Sane While Going Crazy - Participants leave with fresh insights into today's turbulent employment environment. In an interactive setting, attendees explore their personal career issues in depth, and receive a copy of the essay, "The Ten Tenets of the New Social Contract Between Organizations and Employees." Attendees leave with no fewer than 50 proven tactics for lowering stress and increasing personal effectiveness both on the job and off, as well as having a framework for completing their personal mission statements. This is a useful presentation for organizations in the throes of a stressful Radical Change (shrinkage, growth, merger).

  • Creating a Culture that Creates Loyal Customers - Participants learn how to make Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty the competitive differentiator to help your organization stand apart from all competitors. Topics include: The Success Triad: Quality, Teamwork & Customer Satisfaction; Surviving your customer's "Instants of Absolute Judgment"; Creating profitable loyalty at little, maybe even no additional cost; Hiring service-minded people who make all the difference; Motivating employees for meaningful and memorable service performance; and much, much more!

  • Hiring and Keeping the Keepers - Participants in this interactive workshop develop skills to make better hiring decisions to create a high-performance organization. Through discussions and role-playing, attendees learn to assess applicants for far more than employment history (greatness never comes from mere technical skills). Attendees, provided with dozens of unusual interview questions and tactics, acquire new competencies so that the people they hire today can fulfill the ever-evolving job requirements of tomorrow. Useful for any organization--growing or shrinking--that knows its success truly is dependent on its human capital.
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