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Bill Benjamin Illinois
Photo of Bill Benjamin

Engaging and'd never know he has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science!

Bill has a rare perspective - he has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and has 25 years of real-world business experience as a senior leader including leadership coach and professional speaker. Bill brings a straightforward and practical look at how the brain responds under pressure, and he is very authentic about the fact that he struggled early in his career as a leader when he was under pressure. He shares how he has been able to apply the very same techniques he teaches to become a better leader (and father and husband) himself.

Bill has a degree in Mathematics with a major in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. In addition to using his background in sales to motivate and inspire audiences, Bill leverages his Mathematics degree and technical background to take a scientific approach to helping leaders understand how to increase leadership and performance.

Prior to joining IHHP, Bill was Vice President of a computer software firm, leading the sales, consulting and marketing divisions. Under his leadership, the company grew from $2M in sales and a number 10 ranking in their industry, to over $75M in sales and the number 1 ranking.

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  • Emotional Intelligence: The Science Of Emotional Intelligence - Why do smart people fail? Why do technically brilliant individuals have trouble managing others and collaborating on a team? It is not because they lack intelligence or technical skills. Far from it. What they lack is a critical level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the ability to manage their emotions and others when they are under pressure. Whether you are a formal manager or want to increase your individual performance (or both), this program will teach you the foundational principles and brain science of Emotional Intelligence (EI). You will become a student of human behavior: understanding what your brain does under pressure and how that affects your decision making and the impact you have on others. By learning how to manage your emotions in your most difficult moments, you will be able to perform and lead at your best when you are under pressure, and connect with others in a more meaningful way.

  • Performing Under Pressure: The Science Of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most - Leadership is not easy, especially under pressure. Pressure changes how the brain functions; it diminishes our ability to think, make decisions and connect with others in a meaningful way. With pressure increasing in all aspects of our lives, the ability to manage pressure is one of the key differentiators of high performing managers and leaders. Failing to manage pressure has become a significant reason why smart people fail.

    In this keynote and training program, you will learn:
    • How to better manage pressure so it becomes a competitive advantage for you in growing your career and in helping your organization drive performance
    • Research from our study of 12,000 people and what the top 10% did to excel under pressure
    • Three pressure insights that will help you avoid the sabotaging effective of pressure
    • Stories of leaders and organizations who have managed pressure effectively to succeed

  • Performing Under Pressure: The Three Conversations Of Leadership - People want to make relationships work with their managers, teams, and peers. They want to give formal and informal feedback that improves accountability, clarity and performance. They want to bring their ideas and concerns to the table regardless of who is in the room.

    Under pressure, people often make these mistakes in difficult conversations:
    • They forget the importance of building trust in their relationships during day-to-day interactions
    • They find reasons not to have the conversations they know they need to have
    • They never really have the Last 8% Conversation™

    What is the last 8% conversation? Toward the end of the conversation when the pressure increases, many individuals choose to avoid (sometimes unknowingly) the last and most important part of the conversation - the part that really needs to be said. This program will arm you with insights and communication strategies that will enable you to have conversations that drive results and build trust, even in pressure filled moments.

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